Friday, September 28, 2012

Why Cloth Diaper?

While everyone's reasoning for Cloth Diapering varies, there are a lot of things to consider. You can cloth diaper for one reason, or any combination of multiple reasons. Some people do it only for the cute factor. Some because their little ones are allergic to disposible diapers, some to be eco friendly, and some for the cost effectiveness. There is no right or wrong reason to cloth diaper, and there is no wrong or right reason not to cloth diaper. You don't have to cloth diaper all the time, many people only use cloth at home. Some don't use it overnight or when they are out and about. Some daycares won't allow the use of cloth so parents decide to only cloth at home and when they are out and about with their little ones, not while at daycare during the day. Whatever works for your family is the best thing to do! There is no right or wrong in cloth diapering. Here are just some of the reasons you may want ton consider cloth diapering:

Cost Effectiveness

This is one of the most common reasons for mamas deciding on cloth diapering these days. I know I save about $122 a month just cloth diapering 1 baby. The savings are even better if you plan on cloth diapering more than one child either at a time or after each other. is a website you can use to calculate the cost of disposables versus the cost of cloth! I was using a box of diapers every week at $25 for my newborn. I was also using 1 box of wipes at $11 every two weeks between my two children. That comes out to $122 a month that I no longer have to buy! What could you do with an extra $100 dollars a month? What could you do with an extra $1200 a year? Pay off some debt, put some money in savings, buy more cute things for your babies, take a trip, or spend it on cute diapers! Whatever you want!
The cheapest way to cloth diaper is by using prefolds or flats and covers. Econbum are some cheap, good covers that I use. They are available exclusively at You can also find them used at, the diaper swap board on BabyCenter, your local Craigslist, etc. You can also use prefolds in pocket diapers!
Another cheap option is "China Cheapy" diapers. I have some Sunbaby Cloth Diapers that I love! I also love love love my Alvas even more than Sunbabies! You can get them even cheaper by buying them without inserts and using prefolds with covers and stuffing the pockets of the Sunbaby diapers with the prefolds. Alva is another brand of China Cheapy and so is Coolababy. You can even join a co-op and buy diapers, especially China Cheapies at a much better price because you are going in on a big wholesale order with other people and paying wholesale prices! There are also many other cheap and/or free ways to cloth diaper! Plus who wants to run to the store in the middle of the night because you run out of diapers? With cloth you won't ever have to!

Environmentally Friendly

Cloth diapers are much more environmentally friendly! There aren't any extra materials or chemicals going into landfills. Even when your cloth diapers aren't good enough to be used as cloth diapers or you are done having children, you can still use them for other things! Prefolds make amazing burp rags and cleaning cloths just to name a couple! Plus it will save you gas because you will make less trips to the store which will help the environment and your pocketbook! 

Cuteness Factor

Another main reason a lot of people get into cloth diapering is because they are adorable! Have you ever been buying diapers, trying to decide between Winne The Pooh and Sesame Street characters and thought "I wish they made rainbow/blue/pink/red/camo/ diapers." or "I wish you could choose the colors and prints of my diapers!" Well with cloth you can! If you find a fabric you like, there are WAHMs who will let you send in your own fabric and make the diaper of your choosing from it! My personal favorites so far are my galaxy diapers! I got one from The Diaper Addict (a WAHM you can find on facebook) and one from A Sparkly Baby (another WAHM you can find on facebook) I got covers made from the Galaxy PUL from both of them and I am still, months and months later, beyond in love with them!


Let's face it, cloth is more comfortable, especially for babies with sensitive skin! Have you felt a diaper? Not only are they scratchy but they are full of chemicals. Who would want to sit in wet paper like that? I know I wouldn't. I also know I wouldn't like the gel they have in them absorbing not only all my pee but all the moister from my bottom! Some babies get really bad rashes, some are just plain allergic to disposables, and some just get super dry down there or have other complications because the absorbent gel does it's job too well by soaking up all the moister in your sweet babies bottom as well.

Potty Training

Potty Training, or Potty learning (PT and PL respectively) can be easier and happen earlier because of using cloth diapers! Because the baby can feel the wetness better than they could in a disposable that has the gel to soak up wetness, children are apt to learn quicker the sensation of being wet and start noticing the feelings that come right before being wet, therefor leading them to learn how to use the potty earlier and easier than their peers in the disposables.

Like I said, you could be trying cloth for one reason, multiple reasons, or maybe your own reasons and none of these at all. That's fine! Whatever reasons a mommy has for cloth diapering or not cloth diapering, they are right. <3

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Post All About AIOs!

What is an AIO diaper?

AIO stands for All In One. An AIO diaper is a diaper in which the insert, or absorbent material, is sewn or otherwise fastened inside a pocket and cannot be removed. The insert doesn't touch the baby. This kind of diaper is most like a disposable in that it goes on with snaps or Velcro and the entire thing comes off. It is waterproof so you don't need a cover, you don't have to take out the insert or change the inserts, etc. You cannot customize the absorbency unless you add a doubler, which can add bulk. AIOs take longer to wash and dry but are more daddy/daycare/babysitter/grandparent friendly and easier when making the transition from disposables to cloth. They are easier to change when you have a squirmy baby and are especially easy for toddlers. There are more layers to get clean and you can have complications with them not drying all the way. Because it takes loner to wash and dry them they spend more time in the dryer which can hurt them and make them not last as long.

I Recommend

I am currently in the testing phase of OsoCozy AIOs. I'm not sure about them yet but they seem absorbant, although drying time is VERY long. (More than twice the time of my prefolds, pockets, inserts, and doublers!) So I will come back to you when I know more how it works.
AIO May be Right For You:
You need something quick and convenient
You are making the switch from disposables to cloth, especially late in the game
You have a very squirmy toddler or baby
Your child is in daycare and you plan to cloth diaper at daycare
Your children's other caregivers are hesitant about cloth
You only plan on CDing one child
Some Problems You May Encounter With AIOs:
They take longer to wash and dry
They may wear out faster
They may not get washed or dried all the way which can cause problems

A Post All About AI2s!

What is an AI2 diaper?

AI2 stands for All In Two. AI2s consist of two parts: the waterproof outer or "shell" and the insert. Inserts can snap, Velcro, or be placed in the shell and can be removed. It's like a pocket diaper where the insert is against baby instead of inside a pocket. When your baby needs changed you just change the insert unless the cover is soiled. AI2s dry quickly and are waterproof so they don't need a waterproof cover. Some AI2s can be used with disposable inserts which are less cost effective but can be convenient. AI2s can be more affordable, especially when compared to AIOs. The idea is that they are easier to use than prefolds and flats and more affordable than AIOs or more expensive pockets. They may or may not be more expensive than pockets depending on if you are using a co-op, buying china cheapies, etc. One thing that is nice about AI2s is that there are a variety of "soakers" or absorbent inserts such as bamboo and hemp. AI2s are typically one sized to fit until potty training. They are also supposed to be trimmer than more bulky options such as prefolds and pockets, especially pockets stuffed with prefolds.

I Recommend

GroVia onesize AI2 which can be found here!
AI2s May be Right For You:
If you are looking for a trimmer diaper
If you are looking for diapers that are easier than prefolds and flats
If you are looking for more affordable diaper options
Some Problems You May Encounter With AI2s:
Inserts can shift when baby moves, especially if little one is mobile, this can cause a leak, irritation, and/or the need to use more covers because the covers get soiled easier
You will have to touch wet/dirty inserts to change them, if you're squeamish or wary of germs this may not work for you!
It can be slightly more time consuming to change the diaper than just removing the whole diaper, which can be a problem when you have a fussy baby/baby trying to roll and wiggle away

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Post All About Pockets!

What are Pocket Diapers?

Pocket diapers are the most common diaper. They are sort of in between prefolds/flats and AIOs. They are more convenient than Prefolds and covers because you just stuff them and put them on. They will fasten with snaps or velcro/aplix/hook and loop and are waterproof. You can stuff them with inserts, receiving blankets, flour sack towels, prefolds, flats, whatever you have on hand that is absorbent. I stuff most all of mine with Indian unbleached prefolds in infant size. My son has outgrown this size for prefolds but they are the perfect size and very absorbent for stuffing pockets. I fold them in a pad fold (the two thinner sides folded under the middle, thicker panel to make one really thick pad with the thick panel and two thin panels all layered on top of each other.) and stuff them in the pockets. I also like Alva bamboo inserts, I use two for maximum absorbency in my Alva diapers and one day plan on getting more to stuff all my pockets with them. You can also use inserts (natural fibers, NOT microfiber) against the skin as doublers. So for instance I could stuff the pocket with a prefold and put two bamboo inserts inside the diaper by my son's  butt for even more absorbency. There are many types of pockets from high end Bum Genius to China Cheapies, which is a name for any brand of diapers made in china that are cheaper in price and usually good quality. My favorite China cheapies so far are Alva, JCTrade, and Sunbaby. Alva and JCTrade run about the same and are bigger than sunbaby. Sunbaby has 2 sizes, although they are one sized pockets, size 1 just means it's cut for skinnier babies whereas size 2 is for chunkier babies. Most China cheapies are one sized and fit from about 10lbs up. Most pockets are one sized pockets and are supposed to fit from birth to potty training but honestly you need separate newborn diapers. My son didn't fit his one sized pocket diapers until he was about two months old! Pockets are great for babysitters, people transitioning to cloth from disposables, daycare, daddies who are reluctant, etc. Pocket diapers are awesome because you can customize your absorbency and it will wash and dry easier and quicker because you take the insert out and wash separately.

I Recommend

Rumparooz one size pocket diaper which can be found here
Super Green Label pocket diaper, found here
and Alva Baby Diapers found on ebay, through co-ops, or on
Pocket Diapers May be Right For You:
If you are looking for an economic route without the difficulty of prefolds and flats
If you are transitioning from Disposables to Cloth
If your child's father, babysitter, daycare, or other care taker is reluctant to cloth diaper
For trips out and about
If you have a heavy wetter

Problems You May Encounter With Pockets:

Pocket diapers can be time consuming to stuff

Pocket diapers can be frustrating to stuff

Pocket diapers may take some experimenting with to find the right absorbency

Pocket diapers need to be completely changed each change so you will need more diapers and do more laundry (although not that much more) than with a prefold/flat and cover system

A Post All Abouth Fitteds!

What is a fitted diaper?

A fitted diaper is the next step up from prefolds. It's a diaper that is literally fitted to a diaper shape so there is no folding and pinning like with flats and prefolds. The cloth diaper will fit closer to baby and close with either aplix/Velcro/hook and loop or snaps. Fitteds are not waterproof and will need a waterproof cover. They are very easy to use, more like an AIO yet not as expensive. They are very absorbent, a lot of them have inserts that snap in and you can use a doubler or extra inserts to make them more absorbent. Fitteds are the diapers most often recommended for overnight usage and heavy wetters. They take longer to dry than prefolds, but not as long as AIOs. They can be made from many fabrics, bamboo, velour, cotton, hemp, etc. The insert can also be made of many different fabrics such as bamboo, zorb2, hemp, etc.

I Recommend

OsoCozy Fitted Diapers
You can buy them here!
Fitteds May be For You:
You want the convenience of not having to fold and pin diapers
You want to go a cheaper route than AIOs while keeping it more convenient than prefolds or flats
You are looking for a nighttime solution
You have a heavy wetter

Some Problems You May Encounter With Fitteds:

It can be more time consuming to change a fitted because you have to undo a cover then undo a fitted, put on a fitted and fasten it then put on a cover and fasten the cover, so it's like putting on a diaper twice, which can be made more difficult with an upset/squirmy baby

It's not as easy for reluctant husbands/caregivers, mommies who are new to cloth, or when first transitioning from disposables

They can be slow to dry

They are generally more expensive than say a pocket diaper or especailly a diaper cover and prefolds/flats

Not all covers will fit over a fitted so if you have covers you are using with prefolds you may have to get additional covers for use with fitteds

A Post All About Prefolds!

What are Prefolds?

Prefolds are kind of the next evolution in diapers after the flat. With flats you would have to fold and maneuver to create a diaper. These you just lay down and wrap around your baby, pad fold instead of an insert, etc. Prefolds have three panels, the two on the outside are thinner (have less layers of fabric) than the middle one. The middle one is the one that catches the bulk of the pee and poop. Prefolds can be made out of cotton, hemp, bamboo, whatever. When shopping for prefolds you should see a number such as 3x5x3. This simply means that the left panel has 3 layers of whatever fabric they used, the middle has 5, and the right panel has 3 layers. Prefolds are NOT water proof and you will need a fastener and water proof cover for these diapers. Prefolds are also commonly used for lap pads/burp rags and sometimes when they outlive their usefulness as diapers, they are repurpoused into cleaning cloths. There are many options for prefold diapers. My favorite prefolds are OsoCozy Better Fit Prefolds. They are wider than most other ones which will be ablessing when your baby is past the newborn stage if you are doing a wrap around fold/angel wing fold, etc. I also use indian unbleached prefolds from cottonbabies as inserts in my pocket diapers! Do you want Chinese, Indian, bleached, unbleached etc?
Bleached vs. Unbleached

The only difference is really the color, and unbleached is said to last longer because the fabrics haven't been altered like bleached prefolds. Bleached prefolds will obviously be white while unbleached will have a more natural tan color. I personally use unbleached ones.
Chinese vs. Indian

 CPFs (Chinese prefolds) and IPF (Indian prefolds) are the two most common types of prefolds. Indian prefolds may wear out faster than Chinese, while Chinese may pill more than Indian. Indian prefolds usually don't have as heavy duty stitching as Chinese prefolds so the stitching may wear out sooner on them. So why do I use Indian prefolds rather than Chinese, you may be asking. Because simply, they are softer. I want my baby to be comfortable and Indian prefolds are softer and less harsh against baby's sensitive skin! Plus they wash up quicker, meaning you don't have to prep them as much. I was mine 3 times back to back on hot when I get them and boom, they're at maximum absorbency, if not, very close to it. It takes up to 10 washes to get Chinese prefolds ready to absorb the maximum amount of liquid, but who has that kind of time? And the biggest reason I use Indian prefolds rather than Chinese: They are more absorbent. I have a super peer little boy so I have got to have the more absorbent option, especially because I do use prefolds and covers but I also use pad folded prefolds as inserts in my pocket diapers.

I Recommend

OsoCozy unbleached better fit prefolds
OsoCozy staydry better fit prefolds
You can find both here!
Prefolds may be a good fit for you if:
You want to cloth diaper on a budget
You want versatility and variety in your stash
You plan to cloth diaper more than one child

Some Problems You May Encounter With Prefolds:

Can take extra time to fold them even though it they are already "prfolded"

Can be harder to get on a squirming baby

Can be difficult to fasten them tight enough with a snappi, pin, etc

Can take extra time to fasten them