Sunday, January 12, 2014

Newborn Diaper Reviews: Super Green Label NB AIO

Super Green Label is one of my favorite WAHMs. I love that she is a WAHM and an Army Wife supporting her adorable little family with her amazing crafting skills and holding down the home front even when her husband is off fighting for our freedom. I also love that she is so creative and really puts a lot of hard work and effort into her items and it really shows, her things last very long. I have ordered countless items from her from reusable nursing pads to diapers, wipes to large receiving blankets, wetbags to baby slings. Her craftsmanship is amazing, everything I've ever gotten from her has stood the test of time and wear. I am NOT easy on my cloth diapers especially. I want to get them as thoroughly clean as quickly as possible. I use my stuff and I use it hard between having three kids, being a working mom, etc. I have never been disappointed by her products and the ones I got when my second son was born are still going strong now that my third son is using them. Her customer service is exceptional as well. She really cares about her customers and their satisfaction. Everyone I know who has ordered from her loves her and her awesome products. Her prices are great too, to the point I somehow wonder how she even makes a profit.
Some of the pros of these diapers are:
They are the most absorbent NB AIOs I've tried my son still hasn't outpeed them or outgrown them at 4 months
The inside is super soft minky that is super soft on your little one's bum
The fun print
Sturdy snaps
AIOs are really easy, much like disposables you just pull it off and put a new one on no stuffing, pinning, etc
Some of the cons of these diapers are:
Really, I can't think of any. I seriously mean it.

These NB AIOs have fit my son since day one. They have hemp inners and hold a lot of pee. At 12lbs and 4 months old he still fits into them and they still hold all his pee without a booster! That's what I call magical! I love it because there is no stuffing or pinning but it still is more absorbent than the other AIOs I've used with him. They are great for those tired nights because you just unsnap them, snap a new one on, and toss it in the pail! Pair it with Super Green Label double sided wipes (one side terry and the other side flannel!) and you have an unstoppable newborn stash! If I have another baby I will for sure be getting a lot more of these diapers. They are one of my top three favorite diapers for newborns for sure!

Bottom Line

AMAZING. I don't think there is any other way to put it. Try them and you'll understand they are just beyond great!!!

Where to buy them

Super Green Label mostly does business through facebook, check out their page and see pictures of items she's completed, pictures of fabric she has on hand, etc! While you're there don't forget to check out the custom maternity gowns, wet bags, reusable nursing pads, crocheted baby hats, and much more! You can also see her items on her website! If you can think of it, I bet she can make it, and she offers a discount when you make a big order rather than many small orders so get a bunch of diapers, wipes, and other things from her, I am positive you won't regret it!

And because I cannot accurately describe how AWESOME this diaper is, check out the pictures! I chose a Doctor Who tardis patch on galaxy print PUL! Ask her about your custom order today!