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Newborn Diaper Reviews: Rumparooz Lil Joeys AIOs

Rumparooz Newborn diapers, called Lil Joeys, are AIO diapers and are very popular. They are AIO diapers meaning there are no inserts to stuff like with pockets because the insert is sewn inside. They have awesome gussets to keep messes contained and are very soft on the bum. They have snap downs for the umbilical cord so the diaper doesn't rub up against it.
Some of the pros to these diapers are:
The umbilical cord snap down
The fun prints and beautiful colors
AIOs in general are easy for those sleep deprived middle of the night changing
Soft inner
Double gussets to keep the mess in!
4 layer soaker is sewn in, no stuffing and no cover required
Some of the cons to these diapers are:
Baby outpees them before they outgrow them
You can generally only buy them in two packs
If you have a larger newborn they may not fit very long
They only come in snaps not hook and loop which would make the middle of the night changes easier
Lil Joeys are supposed to fit from birth until roughly 12lbs and 2 months old. My son is 4 months old and just hit 12lbs and is still on the smallest setting. He has outpeed them since about three or four weeks as he is a heavy wetter. I sewed some homemade boosters out of four layers of flannel (I used old receiving blankets stripped with RLR) and they worked great! Now we use one of those in there and he is still in these. The only things I can think that would make them better are if you could buy them in singles, if they came in hook and loop also, and if they were more absorbent or if Rumparoz sold boosters that fit inside of them.
The Bottom Line
I love these diapers. I would suggest them to anyone. They are perfect for when you are tired and need a quick and easy change to keep your little one's butt warm and cozy. They are beyond adorable and very functional with the built in snap down for the cord and sturdy snaps. The gussets are what make it though, no getting icky newborn poop everywhere! You can buy them at Jack Be Natural or Sweet Bottoms Baby.
Pictures of Lil Joey NB AIOs in action
Declan at 9.5lbs about one month old
The day Declan was born. 8lbs 6oz

Long time no see!

First off, I want to apologize from my absence. I have been VERY busy with personal matters though. Secondly, I want to apologize for not explaining earlier but it's been very tough to deal with. My little one, Declan, who was born in August, has not been doing well. It's been a very tough four months in more way than one.
Without taking all day to tell you about us, I want to explain a little of the health issues my son has been facing. When he was born he had some mouth issues and wasn't able to feed well. I decided to exclusively pump and get him on a bottle so he could eat. He couldn't take the bottles we had gotten him. We kept buying different bottles and he couldn't take any. I tried nipple shields, they didn't work. I finally ended up hand expressing into his mouth or using a dropper to dropper pumped milk into his mouth. I saw multiple doctors and none of them listened to me. They kept telling me he is fine and we'll get the hang of it. I spent a lot of time and money seeing lactation consultants. Finally I changed his pediatrician and his new doctor diagnosed him as failure to thrive. He saw a specialist but unfortunately while waiting for a small surgery he needed on his mouth (he has multiple issues with his mouth but this is the only one they could correct), he lost a drastic amount of weight in a short amount of time. He was hospitalized and a feeding tube was placed. Right now he has an NG tube and is waiting for surgery to get a Gtube placed. He stayed in the hospital for a week and since then we have had issues with his breathing caused by the tube, to the point where sometimes he turns blue. We have been in and out of the hospital, the ER, back and forth to specialists, etc. It has taken a mental, emotional, and financial toll.
I will be trying to work on the blog more. I really want to get these newborn diaper reviews done. My son is 4 months old and just barely hit 12lbs (he was 8lbs 6oz at birth) so he is still in newborn diapers primarily and just starting to make his way into onesize diapers. So I have a lot of experience with newborn fluff and am really excited to review all the kinds we have tried! But the thing is, I can't promise anything. As much as I would love to blog every day, really  I would, I have a lot to deal with here, three children, the youngest with special medical needs, a dog, a job, and a home to  take care of plus the holidays. So I will say that I will be around. I apologize if it's more sporadic than I would like it to be but know that I have lots coming!
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Last but not least, I'll leave you with an adorable picture of my Declan while he was in the hospital right before his surgery.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Introducing: Declan Joseph, our little ducky.

I apologize that this is a little late! But I finally have home Internet back and I know I I announced his birth on my Facebook page but I would like to formally introduce my amazing readers to him! Our third son Declan Joseph, was born on August 4th. He was 8lbs 6oz and 20.5 inches long! Now enough jabbering, here's my little duck!

Thank you Wendy cooper photography for the amazing newborn photos!

And super green label for some amazing large receiving blankets!

And mama's emporium for all the amazing deals on everything I needed to cloth diaper this little one, plus awesome post parfumerie pampering items and our wubanubs!

We are so in love. I've been back to work for about six weeks and have been taking pictures and keeping track of our newborn diapering. He is still in newborn diapers and clothes. We have sewn homemade boosters for the aios but fitters and covers are working great! We'll see what the final verdict is when all is said and done but I am so very happy that I invested in a newborn stash though. 

Keep your eye on the blog, Facebook, twitter, etc because there will be a lot of reviews coming soon! 

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, and support. I look forward to bringing you thorough quality reviews and some amazing, exciting things. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

HUGE SALE at Mama's Emporium!

I just had to share this HUGE sale! I have gotten so many good deals from Mama's Emporium but this is the best sale ever! EVERYTHING that isn't already on sale is 30% off! PLUS a lot of things now have "make an offer" buttons. I don't know how long this sale is going to go, but it's a great deal, so I'm scooping up as much as I can! Her inventory has already been drastically reduced, she's out of most baby carriers and a few other things so if there's something you want, get it now before someone else does! I've saved so much that it was basically getting a diaper and some rash cream for free! I can't wait to get paid and make another order! You do still have to pay shipping but she charges exact charging which I like.

I can't even begin to list all the awesome stuff that is on sale, go check it out for yourself! AppleCheeks Diapers, Boba Carriers, GroVia Diapers and Trainers, one last Maya Wrap, and a good selection of Melissa and Doug toys, all at an amazing deal!
The website is HERE. Use the code ANNAROCKS to get the 30% off. Let me know what awesome deals you get! I love hearing about people's good deals almost as much as I love getting my own! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

SUPER Sale at Super Green Label!

This is unrelated to cloth diapering but I just wanted to share this AWESOME deal with you! Super Green Label is doing a SUPER Sale on her reusable cloth nursing pads! These nursing pads are awesome. I haven't used them much yet as I am still pregnant but I have had some leaking issues so I've used them a few times and I can say they are awesome! They hold a lot but still feel soft and dry. They are so comfortable that I never even noticed they were on during the day! Last time I had a baby I was nursing and working and didn't have good nursing pads. Using the disposable pads that kept my skin feeling wet sometimes was not only gross, but lead to a nasty case of thrush that hurt me, my supply, and my nursing relationship for about a month and a half while I got it under control. I ended up buying reusable ones from Gerber and while they work I just wasn't in love with them and they leak through because they aren't backed with anything waterproof. So I've decided to use Super Green Label's reusable nursing pads this time around and I'm SO excited about this sale because, as you probably know, we are on a budget! We use cloth to save money and not only do reusable nursing pads save you money, they are more comfortable! Once my little one gets here I promise I'll do a proper review. So onto the good stuff!
Super Green Label
Super Green Label is an awesome WAHM company. The owner is an Army Wife and stay at home mom to two adorable children. She makes all sorts of wonderful products and I have been buying from her a long time because of her exceptional workmanship and wonderful customer service. Her turn around times are awesome and if she is having issues she keeps in contact with you. She also ships very fast! She has something for everyone, all sorts of cloth diapers, double sided wipes with one side flannel and one side terry, inserts for cloth diapers, reusable nursing pads, mama cloth,  custom crib sets, slings, wetbags, and much more! Check her facebook page out here
So the SUPER Sale is on reusable nursing pads. She makes daytime and nighttime nursing pads. The Daytime Nursing pads are only $4 a pair (regularly $7) and the Nighttime Nursing Pads are only $5 a pair (Regularly $9)! These are Co-op prices available to everyone for a limited time only! This sale ends July 1st and there are no minimum orders! To order simply message her with your order. After July 1st the prices return to normal and she will make everyone's nursing pads at the same time and ship them. All nursing pads will be print PUL unless you request plain. You can request a print from what is in stock (she'll be posting in stock PUL pictures later today!) or request she randomly pick for you. If you don't make a request she will just give you random prints. Either way you're sure to love your new nursing pads!

What They Are Made Of

Both the Daytime and Nighttime nursing pads have Minky on the front so they are soft and wick the moister away, hemp fleece in the middle for great absorption, and PUL on the back so that they are waterproof, to avoid embarrassing leaks! The Daytime nursing pads only have 1 layer of hemp, and the Nighttime have 2 layers of hemp for more absorption. They are heart shaped so they don't slip and slide and they don't bunch up and poke out, making them much more discrete. Here is a picture of some of the pairs I have already!

Where/How to Order

Go to Super Green Label's Facebook page HERE and message her your order! Don't forget to like her page and check back for updates, new sales, giveaways, etc. While you're on facebook make sure to like my page: Cloth Diapering, A Hobby.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

AppleCheeks Diapers: A Review

If you've been reading my blog for a while, or have recently read through it, you probably know by now I love to try different things out! I also love sharing my experiences with others so maybe I can help them! So when Mama's Emporium started carrying AppleCheeks I was intrigued. I had never heard of AppleCheeks diapers and I wanted to try them out! So I got a size 2 diaper and a 2 pack of stay dry microterry inserts and tried them out!
AppleCheeks diapers have a lot of cool features that I like. First off, the inner is REALLY soft. I love thinking about how soft that has got to be on my little one's bum! I like putting softer fabrics on him because his comfort is important to me. He sure seems to enjoy it! I also love the vertical snaps. I like them because it makes it easy to get a good fit and the wings don't curl/droop like some diapers that have horizontal snaps. I also like that they are a sized system without having ten different sizes. There are only two sizes to buy. I like that about other diapers too such as OsoCozy workhorse fitteds and Thirsties AIOs. Size 1 AppleCheeks fits from 7 – 20lbs, and size 2 fits from 18-40lbs. That is a pretty impressive range, two different diapers take you from newborn size to toddlerhood! It's the best of in between, not quite one sized but also not 5 or so different sizes to stock up on! AppleCheeks are pocket diapers. Their envelope style shell is supposed to mean you don't have to unstuff it to wash it, but I always do anyway out of habit so I'm not sure if they really slide out the way the company says they do. I did like how large the pocket is so it is easy to stuff! I've tried it with a trifolded prefold and liked that a lot. I have also tried it with the two microterry inserts and just one. The last thing I really liked about the diaper was the gussets. They are perfect for keeping the entire mess inside which in the long run means less laundry and hassle for me! The elastic on the waist and legs seems really tight and wonderful. Not so tight as to hurt baby, but just tight enough to keep the messes contained!
The most important part of pretty much any diaper is how well it holds what goes inside! I have tried this cover/pocket with a trifolded prefold and liked it. It was absorbent enough for playtime and short outings out and my son didn't feel wet when I changed him, so it did a good job soaking up everything. I also tried it with just one of the staydry inserts. You could lay these inside the diaper without stuffing it, but I didn't. I liked it with one insert and it certainly did hold a lot. One day I'll have to do a test to see how much one holds, because I know I was surprised at how well it soaked everything up. Then I got brave and tried it with both inserts. I did this for bedtime. I expected to have to clean up a mess but I was pleasantly surprised. My son is a heavy wetter and it worked just fine! I liked that the diaper kept him dry because of the soft stay dry material on the inside and because the inserts did their job and held their moister!
Let's face it, a lot of us buy diapers because they are ADORABLE. I like  the look of these. Even though I got a solid color the color was SO vibrant! Through many washes so far it has stayed just as bright as when it first came in the mail too! I took a picture or two when my son was in it right before diaper. I'll admit it wasn't that trim because there are two inserts in it, but it lasted through the night so I don't worry about bulk at night.
See, he likes it!
Bottom Line
I like these diapers a lot! I think AppleCheeks diapers and inserts are a great addition to any stash! I will probably buy more. I love that there are vertical snaps and that the elastic seems to be good quality. I also love that the color is so vibrant and that the inside is so soft. The inserts were very absorbent but not that trim, especially at night. You could put pretty much any insert in though to make it nice and trim.
Where to Buy
I usually buy pretty much everything from Mama's Emporium. That's because she is a WAHM and I love supporting mamas who stay at home! I also love supporting small USA based businesses. Also, I save up rewards points and spend them on FREE diapers, teething necklaces, rash creams, wipes, toys, and more!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Newborn Stash In the Making! - UPDATED!

Well we are now knee deep in preparation for the new baby. We still have a while until the little one is here but we have been slowly but surly picking up good deals here and there to start our newborn stash. Every pregnancy around half way through I get super worried and anxious and feel like I have to have everything ready to go NOW. I logically know I have a long time before the baby will be there and most penetrations can wait until the last moment or closer to it, but I have the sudden urge to set up nursery, wash clothes and blankets, make whatever I'm making, and make a space for the baby. I'm at that point right now where even though I know we have time, I feel pressure and anxiety to get everything ready so I'm going over what we have and what we need before the little one comes. We plan on cloth diapering from birth, in the hospital. Unfortunately with our last child we didn't start cloth until he was able to fit in one sized diapers. This time I want to try many different things so I can review them all for you and hopefully help other moms to be because this is a little overwhelming! I've been so unsure about what to put in my stash because there are SO many different newborn options and you never really know what will work for your child till you try it. I also don't know if my baby will be big or small, grow quickly or be failure to thrive, you just never know ahead of time. I also don't want to spend a lot of money because we aren't sure how many children we will have after this one and babies are in newborn diapers such a short time. I've mostly been buying used and using gift certificates to Mama's Emporium that I have earned using my rewards points.
I'm totally new to the whole cloth diapering a newborn so if you have any suggestions please share! Also, if you would like to share your stash do! You can comment on this post or post on my facebook page.
So far my stash contains:
2 OsoCozy Flats
1 OsoCozy Fitted size 1
3 No Name NB WAHM fitteds
2 Lil Pooligan NB fitteds
1 EcoPosh Fitted
1 Bummis NB Super Whisper Wrap
1 Rearz Small Cover
1 Sweet Pea Newborn Cover
2 Rumparooz NB Covers
1 No Name NB WAHM Cover
1 Fuzzibuns XS
4 GroVia NB AIOs
6 Lil Joey NB AIOs
1 Super Green Label NB AIO
2 Sweet Pea NB AIOs
2 Thirsties Duo AIOs
1 Thirsties XS cover
3 Alva NB pockets
1 OsoCozy workhorse - smallest size
I plan on adding to my stash with:
3-5 GMD NB Worhorse snapless fitteds
1-2 more FB NB
1-2 more OsoCozy fitteds size 1
Why So Many Diapers?
You are probably asking yourself, why does she have SO many diapers? Why does she think she needs that many? I'll tell you. My youngest son went through 12-24 disposable diapers a DAY at the newborn stage. Yes, you read that right, sometimes a diaper an hour! Sometimes I'd change him and he'd go again. So I'd change him and he'd go again. That's three diapers right in a row, in a matter of minutes. I'm planning on breastfeeding so I figure I need AT LEAST a diaper for every feeding every 2-3 hours a day. So at least 12 diapers a day. I want to go at least every other day with washing because I also have to do diaper laundry for my 14 month old as well as regular laundry and everyone knows newborns make a ton of extra laundry, but our family of two adults and 2 kids (3 when this baby gets here!) and a dog already go through 1 load a day, sometimes more. So I'm planning on not wanting to completely consume my life with diaper laundry. I also want to have diapers for while the diapers are in the wash. So basically I want at least 3 days worth of 12 diapers a day. That leaves me at 36 diapers AT LEAST. I also want to be able to thoroughly review everything in the hopes that I can help others in my overwhelmed confused spot. I think having one of each diaper I want to review is fine but it will be easier to do quicker if I have more than one of each kind.
Why Not More WAHM diapers?
Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE Work At Home Mom diapers. They usually have superior construction and I love supporting moms who are working hard to stay at home with their kiddos. The truth is though, they can get expensive. At $10-$20 a newborn diaper I'm just not willing to invest that kind of money in something my child may only wear for 4 weeks, a total of 8-12 times maybe! I did splurge on some Lil Pooligans fitteds, and I hope to add a couple Super Green Label newborn diapers, but I just don't have the funds to go all out on NB WAHM diapers. I would rather invest that $10-$20 into a WAHM one sized diaper. Now I am not opposed to using (and reviewing!) newborn diapers made by WAHMs so if you or a WAHM you know would like their NB diapers reviewed I would be interested in speaking with them and hopefully making a deal that is sweet for both of us! Like I said, I really do support WAHMs and would love to get some of you some exposure and business!
Why So Many Fitteds and AIOs?
Simple: I want convenience. I'm in no way anti pockets but I've heard newborn pockets are hard to stuff because they are so tiny and honestly, I will have better things to do with my time, especially because I already have to stuff most of my older child's diapers. Fitteds are easy because you toss one on and toss a cover on over it. Voila and super absorbent. AIOs are the most convenient because it's a one piece system with the waterproof outer built in. Toss it on just like a disposable and you're all done. I know I want ease of use because things are very hectic those first few weeks and I'll be busy nursing my newborn, trying to give individual attention to my older two, taking care of my dog, taking care of the house, etc. So the simpler the better!
What Accessories?
Like I said, I've never cloth diapered a newborn before but I have been cloth diapering my baby (who will soon be a middle child! Crazy!) for over a year so I have an ok handle on accessories I think.
This is what I have so far:
1 Snappi
1 set of boingo fasteners
1 roll of EcoSprout EcoBottom disposable liners (for the meconium so as not to stain the diapers!)
20 or so homemade newborn boosters (I hear baby will out pee before they outgrow the NB sized diapers)
20 extra wipes some double sided wipes from Super Green Label and some homemade
1 CJ's BUTTer Stick
1 tin of LuSa Organics Booty Balm
1 CJ's Body Wash and Wipe Solution
1 large Super Green Label wetbag
1 Buncha Farmers stain stick (just in case!)
1 large bag of EcoSprout Detergent (I always washed baby clothes in dreft but I plan on doing all the baby clothes and diapers in EcoSprout this time! I like it MUCH better!)
I don't really plan on getting any other accessories but maybe there is something I haven't thought of yet?
So what about you? What do you have in your newborn stash? Do you plan on cloth diapering home from the hospital or using disposables until later? Have you already cloth diapered a newborn? Do you have any suggestions/ideas for me?
Where Can You Buy It?
Pretty much everything I have has been bought at Mama's Emporium or from Super Green Label. I did also get a loved newborn mystery fluff from Kissed By The Moon. That's where I got the FB XS, BG NB AIO, a GroVia NB AIO, and Whisper Wrap in NB. I'm excited to try the things I got in there and can't wait to review it! Both Mama's Emporium and Kissed By The Moon have mystery fluff boxes so if you aren't sure what to try you can try those! They are very good at listening to past purchases and what your preferences are. I've never been disappointed by either one and I always get more than my money's worth.
Bottom Line
I am very excited! I think we are nearly ready! I can't wait to try everything on my little one and review it all for you. I'm looking for any suggestions/input/ideas/etc from others on cloth diapering a newborn and building a newborn stash.

My stash so far! There are more in the back and I've added even more since then! 

Friday, May 17, 2013

CJ's BUTTer Stick: A Review

I am forever trying new things. That's one of the things I like about cloth diapering, there are so many options to try. We all know I like LuSa Organics Booty Balm, like I've written about before. You also should know by now that I love CJ's BUTTer and their other products! I had not yet tried CJ's BUTTer Stick so I decided to try it. It seems simple and it did seem like it would be convenient and a little less messy. Now that I've tried it for a few weeks I'm ready to review it for everyone!
CJ's Products
First let's talk about CJ's. I know we've talked about them before but I love them so much, I just want to touch on them again. One of the things that I love most about this company and their products is that it's MADE IN THE USA! I love supporting American business people in their American dream. Not that I don't ever buy foreign, but I would prefer to buy USA, especially when it's good products and when I can afford it. They are based out of Colorado. There are a ton of delish scents and I love trying new scents! It's easy to do by getting samples and I love experiencing every new scents. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I don't like them, and sometimes they're just ok, but it's nice to be able to have such a huge variety. Some of my favorites are Monkey Farts, Green Irish Tweed, Love Spell, Pink Sugar, and Sweet Orange. They also have unscented, vegan, and even Essential Oil blends to try! I also love that it's all natural. My kids have sensitive skin and I have a newborn on the way. Of course you want what is best for your baby and with all natural products we know exactly what is going on our little one's sensitive skin, which I adore. I love that it is cloth diaper safe and won't cause issues with my diapers like repelling or staining. I have tried lots of CJ's products, their peppermint cream, BUTTer rash cream, lip balm, and now the BUTTer Stick and I have never felt like I wasted my money or been disappointed. Instead I am always happy with my purchase and put their products on my children and myself (the BUTTer is GREAT for eczema and dry skin!) with confidence.
CJ's BUTTer Stick
The biggest thing that drew me to the stick version of one of my favorite diaper rash creams is that it would be less messy. I hate dipping my fingers into the rash cream because sometimes it gets all over, it can also leak if it gets too hot in the diaper bag and melts, and it can just be kind of a goopy mess. Not really BAD things about it, just things I don't like dealing with. I also got interested in it because it seemed quicker and easier to toss in the diaper bag. I got the small size so it would be easier to go everywhere. I was also told by more than a couple of people that these last forever because a little goes a long way, as with every CJ's product, and the stick helps you make sure you aren't putting on too much which is better for the baby, better for your diapers, and better for your wallet! The glide-on version contains the same ingredients as the original BUTTer except there is no lanolin, so it's also good for people with lanolin allergy or sensitivity!
So how do you use the stick? 
So you are probably wondering how you use the stick. Super simple! It's kind of like lip balm, you take the cover off and twist it up. When you're done applying it directly to the freshly clean booty (or your eczema, cuts and scratches, etc!) just twist it down and put the cap back on. Super easy and quick, which is great because we all know that babies can be very squirmy and like to be done with changes as fast as possible.
The Bottom Line
I am loving this stuff! I think I will still buy the samples to try different scents and then when I find one I really love I'll order a stick! This is also great for people who aren't sure how much to put on or usually put too much on, my husband for instance, loves to goop it on, and with this I am able to limit how much he uses to reasonable amount. We both love it!
Where You Can Buy It
Mama's Emporium sells these sticks. You can also buy it directly from CJ's here.
Have you used CJ's BUTTer Stick? If so did you like it or not?
Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, and subscribe to the blog! 

Cheap Options for Cloth Diapering, a Cost Comparison!

One thing I hear a lot, that I covered in my Myths and Misconceptions series is that getting started cloth diapering is expensive and it's just easier to buy disposable diapers. In reality it is very cheap to start up and once you get started you can invest your savings into getting the stash you want or trying new things. You can also sell things off that you don't like or trade them for things you want because cloth keeps it's resale value rather well especially if you care for them. In this post I'll compare a few different options for cheap cloth diapering to get you started. Do your research, compare different prices at different stores, look on craigslist and other resale or yardsale sites, and see what you can come up with! I would LOVE to hear about the deals you have scored or how you got started on the cheap!
For the sake of this comparison we will be assuming you want to wash every two days and will need 24 changes to do so. You may need more or less depending on your baby and wash routine.
Flats and Covers
The first option that comes to mind, because it's the cheapest I know of, is flats, which I talk about in depth here. I love flats because they are versatile and can be used from the newborn size until potty training. It does take some getting used to learning different folds and folding them each time you use them, but once you get the hang of it it is actually really easy. I like that you can customize the kind of fit you get based on what fold and fasteners you use! The great part about flats is you don't HAVE to use flat diapers, you can use flour sack towels (about $1-$2 each at walmart or target by the kitchen hand towels) or old flannel receiving blankets as flats, just make sure to strip used receiving blankets before using them with RLR or GroVia Mighty Bubbles to get rid of detergent and other things that may make them repel. You can often get receiving blankets for very cheap at thrift stores, garage sales, or given to you by friends! These can also be cut up and sewed around the edge to make reusable wipes!
What You'll Need:
24 Flats - $38.00
1 fastener (I recommend Snappis but you can use pins or bingos too!) - $3.95
3 covers - $26.85
TOTAL: $68.80 plus shipping 
You can find OsoCozy Birdseye Flats at Mama's Emporium for $9.50 for a pack of 6. This is about $1.58 a diaper. For 24 flats that would be $38.
You can also buy a snappi from Mama's Emporium for $4.95. Cottonbabies also has them for $3.95
Lastly, you'll need 3-5 covers. The cheapest option that isn't a China Cheapie is Econobum brand from CottonBabies. They are $8.95 a piece brand new. They are simple white one sized covers that have cute colorful lining. They come in white, blue, pink, and green. For 5 you will pay $44.75 or you can get away with just having 2 at first (I know because I've done that!) which comes to $17.90. For the sake of things we'll say you need 3. That is $26.85.
So for 3 covers, 24 flats, and one snappi that comes to a total of $68.80 plus shipping. That is about 3 packs of disposable diapers or two big boxes of them! You may be able to find everything cheaper especially if you are willing to buy used. Remember you can bleach them when you buy them so you can get rid of all the germs. Just fill your washer with hot water, add 1/4 a cup of bleach, let the agitator run a minute or so then toss in the diapers! Afterwards do a wash with detergent and hot water and as many hot washes with no detergent as needed until they do not smell like bleach or anything really. Viola, clean, sanitized diapers. 
You can also save some money by getting china cheapie diaper covers. I know a lot of people are opposed to buying from foreign brands and I have no experience with the brands I'm about to link you to so although I've heard good things, I cannot personally say one way or the other on them, that's why I recommend Econobum, I've used them and love them. One brand that has been recommended to me is Assunta covers. Their one sized covers are $4.99 each so it would be $24.90 for 3 covers.
Prefolds and Covers
I've talked about prefolds in depth before Here. Prefolds are about as cheap, depending on the sales you get, or even cheaper than flats. A lot of people like them better because they are already someone prefolded. You do still have to fold them, and there are plenty of ways to customize the folds for your little one, but not as much as with flats. They do take some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, just like flats, it's easier. At first I thought prefolds would be so hard but I got used to it in a day or two and now I find them easier and better at containing the mess than anything else. Plus they are tough and relatively low maintenance compared to my other diapers. Flats and prefolds can take a lot of wear and tear and are easy to bleach/sanitize. I do like that flats go from newborn to potty training and prefolds do but you may need to buy different sizes at some point or move to padfolding instead of other folds.
What You'll Need:
24 Prefolds - $36
1 fastener (I suggest having a few on hand, but you can totally get by with one, I have!) - $3.95
3 covers - $26.85
TOTAL: $66.80 with free shipping
For Prefolds I recommend OsoCozy brand better fit prefolds in red edge, which can be found at Mama's Emporium. They are great quality and fit better and longer than any other prefolds I've tried but they are a little pricier. Since we are trying to find the cheapest options here I'm going to go with what I started my stash with, an order from 
24 Indian prefolds in infant size. I like the Indian vs the Chinese because they are softer. They are also unbleached meaning less unneeded chemicals and let's face it, who cares about white diapers? They'll just look dingier and stain easier. Plus the bleach weakens the diapers just a little so Indian prefolds tend to last a little longer. These are also great for stuffing pocket diapers if you end up buying them which will make those cheaper if you buy them without inserts!
Why You Don't Need More Covers With Prefolds and Flats
You may be thinking how do you get by with 2 or 3 covers for 24 changes? The reason is they are wipeable and unless you get poop on it, which you usually don't once you get good with your folds and fastening with both prefolds and flats, you can just wipe them down or rinse them off and dry them. You can wash the first 2 at night by hand and hang dry while little one is wearing one at night. If they get pee on them, just wipe them off with wipes or rinse and wipe dry. Super easy!
China Cheapie Pocket Diapers Without Inserts
Pocket diapers will be more expensive than flats or prefolds, but they do have their advantages. You can read my post all about pockets Here. You can get them much cheaper in co-ops but those can take a while and it's hard to figure out prices ahead of time so it would be hard for me to compare, plus shipping, co-op fee, etc all vary by co-op. This post comparing China Cheapies may help you decide which brand to try. For comparison sake we will say you decide on Sunbaby diapers.
24 Pocket Diapers from Sunbaby - $96.00  
24 Indian Prefolds - $36.00
TOTAL: $132.00 
The pockets are sold without inserts and the more you buy at one time the more of a discount you get, so we'll assume you get the package of 24 without inserts. You can stuff them with trifolded Indian inserts, and that is what I mostly do. I started my stash with prefolds and covers and then added some pockets.
China Cheapie Pocket Diapers With Inserts
Remember, just as with everything else, you can find China Cheapies used for less, you may also be able to find sales or join a co-op to do a group buy and get them at wholesale prices.
24 Pocket Diapers with 24 microfiber inserts - $114.00
TOTAL: $114.00 
Why I still recommend getting prefolds to stuff with instead of inserts rather than the cheap pockets with 1 microfiber insert: There are a few reasons. First, the inserts are not very absorbent. If money weren't an issue I would stuff with 2 bamboo inserts as that's the trimmest, most absorbent solution when using the inserts. Also, microfiber can stink. After a bit of use the inserts can start to hold onto icky stuff and start to smell. It's nothing you can't get rid of I'm told, and I still use microfiber and have for a year and haven't had an issue, but I know it can be an issue for some people and they end up practically giving away (or actually giving them away or throwing them away even) their microfiber inserts. I would hate for you to have wasted money on them. The Indian prefolds aren't very trim but they aren't terribly bulky and undoable, but they are also more absorbent. I much prefer those to the inserts I use. You just trifold them and stuff them in, super easy.
Bottom Line:
The cheapest way to do it would be prefolds, flats coming in a close second. There are lots of pros and cons to each way, but no matter what you choose, you're saving money over disposable diapers and can recoup your costs very fast, then start investing in other types/brands that you would like to try and building your stash.
Where You Can Buy Everything!
Everything mentioned in this post, except the covers and cottonbabies Indian prefolds can be found at Mama's Emporium. Econobum brand covers and the Infant sized Indian Prefolds, as well as snappis, can be found at Assunta brand covers can be found at Sunbaby Diapers can be found at If you want China Cheapies but would like them quicker because you are buying them from the USA, you can buy them at from $4.99 a piece up.
What are your solutions for cheap cloth diapering? How did you start your stash out? Don't forget to like my page on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and subscribe to this blog!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

AWESOME giveaway on Mama's Emporium's Facebook Page!

Ok this doesn't have a lot to do with cloth diapering. BUT as you must know by now I'm into natural parenting. I'm not totally crunchy but I practice AP somewhat, breastfeed on demand, baby wear, use natural products, etc. And I love a good giveaway, which if you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you'll for sure know by now! So when I saw that Mama's Emporium was giving away a FREE Boba Carrier OF YOUR CHOICE on facebook to the top fan this week, I couldn't resist sharing! Just to be warned, if you are on my facebook or twitter you will probably see me sharing lots of mama's emporium posts this week because it's a top fan prize. If you don't know about top fan contests they are awesome. All you have to do is like posts, share posts, post on the page, etc, and you will earn points. At the end of the week (it ends Monday Night!) the person who has the most points is the "top fan" and wins the FREE BOBA CARRIER OF YOUR CHOICE!
Ladies and gentlemen, this is an AWESOME prize. VERY high value. It may sound too good to be true. But I know Amanda, the owner, and I've won MANY prizes from her the past year, from raffles to giveaways, I even won a FREE Apple Cheeks cloth swim diaper for being top fan a couple weeks ago! I shop her store pretty much anytime I shop for cloth diaper products and have never been cheated, mistreated, or had any negative experience whatsoever. I've always been a satisfied customer and I've always got my stuff quickly, weather I paid for it or won it for free.  
If you are a baby wearer, interested in baby wearing, have a friend who is expecting and want an awesome high value gift for, or even if you just like to win free stuff, this is a great contest for you! You can start by going to Mama Emporium's facebook page and clicking on the "top fans" tab at the top of the page. Then earn points by sharing posts, liking posts, liking and sharing pictures, posting on the wall (comments, pictures, questions, whatever!), and more!  You can check out all the Boba Carriers on Mama's Emporium. If you just can't wait to win, hurry and snag one from her site. They are reasonably priced and hold their resale value VERY well, better than diapers usually. People will usually pay close to retail to get one used because this is a very trusted name in the baby wearing community. Prices range from $39 to $160 and there are many different kinds of carries to choose from, so you can find what works best for you and your little one.
Good luck! Come back and tell us if you win!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Thirsties Fab Doublers: A Review!

I'm so excited to share this review with you! I love it when I buy something and when I try it out it exceeds my expectations. This is one of those products. I bought these thinking they would work, but I didn't expect them to be so awesome! Whenever I find something I love I want to share it with everyone because you never know when someone is looking for the same sort of thing.
Thirsties Fab Doublers
These doublers are so cute. I know it doesn't really matter as they are going inside your diapers, but I just love the bright colors! I also love the fabric they are made of, They are made of 4 layers of cotton velor. This is great for two reasons, it's so very soft, and it can touch baby's booty. There are some fabrics, such as microfiber, that shouldn't be put against baby's skin, but these can go right up against the bum. They are also the perfect size for any Thirsties diaper, but still such a great universal size so that you can use them in any diaper! I've used them in Thirsties Fitteds, Thirsties AIOs, OsoCozy Fitteds, Alva Pocket diapers, and more. They are 4 layers thick which means they have a lot of absorbency and can hold a lot of liquid! Perfect for that extra boost for nap time, overnight, out and about, or a heavy wetter.
Bottom Line
These are fantastic doublers. I've already bought two sets and plan on buying more because they work so well, especially at night. You can even use two at a time if you need to but I haven't had issues with just one and I have a super heavy wetter. These are so soft I love how they feel so I know they are comfortable on my baby. I like that they aren't too bulky yet they still soak up a lot. These are perfect for anyone looking for some extra absorbency, especially out and about or overnight. You don't have to use them with Thirsties diapers but I do suggest you try some Thirsties because they have awesome diapers. Their AIOs are my favorite.
Where They Can be Purchased
You can find these awesome doublers at Mama's Emporium, Diaper Junction, or pretty much anywhere else that sells Thirsties products!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thirsties AIO: A Review!

As you all know, I am constantly posting cloth diaper related giveaways to my facebook page and tweeting about them on my Twitter. Well I don't just post about these giveaways, I actually enter them too! I usually am not a lucky person, but somehow I won! I won 2 Thirsties AIOs from Diaper Junction! I was so pleased to win this as I'd never tried Thirsties AIOs. Now that we have used them a few times I decided to write a review. Diaper Junction didn't ask me to write a review but I figured you can always use others experience on what works and what doesn't.

Thirsties AIOs

Let me just say I love these diapers! They are so soft and so absorbent. I like that the insert is only partially sewn in so it makes sort of a tunnel pocket so you can easily stuff a doubler in it. Since then I have bought the Thirsties brand doublers and love them as well, but that's another post all together. I love that if you want to use these for nights you can just very easily stuff some extra inserts into the tunnel and voila! It's also super easy to shake the inserts out into the wash so you don't have to touch the nasty inserts. Yet they don't seem to move around much at all when your child is wearing the diaper.


This is big. If I buy an AIO I expect it to be pretty absorbent. Some AIOs are and some really aren't. Well these ones were very absorbent. I haven't had any leaks or anything. We like to use AIOs when we are out and about and boy have we loved these for out and about! I don't even need a doubler unless we plan on using them overnight and that's probably just because my son is a heavy wetter, especially at night time. I just put them on him as is and have never had issues, he loves them too! But I also like that it is very easy to add extra absorbency if it is needed, which makes it a great easily customizable diaper with the ease and convenience of an AIO.

Dry Time

One con about most AIOs is the long dry time. This comes with absorbency, if it holds a lot of pee, it's going to hold a lot of water from the washer, and therefore will take longer to dry. These diapers are really nice in that the soaker is sewn in but not completely so while it is still very absorbent it is quicker to dry. Most of my AIOs take 2 or more runs through the dryer to completely dry, but these are just fine drying with the other diapers in one run. You can even turn them inside out for easier drying!


We were able to get an excellent fit with these diapers. I like that they come in two sizes. Size one fits 6-18lbs and are perfect for younger infants, while size two fits 18-40lbs. I got size two because my little one is a year old and about 20lbs. We were able to get a great fit with no trouble at all. We got the aplix version so I'm not sure about snap placement but they do have adjustable rise with snaps that we enjoy because it is easier to get a more customizable fit.

Bottom Line

These are fantastic diapers and I will be buying them again! They are great for out and about, daddy, or lazy days when you don't want to mess with stuffing pockets, folding diapers, pinning diapers, etc. They are great because you do not need a cover with them, you just put them on and go. They are also awesome because you can very easily add more absorbency and the dry time is great without sacrificing absorbency.

Where You Can Buy Them

Thirsties AIOs can be found at Diaper Junction or Mama's Emporium! Thirsties doublers, which fit perfectly in the pocket beneath the insert can be found both places as well.

An Explanation For My Absence and an Announcement!

Oh boy do I have a lot to tell you my wonderful readers! The past few weeks have been CRAZY! As most of you know I am not a stay at home mom, in fact I have two jobs outside the home. My husband works nights and I work days, on top of that I have a home, two children, a dog, and a blog to take care of. I regret to say I have been neglecting the latter and I feel terrible about it, but I think I have a few great excuses!
The first is that we are expecting! That's right, we have another little one on the way! I am a little nervous as I've heard going from 2 to 3 is way harder than going from 1 to 2, and I've never cloth diapered a newborn before but am looking forward to that adventure! I'm also nervous because my little one is only a year old! But it'll be a fantastic adventure and we already love our newest little very much. We aren't telling anyone our due date or much other information other than we are expecting because it's been really nice having a greater measure of privacy this pregnancy. We may give more information later but for now just know we will let everyone know when he or she is here!
 The second, and the one that is more explanation than announcement is that I have been very sick. I don't mean a cold or the flu, I mean very sick. I've been in a lot of abdomen pain for a while and was ignoring it because I had work and no time to go to the doctor. I finally went to the Emergency Room and then to my doctor. They sent me for an ultrasound of my gallbladder as they couldn't find any reason for the sever pain other than stress ulcers that shouldn't have been that painful. We got the test results back that my gallbladder would have to come out right away. It took a few days to find a surgeon willing to do that surgery on a pregnant woman, and who had openings soon and took our insurance. It was a crazy week where I tried my best (and failed) to stay out of the ER and take care of myself while still going to work and taking care of my family. Finally we did the surgery this past Tuesday. The recovery has been MUCH less than easy and wonderful but we are getting by. I'm doing my best to rest and get better. Sometimes I'm in severe pain and other times I feel much better, but I tend to overdo it when I am feeling well so that is making things a little harder. The doctor said that while he knew my gallbladder HAD to come out and was in bad shape, he was not ready for the shape it was in, he said as he took it out it pretty much dissolved in his hands. Another week or so and it would've done that inside of me and not only would I have possibly lost the baby but I could've died. So I have been thanking Heavenly Father that we got help when we did and I'm so thankful to my husband who pressured me into not waiting and who has been taking care of me while I recover.
Anyway so that is why I haven't been nearly as active as I should be! I really do apologize but I hope you understand! Hopefully today I'll be able to write a couple of posts because I have all these ideas that I want to get written for you all! Let me know, as always, if you have any ideas you would like to see featured on this blog! You can also check out and post on my Facebook Page and Twitter to keep up on giveaways, contests, awesome WAHM brands, sales I hear about, etc. Don't forget to subscribe to the blog to be notified each time I make a new post as well! 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

China Cheapies, A Comparison

One thing I have mentioned briefly in past posts are China Cheapies.  China Cheapies is a general term for cheaper diapers that are made in China. Some are very high quality and some are not, but I'll be the first to admit while they work wonderful, and if it's all your budget allows, are very worth it, but other more expensive brands can be better! I much prefer my Rumparooz or GroVia to my China Cheapies but when I started cloth diapering I didn't have enough money to buy nicer, more expensive diapers so I built my stash up with these, especially from Co-ops to get them at an even cheaper rate. I am still very happy with them and I still use them, but there can be issues like long ship times, differences in sizing etc. That being said these are GREAT for people on a budget! It's also a great way to get started for less then use what you would be spending on diapers to build a more ideal stash if you so desire!
There are many overseas brands and each have their pros and cons. Most importantly tho, each works differently on every baby. As always, I suggest you try a few different ones for yourself on your little one before investing in all one kind for your entire stash. Some popular brands are Babyland, Babycity, Alva, Sunbaby, and JCTrade. I will be comparing Alva, Sunbaby, and JCTrade.
To see pictures that go along with my blog post, please like my Facebook Page and look at this album of photos. While you are at it, feel free to share it with friends and to follow me on this blog and on twitter to stay up with all my new blog posts, exciting giveaways, and fluffy goodness! In this blog I will be talking about the diapers themselves, not inserts. The reason is I buy most of my pocket diapers without inserts and instead use an infant sized prefold to stuff them. It's a little more bulky but a lot more absorbent and cheaper! Also, something else to think about is these diapers are coming from China, so shipping, customs, etc can take a while. It can take anywhere from a week or two to a month to get your diapers.
Sunbaby diapers are the first diapers I ever bought that weren't prefolds and covers. Sunbaby makes onesize pocket diapers. On their site you will notice that there are two "sizes", I prefer to think of them as "series" or "models" because they are actually both onesize, (meaning they will fit from about 12-15lbs until potty training, hopefully, but it all depends on the size and shape of your baby!) they are just cut differently. The reason they are cut differently is to allow for differently shaped babies. For instant my oldest son is a skinny boy. He is 3 years old and 45lbs (and tall. I know that sounds like WAY too much but this kid is stick skinny when you see him in just a diaper, he has a really high metabolism and is as tall as some kindergartners!) and he can still fit into a size 1 diaper. It won't cut off the circulation on his legs or anything else. My youngest son, however, is a chunky monkey. He has always nursed and nursed and nursed. So he has chubby thighs and a very chunky tummy. For those reasons we get him the size two that are cut a little bigger. They still are not cut as big as other diapers such as JCTrade and Alva, but we'll get to that. You can buy Sunbaby diapers in Co-ops or online here. So, onto the short list of pros and cons!
Different "sizes" for a more customizable fit
Hip snaps for less wing droop, less leaks, and a better fit
Foldover pocket for less leaks because the insert isn't as exposed
Extra strip of PUL at the top of the tummy to help tummy sleepers not leak
Smaller cut than other China Cheapy diapers
No snaps on wing for a better fit
Insides can pill after a while and get not as soft, still plenty soft, just not as soft as they start out
Alva Baby
Alva Baby diapers are probably my favorite of the three we are going to talk about. They are cut bigger yet have hip snaps and snaps on the outside of one wing so you can cross over for an even more customizable fit. This way they fit chunkier/older babies but they also can fit little ones pretty easily as well. I do like that most of the inners seem to stay soft and not pill the way Sunbaby diapers do. I also love the fun prints they come in, just like Sunbaby and JCTrade. You can buy Alva diapers here
Customizable fit
Wing snaps
hip snaps
Inside doesn't pill as easily
May not fit as well until older/chubbier
Pocket is open to the back so inserts can be exposed causing leaks
No extra strip of PUL at tummy
I will be honest here. The only reason I bought JCTrade diapers to begin with were because they were SUPER cheap in a Co-op and they had cute prints such as sesame street, cat in the hat, mickey mouse, and more. I ended up loving them. I don't know if there are different ways to order them to ensure you get hip snaps but so far I haven't figured it out and most of mine don't have hip snaps so those are what I will go off of. It may just be that they are cheaper without (which is honestly probably what it is!) so maybe that is one of the ways we got a great deal! Even without the hip snaps though, we like them. You can buy JCTrades on co-ops. So far I have not found them online in an online store but I may just not be working hard for it. My hugest problem with these tho are the inconsistencies. Some have the same inners as Alva. Some have the same inners as Sunbaby. Some have the snaps on one wing, some don't. Some have hip snaps, some don't. If you get them cheap enough, it doesn't matter, but if you pay premium for them, you might want to look closely at what you are buying before you make your purchase. I prefer the ones that are more like Alvas with the hip snaps, cross over snaps, etc. 
Pocket opening is in the back so it may leak
No strip of PUL at the tummy
Lack of hip snaps on some
Lack of crossover snaps on some
Beware the Rebrands
Another thing that can get you in cloth diapering is paying premium prices for China Cheapy diapers online. One big reason this is such an issue is because of rebranding. Some popular China Cheapy companies will, for a small fee, put your tags on their diapers so you can resell them as your own brand. This leads to Alva diapers (and others) being sold for $10+ a piece on popular sale sites like Zulily, ebay, and other sites. This really saddens me but if you really want that print and want them now, I guess it's a good option.
Want China Cheapies but don't want to wait?
No problem! Some people do want to buy from Americans so that there isn't a communication barrier if something goes wrong with their order and so they can get them quicker. If this is what you would like to do I suggest this site. There are others but I have heard GREAT things about this one. You can also find them new and used on for sale sites, B/S/T pages, and online swaps.
The bottom line
The bottom line is this: I do suggest China Cheapies but I suggest you try out a few of each (and other brands, why not!) to see which one works best for you and your little one! I try to buy from Co-ops if I am not in a hurry to get them even cheaper. You can also buy directly from the sites or from You can see pictures of the different brands I compared here, on my facebook page.
So! Tell me your favorite brand of China Cheapy! Or your favorite brand of diaper, period!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

CJ's BUTTer, a review.

I figured since I've recently done a review (and giveaway!) of LuSa Organics Booty Balm, I'd do a review of another one of my favorites! I know I've talked about it before, but I want to mention it again!
CJ's BUTTer Made in the USA
If you've been following me a while you know I LOVE supporting WAHMs and I LOVE supporting companies who are based in the USA! CJ's is based in Colorado Springs, CO. How cool is that? I love knowing that I'm supporting a fellow American in paying their bills and stimulating our economy!
Cloth Diaper Safe, But Not Just for Cloth Diapers!
CJ's BUTTer is a cloth diaper safe rash cream. It will treat your babies rash without any adverse effects to your cloth. Does that mean I think you should goop it on in huge amounts at every change? No, probably not. One of the cool things about it though is it isn't just for diaper rash! It can be used on dry skin, rashes of other types, mild burns, scrapes, small cuts, etc. It is also edible and can be used as nipple cream! It makes a great baby gift too! The ingredients in Original BUTTer are Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Lanolin, Vitamin E, Gluten Free Colloidal Oil, and Cocoa Butter! So you know exactly what is going on your baby's skin! This is especially awesome for people with babies who have sensitive skin!
If You Already Have a Favorite Rash Cream?
If you already have a favorite rash cream, no big deal! Try one of CJ's many other awesome products, all made in the USA! I suggest trying the lip balm and Wash & Wipe solution! Check them all out here.
Lots of Awesome Scents!
One of my favorite things about CJ's is all the awesome scents it comes in! There are some Essential Oil and Essential Oil Blends scents as well as awesome scents such as Monkey Farts, Green Irish Tweed, Pink Sugar, Cucumber Melon, Love Spell, and much more! I recommend buying a bunch of sample sizes in all the different scents that sound good so you can smell them all! I personally have never had one that I don't like and I have tried quite a few!
Where Can You Buy It?
CJ's BUTTer and other products made by them are available at Mama's Emporium. Mama's Emporium is located in Aurora, CO, so she is able to get CJ's directly from the source which is local to her. Go browse the site and tell me, what is your favorite scent, or which scent do you want to try most?

Sunday, January 27, 2013

LuSa Organics Booty Balm reveiw and Giveaway!

I know I have talked about LuSa Organics Booty Balm before, but I've partnered with Mama's Emproium to bring you yet another giveaway, and I figured I'd finally do a real review. After you read the review, make sure to enter the giveaway to WIN a FREE .8oz tin of Lusa Organics Booty Balm! Perfect to put in the diaper bag, your purse, the car, or keep at the babysitter's house.

This Giveaway is Brought to you By Mama's Emporium
First, let's talk about Mama's Emporium! Mama's Emporium is owned and operated by a WAHM (Work At Home Mom!) named Amanda. She does so many great giveaways and always is having awesome sales. I love shopping at Mama's Emporium because I know I will be getting only the best quality items at the greatest prices, and that I'm helping a mom stay home with her children and still pay her bills! Plus I love to save up points and get awesome stuff like free gift certificates, free teething necklaces, and more. Amanda is also based in Colorado, so if you are local to her, go check her showroom out in person or choose local pick up to save on shipping!
LuSa Organics Booty Balm
Where do I start? This stuff is amazing! I wasn't even in the market for a new booty balm, but I got a Stash Surprise from Mama's Emporium, and one of the many things included in that glorious box of wonderful lovely fluff was a .8oz tin of this booty balm. I figured well, it's free, I'll toss it in the diaper bag and try it out! Then my son got a rash. The other creams we were using before didn't work. We tried this out of desperation and boy were we surprised! Within one change his butt was drastically better! I started using it as a preventative as well and he quit getting rashes all together. It has a delightful scent that is soothing. One thing I really love is a little goes a long way! You can use just a tiny bit and make a .8oz tin last months. We keep ours in the diaper bag and have a large tin for the house. We haven't had to reorder for a while. I like to use it especially at night.

Other Uses For LuSa Organics Booty Balm

You can also use it as fist aid cream, kind of like neosporin! I like to use it on minor cuts or burns. It is so soothing and I love it! My husband actually prefers it to regular neosporin because he says he can "feel" it working unlike other first aid creams.
Another thing we use it for often in our home is eczema! I have very severe eczema. I have to be very careful and once I get a patch I have to treat it fast or it gets out of control. The only way to really treat it is steroid creams and lots and lots of lotion and/or Vaseline, which I hate. Well one day I realized I was out of everything I usually use, or, more likely, since we had just moved, I had misplaced it all. I couldn't afford to go to the doctor and buy the steroid creams that I needed. That's when I remembered my son's diaper rash! I went ahead and slathered it on my hands which were the worse, right before bed. The next morning I woke up and it wasn't all gone, but it was significantly better! Another night of that and I woke up with clear, healed hands! It was so nice to have that taken care of so quickly! Now I use it on pretty much any rash the boys or I get and I've never been disappointed!

Is It Cloth Diaper Safe?The short answer, YES! The long answer, kind of. I will say I use it on both my boys, my oldest is in disposables for medical issues, and my youngest is in cloth. The only issue I noticed was when I first got it and was using WAY too much. I mean I was really globbing it on there at every change. I figured you couldn't have too much of a good thing! I didn't notice any repelling or anything, just that it smelt like the booty balm even after washing. I stripped them with GroVia Mighty Bubbles once and voila, all better. I still use it and while I recommend using a disposable liner such as EcoSprout's Eco Bottom Liners, which you can buy at Mama's Emporium as well, you don't have to. I have heard of people having buildup issues but I have also heard that they went away after being stripped and using less. I just make sure that if I'm not using a liner, I only put just enough to cover the area on, not an excessive amount. Most of the time I use the liners even with other cloth diaper safe creams just because it's easier and I'm really into making my diapers last as long as possible in great condition. So I would suggest you buy the EcoSprout flushable liners and use it at night time with LuSa Organics Booty Balm, I'd rather be safe than sorry, but at the same time this stuff is just too amazing to no have on hand when little one gets a rash! Plus since you can use it for other things, like first-aid cream and eczema, I think it's essential!

Bottom Line

Bottom line, I love this stuff. I would recommend it to anyone. If you use disposable diapers you should still try it on your little one. If you use cloth, you should try it on your little one, and maybe get flushable liners just in case. If you don't have kids in diapers you can still use it! It's great to have on hand, in the car, your purse, your first aid kit, AND your changing table!

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If you can't wait, or you don't win, you can always buy this and other amazing LuSa products such as natural baby chest rub at Mama's Emproium!

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Friday, January 25, 2013

Myths and Misconceptions: Cloth Diapers Are Expensive!

I've decided to do a series of blogs all about common myths and misconceptions about cloth diapering! If you have any ideas feel free to comment here, share on my twitter, or post to my facebook page any myths or misconceptions you have heard, especially ones that really drive you nutso!
Myth #4: Cloth Diapers Are Expensive
Ok this one is more of a misconception than a real myth. I say this because yes, it can be, especially if you are into all the cute little prints and cannot resist, or if you are trying to buy only AIOs or other more expensive types of diapers. I'm not saying if you are in it to save money that you have to just have flats and prefolds, but I find it best for me to have a large stash of more affordable diapers with some fitteds and AIOs accenting the stash rather than making up the entire stash. Plus, unless you are going way overboard and buying a lot more diapers than you could ever use, you will still save money in the long run, especially if you use them for more than one child! Plus you can resell your cloth when you are done with it, cloth actually holds it's value very well.
The fact of the matter is, you don't have to spend a lot to save a lot!
Buy Used, Save the Difference
You don't have to spend a lot on cloth diapers, but you sure will save a lot if you use them! There are several ways to do this! You can buy used, which may sound weird at first but I just strip and steralize my used diapers and they are as good as new. Stains don't bother me because usually I can get them out with BacOut or by sunning them! First I strip them like normal. If you don't have a whole load or a good amount to do you can just soak them in a tub or sink overnight with a little bit of stripping agent. Then I fill the washer with HOT water, no detergent. When it is completely full of hot water I put in 1/4 a cup of bleach. I close it and let the agitator run for 10-30 seconds to mix the bleach in, then I toss the diapers I want to sanitize in there. Afterwards I do a hot wash with detergent and then as many hot washes as it takes for them to not smell like bleach whatsoever. I am a germaphobe when it comes to diapers and even I feel comfortable putting used diapers on my baby after that routine! 
Buy Simple, Buy Affordable
Another way to save on your start up costs is to buy simple types of cloth diapers! Generally the most affordable diapers are the simplest. I found that the cheapest way to start my stash was to buy prefolds, flats, and covers. Maybe they aren't the fanciest, but I got some adorable diapers and most importantly, my baby was diapered! It does take a little extra work because you have to fold the diapers and then put a water proof cover on over them, but it works out! You can see my post about Flats here and my post all about prefolds here. If those don't work for you, you can just stick to the type of diaper you like, but more affordable brands. One VERY affordable brand is OsoCozy diapers! OsoCozy is based here in Utah and they have VERY affordable prices but they don't seem cheap at all. You get what you would get with a more expensive diaper, for a fraction of the price. I have their AIOs, Better Fit Prefolds, Better Fit Staydry Prefolds, and fitteds. I don't dislike one thing I have from them, and they are one of my most trusted brands. I know that if I buy something with the OsoCozy name on it, it will be good and I won't be throwing my money away! You can buy OsoCozy brand diapers at Mama's Emporium. I really want to try their flats out next!
Find A Diaper Bank Near You
For those in dire need of financial assistance diapering their baby, you can still afford to cloth diaper! This is especially good for those who are in such a financial situation that they cannot afford to start a stash, but would also struggle to keep their baby diapered in disposable diapers. Help a Mother Out, Jillian's Drawers (run by cloth diapering store), and Giving Diapers, Giving Hope are just a few where you pay a small fee and are shipped diapers. Then you return them when you are done and in most cases get most of your small fee (I've heard some are as low as $20 or $30) back minus some for sanitizing and repairing diapers as long as they are in great condition and they are all returned. Here is a list of resources I found, but I cannot personally vouch for any of them. You can also google "free cloth diapers city,state" or "cloth diaper lending city, state" etc to find local cloth diaper banks in your area.
Save Up Points
One of my favorite ways to get free/cheap cloth is to save up rewards points. I shop almost exclusively at Mama's Emporium for this reason in particular. I enjoy supporting Work At Home Moms and I want to shop as much in one place as possible to save up as many points as possible! I buy all my EcoSprout detergent there, the diapers I need and love such as OsoCozy products, diaper fasteners, all my Diaper Rash Cream, EcoSprout disposable liners for when we are out and about, and baby gifts for new and expectant mommies I know such as Melissa and Doug toys and Amber Teething Necklaces! You can save up your points for free products and for gift certificates to the store! I make the most of my points! Right now I'm saving up for another gift certificate!

Enter Giveaways 
This one is a little out there, but hear me out! I enter giveaways A LOT. I figure if I can spend five or ten minutes entering a giveaway, liking facebook pages, tweeting about the giveaway, etc, and have the chance to win something, why not? My time doesn't cost me anything when I'm just relaxing after the kids go to bed, or in the morning when I'm all ready for work but have a spare 20 minutes to sit and relax! If you don't win, what have you lost? If you do win, you have free stuff! My favorite giveaways to enter are, of course, cloth diaper giveaways! I have won so many things by entering giveaways! My first cloth diaper giveaway I entered was a Mama's Emporium giveaway and I won a gift certificate! Since then I've entered so many giveaways sometimes it is hard to keep track. I have won free Rumparooz diapers, free aprons, free books, free diaper covers, and all sorts of other free things! If you want to enter giveaways but don't know where to find them, follow cloth diaper companies on facebook and twitter! Especially on twitter, companies like to promote giveaways where their product is being given away! I follow OsoCozy, EcoSprout, and many more cloth diaper related companies on twitter and that is where I find some of the best giveaways! When a blog does a giveaway I make sure to follow their twitter as well! You can follow me on twitter, I always retweet giveaways I enter or am involved in, even if I don't put them on my blog. Also, I now have my twitter linked to my facebook, so if twitter just isn't your thing, follow me on facebook.
Make Your Own and Re Purpose Materials
This is where the Internet becomes your best friend! There are SO many tutorials on pinterest and floating all over the Internet about how to make your own diapers. You can also re purpose tshirts, hand towels, receiving blankets, wool sweaters, and much more to make diapers, covers, doublers, etc. Sure, some take some talent sewing, but if you already have that talent, or you are determined to learn, you are in a good place! Shop around for cheaper fabric, use coupons, and see what you can come up with! Necessity is the father of ingenuity after all. One thing I did was reuse a bunch of flannel receiving blankets. You know, the things you swaddle baby with until about a month when they are too big. The ones that the hospital gives you a bunch of, that everyone and their mother gives you, and that you can find at thrift stores for very very very cheap? Yeah those ones! I stripped them all and then cut them into squares. I sewed (with a simple zig zag stich, it was my first time ever even touching a machine) two squares together and voila, I had homemade cloth wipes! I have also heard of people using the same method but instead of squares measure your diapers, newborn diapers, one sized, whatever you want a doubler for, and insetad of just two, sew four, five, six, seven, eight, how many ever you think will make a good absorbent doubler together with a simple stitch and then lay it inside the diaper at night or whenever to add extra absorbency. You can also stuff it in a pocket with the normal things you stuff them with. You can also fold tshirts into diaper shapes, or into a pad fold to lay in a cover. You can even use tea towels, flour sack towels (usually about $5 for 5 at walmart or target!) or hand towels as inserts, flats, or doublers. Just remember to strip whatever you are going to use so it is absorbent. When your baby outgrows those tiny preemie/newborn/infant prefolds, use them as inserts in your pocket diapers! They are so absorbent and a great way to get more bang for your buck as it's usually much cheaper to buy pocket diapers without inserts!
Some of the MANY tutorials out there:
No Sew Tshirt Cloth Diapers

China Cheapies

I am only going to touch on these briefly as we haven't really gone over them much before. I am planning on doing a blog in the future comparing different kinds of China Cheapies and discussing them more in depth. China Cheapies is what people call cheaper diapers that literally come from China. You usually pay less because it's cheaper to manufacture them in China, but it can also be hard to deal with people who speak limited English when customer service issues arise, and it can take a long time for them to come over, 2-4 weeks, sometimes more from ordering them till you get them in the mail. They also are often not as well made. I'm not saying they don't work, a big part of my stash is made up of china cheapies and they will catch poop and pee just fine, but I feel you really do get what you pay for when you buy higher quality stuff. Another drawback is often you cannot order just one or two to try out, but must order in intervals of 6, 12, 24 etc. Sometimes you can't decide what kind of inserts come with them. Sometimes you can't decide much of anything. But they are cheaper. You can get them even cheaper in Co-ops, which I think we will save completely for another day. It's where many people join up in a group, one person orders a HUGE order so they pay wholesale prices, and then that person ships the items out to the individuals. A big draw back is it takes longer to get things, but a big rewards is they are generally a lot cheaper. More on that later though.
Bottom Line
Yes, cloth diapering can be expensive, if you let it. If, however, you start early and take your time, and watch for ways to save money, you will be able to build a stash cheaply and it will save you a lot of money. You will also save more money in the long run if you reuse your cloth diapers for more than one baby. Obviously, a mom who buys cloth diapers once and uses them on one baby saves money. One who buys cloth diapers once and uses them on two babies, will have saved twice as much and so on and so on. Our pediatrician has cloth diapered seven babies. She said she used the same prefolds and covers for the first four, and added a few more around that time to replaced worn out ones but never had to buy a complete new stash. You can also do other things to save money on cloth diapers such as entering giveaways, buying used, reusing materials you already have, making your own, saving rewards points, and more! It can be done very cheaply, and it's worth the investment!