Saturday, February 2, 2013

CJ's BUTTer, a review.

I figured since I've recently done a review (and giveaway!) of LuSa Organics Booty Balm, I'd do a review of another one of my favorites! I know I've talked about it before, but I want to mention it again!
CJ's BUTTer Made in the USA
If you've been following me a while you know I LOVE supporting WAHMs and I LOVE supporting companies who are based in the USA! CJ's is based in Colorado Springs, CO. How cool is that? I love knowing that I'm supporting a fellow American in paying their bills and stimulating our economy!
Cloth Diaper Safe, But Not Just for Cloth Diapers!
CJ's BUTTer is a cloth diaper safe rash cream. It will treat your babies rash without any adverse effects to your cloth. Does that mean I think you should goop it on in huge amounts at every change? No, probably not. One of the cool things about it though is it isn't just for diaper rash! It can be used on dry skin, rashes of other types, mild burns, scrapes, small cuts, etc. It is also edible and can be used as nipple cream! It makes a great baby gift too! The ingredients in Original BUTTer are Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Lanolin, Vitamin E, Gluten Free Colloidal Oil, and Cocoa Butter! So you know exactly what is going on your baby's skin! This is especially awesome for people with babies who have sensitive skin!
If You Already Have a Favorite Rash Cream?
If you already have a favorite rash cream, no big deal! Try one of CJ's many other awesome products, all made in the USA! I suggest trying the lip balm and Wash & Wipe solution! Check them all out here.
Lots of Awesome Scents!
One of my favorite things about CJ's is all the awesome scents it comes in! There are some Essential Oil and Essential Oil Blends scents as well as awesome scents such as Monkey Farts, Green Irish Tweed, Pink Sugar, Cucumber Melon, Love Spell, and much more! I recommend buying a bunch of sample sizes in all the different scents that sound good so you can smell them all! I personally have never had one that I don't like and I have tried quite a few!
Where Can You Buy It?
CJ's BUTTer and other products made by them are available at Mama's Emporium. Mama's Emporium is located in Aurora, CO, so she is able to get CJ's directly from the source which is local to her. Go browse the site and tell me, what is your favorite scent, or which scent do you want to try most?

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