Friday, November 30, 2012

Eco-Bottom Liners by EcoSprout: A Review

I've always said I wouldn't use liners. It seemed like an added step that would take more work. It also seemed like it would be easier to just use disposables if I needed rash cream that wasn't compatible with cloth or something. And then I used too much of a diaper rash cream that is CD safe. I'll admit in my zeal to heal my poor baby's bum after a rash from a disposable, I slathered the stuff on. It smelt good and it seemed to be helping but a little goes a long way and I probably hurt his bum more than I helped it. So I stripped my diapers and decided to try these liners.

What are liners?

You can read more about liners in my old post about rash creams and liners here. There are reusable, washable liners but I feel that kind of defeats the purpose. I do have some and use them occasionally but they repel and you have to wash them separately from your diaper laundry, making extra work. There are also disposable liners like these ones. You could also use them for the babysitter or dad who don't want to spray diapers. It's great if you're pregnant and you don't want to spray dirty diapers or rinse them by hand.

Why Did I Choose Eco-Bottom?

I chose these because they are made by EcoSprout. I trust EcoSprout. I use their detergent on my son's diapers and our clothes and I know that they would never put anything in their products that will hurt my baby. And they are a great value! You get 100 sheets in a roll! I liked that they were made of bamboo and I liked that they are flushable. I can dump them in the trash or toilet. They are biodegradble, non-toxic, fragrance free, dye free, chlorine free, flushable, and breathable. Now that I've used them I love them and would buy them again and again.

What Do You Use Them For?

Liners can be used for all sorts of things. Some people use them so they can use non cloth diaper safe creams and lotions down there without causing repelling. Some people use them when they think baby is going to poop or every change to protect the resale value of their diapers. It keeps diapers from being stained and keeps them in excellent condition.

Where Can You Buy Them?

You can buy them here at Mama's Emporium. They are very affordable and the roll lasts a long time!

Final Verdict?

I love them! I plan to use them often in the future. I also plan to keep them on hand for when the grandparents watch the boys. I would recommend them to anyone. I think they are great and they don't do anything to my baby's sensitive skin.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Over at Super Green Label the owner Dianna is giving away a FREE wet bag! All you have to do is like this facebook page!/SuperGreenLabel and comment on the giveaway status! I have one of her wetbags and LOVE it! Plus if you don't cloth diaper you can use it at the beach, pool, in the diaper bag for soiled clothes, or whatever! Just toss it in the wash and it's all clean! Super easy! They are waterproof and keep all the stink in! It would also make a great gift! Don't forget, Christmas is right around the corner!

Friday, November 16, 2012

OsoCozy AIO: A review!

I'll be honest, I was hesitant to start using AIOs. I've heard they are super absorbent and very convenient, but take FOREVER to dry and let's face it, if you are in this for saving money, as most are, and, infact, I am, the price can be very hard to swallow! When I found the OsoCozy diaper brand I fell in love with their products. Each time I have been skeptical because they are budget priced and I've heard time and time again you get what you pay for, but it's not true with this line! So far I haven't truly disliked anything I have tried from them! Their fitteds are our overnight solutions and I just adore the stay dry better fit prefolds! So I finally bit the bullet and tried the OsoCozy AIO!


The Pros
I really liked how absorbent these are. No, you can't leave them on for hours on end, but they are great for outings when you don't want to change them as much, and they are great for nap times. They really hold a lot of liquid.
These diapers are also really easy. They close with a hook and loop closure just like a disposable diaper and there is no stuffing, snapping, folding, fastening, or anything else involved! They are perfect for daycare, beginners, middle of the night changes, and daddies! My husband loves that he doesn't have to stuff them like our pockets or fold and secure them like our prefolds. Instead he just puts it on exactly like you would a disposable diaper! Easy peasy!
The Cons
Honestly the only con I could find is that they take a long time to dry. There really is no avoiding that since they are so absorbent, so of course they not only soak up pee, but water from the washer. These puppies went through once with the rest of the diaper laundry and THREE more times by themselves, that's right, by themselves! For a total of FOUR runs through the dryer! Do I have time to wait and not wash clothes because the dryer is taken by one diaper? No. I'm a working mom with two jobs, a blog, two wonderful boys, a husband, a dog, and a house that all need my attention! I do not have time to let diapers dry for hours, I generally have at least a load of regular laundry and a load of diaper laundry each day, sometimes two or more loads of laundry and one of diaper laundry! I just don't have the time or dryer space.
Bottom Line
These are great for daycare, babysitters, when mama is sick, or nap times. Would I use them all day every day? No. Am I totally in love with this diaper? Eh. I'd rather just use OsoCozy fitteds. They are a little cheaper, really absorbent, and don't take nearly as long to dry! If one took me so long to dry, how long would a huge load of nothing but AIOs take me to dry? Do I hate them? No. Will I never use them again? No. I will keep them on hand for sure, and probably use at least a couple times a week for naps and such but I do not foresee myself reaching for them first. I do plan on buying more OsoCozy fitteds to add to my stash over time and I may buy a couple more AIOs and just keep them aside for when my husband feels sick or I'm sick or whatever. (My husband works nights so he is the one who watches the boys while I'm at said two jobs, bless his soul.)
Would I recommend them?
Yes, yes, and YES! If you already like AIOs, I would recommend them. If you want to try an AIO, I would recommend them. Honestly, they are great diapers, they just aren't right for our entire stash!
Where can you buy them?
You can find OsoCozy AIOs and other OsoCozy products at Mama's Emporium!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Post All About Wipe Solution!

So have you decided to cloth diaper yet? Have you decided to cloth wipe? The reasons to use cloth wipes are much the same as the reasons to use cloth diapers, saving money, convenience of not having to do both, saving the environment, they're cute, and sensitive skin. This may sound like a review from my cloth wipes post but bear with me! Or skip to the recipes, either way is fine with me! 
If you've decided to use cloth wipes, you may be wondering...
You may be wondering what solution to use for your cloth wipes! So I figured I'd post some recipes and recommendations! Enjoy and please leave comments with what you use, have tried that didn't work, have tried that did work, what you want to try, etc.
Water, water, water
A lot of people who cloth diaper and use cloth wipes use...ready for the big magical solution? WATER! That's right, plain old water. Some people use warm water from the tap. Some put filtered water or bottled water into a peri bottle. Some people boil water then cool it and use that. Whatever. The point is you can just wet your cloth wipes or baby's butt and wipe. Do I do it? No. I prefer a bit of soap of some sort in my solution.
Booty Bits
Soap bits, booty bits, and wipe boots are all names for these cool little cubes of premade wipe solution in a glycerin base that you dissolve into warm water, making solution! They are great because it's premade, you don't have to collect supplies, measure, and make the solution, all you have to do is drop a cube into some hot water and stir! This is what I use almost exclusively. 
Recipes for clean tushes!
Most cloth wipe solutions have a few things in common. Of course they all have water in them. They also usually have some sort of soap and some sort of oil. Some may even have essential oils in it as well. The essential oils are usually for the smell but some have antibacterial/germ fighting properties. The soap is obviously to clean, and the oil is to help keep the baby soft and moisturized. It also helps to "carry" the solution, meaning give it a smoother delivery. Here are some recipes I have found online that sound like they would work well. I have no experiences with these so you will have to try them for yourself!
The great part about all of this is you can experiment and find something that works great for you! You can design your own, adjust amounts of ingredients, use different essential oils, play with combinations, use scented baby oil or different scents of
soap and/or shampoo, different teas, etc. Try a few and play around, see what you come up with and leave a comment telling me about it! You might try adding aloe, witch hazel, or other soothing ingredients. Tea Tree oil and vinegar are both renowned for their antibacterial properties but vinegar should not be used if baby has a rash or is raw, because it will burn and cause discomfort. I honestly don't feel comfortable using vinegar on my baby's bum so I have tried not to include any of the recipes I found online that have vinegar in the ingredients, but vinegar can be a powerful ally in defeating and preventing thrush/yeast so it may be worth adding just a tiny bit to your solution occasionally. 
The Most Basic Solution
 1/4 cup baby oil
1/4 cup baby wash (any kind!)
1 cup warm water
A Soothing Solution 
1 chamomile tea bag
1 Tsp honey
1 cup water
Boil the water, brew the tea in it, add honey, use as solution. Should sooth a raw read bottom.
Soothing Lavender 
1 chamomile tea bag
1 Tsp oil
1 Tsp baby bath or shampoo
1 drop lavender oil
1 cup hot water
Brew tea bag in boiling water, add ingredients. If it were me I would put in a couple more drops of lavender but it can be adjusted depending on how strongly you want it to smell.
Lavender Tea Tree Solution 
 1/4 cup olive oil
2 Tbs baby shampoo
8 drops tea tree oil
16  drops lavender oil
3 cups water
Don't forget you can adjust how much of each essential oil you put in depending on how strong you want them. For instance if you aren't fond of tea tree oil try cutting that in half. If you want it not to smell as much, cut both in half, etc. Play with it and find what you like best!
Dry Skin Solution
1 Tbs Baby Oil (try scented baby oil!)
1 Tbs baby soap of your choosing
1 Tbs baby lotion
1 cup water
Good luck! Let me know what you find that works!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Post All About Covers

It recently came to my attention that, while I've posted all about all sorts of diapers that aren't waterproof and require covers, I haven't actually posted about covers. I get A LOT of questions about what covers I would recommend, which are the cheapest, the sturdiest, etc, so I figured I'd do a post.
What are Covers?
Covers are water proof covers you put over diapers that are not waterproof such as fitteds, prefolds, and flats. Covers are not absorbent whatsoever, they just act as a waterproof barrier between the diaper that absorbs and the rest of the world! The diaper (absorbent part) goes against baby and the cover goes on after the diaper. Some diapers such as pocket diapers and AIOs don't need covers as they have the waterproof layer built right in already. Covers do not need to be fastened with fasteners such as a snappi or boingo, they usually fasten with snaps or velcro/hook and loop/aplix. They can come in sizes or one sized. They are usually made with PUL.
I Recommend
Super Green Label Covers found here
Rumparooz Covers found here
Econobum Covers found exclusively at
Covers May Be Right For You:
If you are planning on using a diaper that is not water proof such as fitteds, prefolds, or flats.
Bottom Line
You need covers if you are going to be using any sort of diaper that is not water proof such as flats and prefolds. You do not need a fastener for a cover but you may need one for your flats/prefolds, although you shouldn't need one for fitteds.

GroVia Diapers: A Review!

I started out cloth diapering with simple prefolds, one snappi, and econobum covers. Since the beginning of my cloth diapering journey I have constantly been trying new things out. I know when I first started I had no clue what to get or where to start, what was good, etc. I will say what is good for one person is not what is good for everyone, you have to find your own groove and what works for you. The same goes for different babies. What works for one of your children may or may not work for the next, so I am a firm believer in experimenting and trying a little of everything, then when you have your next baby (if you have another baby) you will already have one or two of everything you tried before to try on them. For instance I didn't think that what worked for others may not work well for us. I got a BUNCH of sunbaby diapers (china cheapy) They worked alright, but as I tried more (Alva, JCTrade, OsoCozy, etc) I realized that while they worked OK, they were not what was best for my son. So I sold all except a few that I keep on hand for laundry day and my future children, then I invested in other things that work better for him.

GroVia is a cloth diapering company that makes a wide range of products. I love their wipes and the mighty bubbles laundry aid for stripping so I thought, why not try their diapes? I recently got a GroVia diaper and snap in insert (AI2) from Mama's Emporium. When I first tried it out, I will admit, I HATED it. It has a mesh inner and is water proof, then there are snaps you snap the insert into. The insert is kind of small and funny shaped, and because I have a boy who is a heavy wetter, I wasn't loving it! I tried it a few more times and hated it more and more with each turn! Then I won a GroVia Organic Cotton Booster from a Mama's Emporium raffle. I thought "Great, something for the stupid Grovia that doesn't work!" My husband urged me to prep them and try just in case, since I got it for free from the raffle, it might make me love my GroVia or it may make no difference and then there was no harm done! Well I tried it and LOVED it! My son had a massive poopy right after I put it on him and the booster contained the poop and he wasn't soaked like previous times! There wasn't even a slight leak. I was over the moon! I tried it another time and, like I've mentioned before, he is a heavy wetter, we still had no problems. We won a two pack and have only used the one.
Final Verdict/Bottom Line?
Final verdict is I love GroVia, but only with the organic cotton booster. I have heard they work better for girls but I have no complaints once I used the booster. You can buy them online at Mama's Emporium. Try them with the Organic Cotton Booster or not, but if they don't work for you alone, try them with, it may just work better than you thought it would! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

GroVia Mighty Bubbles: A Review!

So I have been trying different things for a while, and I honestly have been meaning to review a bunch of the things I have tried but I've got so caught up with trying awesome stuff, work, family, and much more, that I haven't gotten a chance. I wanted to review BacOut next but I recently tried these and love them so much I just HAVE to gush about them!
I'll start off by saying we have hard water so we strip frequently anyway, usually about twice a month. We have also been struggling with ammonia lately so we have been stripping more often. The methods of stripping vary, as discussed in a previous post of mine. I have used a few different methods to strip and for the longest time my go to was RLR. RLR powder is $1.74 a packet making it affordable, but a little pricey if you are doing it often. You use one packet per strip unless you have an HE washer, then you only use half a packet. However, at Mama's Emporium you can buy GroVia Mighty Bubbles for $8 for a pack of 10 packs or $14 for 20. That makes them $.80 a pack for 10 or $.70 a pack for 20. This is a super great deal because one pack does it all. It is HE safe, neutral, has no alcohol or ethers, no ammonia, and is phosphate free. Unlike RLR, the ingredients aren't top secret, they are printed right there on the back of the package. All you have to do is pop it in your washer with your diapers, wash on hot with no detergent, and do an extra rinse. No other detergent is needed, although I prefer to wash my diapers with detergent before I do it.
If you are using an enzyme free detergent like most cloth diaper safe detergents, Rockin Green and EcoSprout (my favorite!) come to mind, you will need to use them regularly, because of the enzymes, and it's a good idea to use them every 6-8 weeks anyway just to make sure your diapers are at their freshest and most absorbent.



Here I took a picture of it next to the bag and the cup holder of the high chair to show it's size.

Where can I buy GroVia Mighty Bubbles?

You can buy GroVia Mighty Bubbles at Mama's Emporium A delightful store in Aurora, CO ran by a fellow mom who is dedicated to bringing you the best products at the best price. She even has an online store that I frequent! She offers layaway, wish lists (with 10% back on all completed wish lists!), and registries.

Bottom Line

Love them! They are more affordable than RLR and strip better. So far it's really helped with our ammonia issues, as well as our hard water build up. I plan on using them occasionally to keep my diapers at their freshest and most absorbent. They can be purchased at Mama's Emporium online or in Aurora, CO. I give it a 5/5 for functionality, affordability, and ease of use.

This review has been done in partnership with Mama's Emporium. If you are interested in helping me bring a review or giveaway to my blog, please email me at!  

Something You Should Know: Stripping

Something you should know about with cloth diapers, you may need to strip. Stripping is a process to get rid of buildup caused by hard water, detergent buildup, using non safe rash creams, ammonia, stink issues, and just to make sure your diapers are at their freshest and most absorbent.
Why Strip?
Stripping can solve multiple problems. One such problem is repelling, when your diaper is having leaks because the fabric is not at it's most absorbent. This is usually caused by hard water mineral buildup or detergent buildup from using too much detergent and/or not rinsing enough. Another reason to strip is if you are having stink issues. Stink issues can be caused by not using enough detergent, detergent buildup, hard water buildup, ammonia, and other causes. Usually if your diapers smell like a barn, you aren't using enough detergent and you should play with how much you use. If they smell like pee or burn your eyes and nose after they are dirty, then it's ammonia buildup. Another culprit of stink is not using the right detergent. Some people have problems with some detergents that others find amazing. You have to find the right detergent for your diapers, water, and washing machine. Also, make sure you aren't using dryer sheets or fabric softener, as well as detergents that contain dyes or optical brighteners. It may also help to switch from a liquid detergent to a powder detergent. Liquid detergent has been known to cause buildup.
So you think you have to strip, now what?
Now you decide what kind of strip you want to do! There are multiple ways to strip your diapers and each has their benefits. I suggest you play with it and decide what way is best for you. I also think stripping can fix the symptoms, but you have to also find the cause of the problem and cure the disease so to speak. If you find yourself stripping often, you should tinker with your wash routine and try to adjust it so you can find the perfect routine and products for you! You may simply need to switch to a new detergent, you may also need to adjust how much detergent you are using, or you may need to add an extra rinse or adjust the temperatures of your washes. Whatever it is finding it is key and may take some Patience, trial, and error. Eventually though you will get it and you will be one happy cloth diaperer! I however live in an area that has VERY hard water and because I'm renting I'm not allowed to have a water softener. Plus on top of that our pipes are very old and my washer isn't the greatest. So I have settled for stripping every couple of weeks, especially now that we are fighting ammonia. One day I'll get a better machine and live somewhere with a water softener and all will be well, but stripping isn't hard to do so for now it's a good system we have worked out.
Different ways to strip
1. RLR - RLR is my go to stripping method. It's ingredients list is super secret so we don't know exactly what is in it but we know it is safe for cloth diapers and we know there is washing soda. I have heard people swear by adding washing soda to their wash and it stripping just like RLR but I have also heard of people's diapers being ruined because plain washing soda makes them rough and nothing gets the diapers soft after that has happened. So if you want to try that use caution and do so at your own risk, I won't risk it. Anyway back to RLR. It's very simple to use, you just put your clean diapers, weather dry or wet, into the washer with a packet of it (half a packet if you are using a HE washer) and wash on hot with a couple extra rinses and then voila, you're done! You should notice a difference right away.
2. GroVia Mighty Bubbles - GroVia Mighty Bubbles comes to us from the makers of GroVia diapers. It's a newer laundry treatment and is super convenient. It comes in a little packet that you just toss into the wash, kind of like a tide pod.The ingredients are Sodium Carbonate (washing soda), Sodium percarbonate, Sodium Polyitaconate, surfactants, Enzymes, Oxygen bleach activator, and Sodia sillicate. To use you place in the washer with diapers (clean or dirty, doesn't matter, but I always put them in clean), No other detergent is needed. You wash on hot and do a hot rinse and voila, you should notice the difference as soon as they are dry.
3. Bleach - Bleach is controversial. Some people say don't use bleach because it can damage your diapers. Some diaper companies recommend you use bleach. I personally use bleach on all my diapers that I buy used or am given, and occasionally to do a really deep strip. You KNOW they are clean and nothing is going to be wrong with them once you strip with bleach. It's kind of like starting over! I use 1/4 cup of bleach. How I do it without bleaching the color from my diapers is I fill my washer up [maximum water level] with hot water and 1/4 cup of bleach. It will bubble a little. Then I let the washer run a minute or two so the agitator mixes the bleach in, then put my diapers, inserts, wipes, etc in. The general consensus is this should be done no more than once a month. I recommend doing this to all your diapers after thrush, yeast, sickness, or if you get used diapers.
4. Blue Dawn - Blue dawn! This should be used with caution. I have heard you can also use Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid sold here. The Key to stripping with dish soap is to only use a little as it's very hard to rinse out. Some people just put a few drops in a bath tub and soak overnight then do a bunch of rinses until there are NO bubbles. Or you can do the same thing in your washer. Fill your washer with hot water and about 5 drops of the soap. Then put the diapers in and wash on hot, and keep rinsing until it's all out and there are no bubbles. I've heard this is better for oil buildup, not mineral buildup, such as if you use the wrong diaper rash cream with your cloth diapers. I have never used it, so I can only tell you what I've heard, such as it is very difficult to get them completely rinsed when using this method.
Bottom Line
The bottom line is, if you need to strip, I suggest RLR or GroVia Mighty Bubbles which are sold here. We are battling Amonia and the only thing that has worked is the bleach strip and the Grovia Mighty Bubbles, not RLR.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

All About Accessories: Cloth Wipes

Well the time has come for us to discuss cloth wipes! Cloth wipes are very versatile, they can be used with cloth diapers or disposable diapers. They can be used as wash cloths, cleaning rags, whatever. I have tried many many types of wipes since we started using cloth wipes.

Why Cloth Wipes?

I use cloth wipes because when my son was only a few weeks old we ran out of the sensitive wipes the hospital sent us home with. I had bought the same wipes I've used since birth for my oldest son, Huggies cucumber scented  ones. Love them for my son, they smell great and do the job well, but my little baby got a horrible rash! I switched back to sensitive and all was well. We were cloth diapering and I was having to put the wipes in a separate bag and take them outside no matter what time of day or night, no matter what weather, because it was that or stick them in the kitchen trash can! (no thanks!) So I switched to cloth wipes for two reasons. 1. Because it was better for my son's skin. This is the big one. I had to find something that would keep my son clean and not hurt his skin. Could I have bought sensitive wipes? Yes I could've. That brings us to my second reason. 2. It was easier. Seriously, it was way more convenient than buying regular disposable sensitive wipes. I would much rather wipe with a cloth wipe, toss it in the diaper and spray it off with the diaper then put it in the wet bag with the diaper and wash it with the diaper than separate the stuff into disposable and reusable, bag up the disposable wipes, spray the diaper and put it in the wet bag, then go back and put the bag of dirty wipes in the outside trash. No thanks, too much work, too many steps! I like to keep things simple. I also have one other big reason. 3. It saves money. Sure it cost me money to buy the wipes but you know what? Totally worth it! I was spending $22 a month on wipes. I now don't buy wipes, if I do it's the occasional $2 package. That's $22 more a month in my pocket. Sure it doesn't seem like too much but when you are struggling, it's a lot! That is $11 more towards Christmas presents, towards groceries, towards clothes and shoes for your children, towards eating lunch out or whatever you want it to go towards! That is your money, why are you wiping poop with it and throwing it away?

How's it work?

Well it can work any way you want it to! Like most things cloth diaper related it's all about what works for you and your family! It's all about experimenting and finding what works best for you. A lot of people keep pre moistened cloth wipes in a wipe warmer. Some keep premoistened cloth wipes in an old plastic disposable wipe container or a huge zip lock bag. Some people keep them dry and just get them wet with water. Some premake solution from scratch and keep it in a spray bottle or peri bottle and squeeze it on the bum or wipe then use the wipe. Some people use booty bits, soapy bits of wipe solution you dissolve in water and moisten the wipes that way, either ahead of time or when it comes time to clean the mess!

What Solution to use?

It is all about what you prefer! There are tons of different recipes for homemade solution. It seems they mostly contain a little bit of soap, a little bit of oil (olive, baby, coconut, etc) warm water, and/or essential oils (tea tree, peppermint, lavender, etc) Some people just use plain water, and others yet use booty bits. I can't speak to the other two because I've never experimented with either way of doing things, but I use booty bits. Booty Bits can be called soap bits, wipe bits, etc. Basically they are tiny tiny cubes of soap that you dissolve in warm water. I prefer Crow Mountain Craft's booty bits and it has worked so well it's all I use. A little goes a long way. Suggested use is to dissolve 2 cubes into 2 cups of hot water or 1 cube into 1 cup water. I have cut the cubes in half before (but I don't anymore because it's very time consuming and difficult as they are already small to begin with!) and dissolved 1/2 a cube in 1 cup water and it's worked just fine! I love them because the smells are better than anything I'd ever be able to get when making my own, a little goes a long way, and honestly it's easier. See I'm not a stay at home mom, I work. I also have two kids, a dog, a husband, and a house to care for. I teach my son's preschool co-op once a month and have other various church, social, family, and friend responsibilities, plus I have to sleep sometime! So I go for what is easy and works. These booty bits are easy and work! My favorites are Pink Sugar and Leather and Lace. I keep mine in a peri bottle or other squeeze bottle and squeeze some onto the wipe then wipe the tuchas. Super easy!

What wipes to use?

Cloth wipes can be a little overwhelming. Do you want terry, flannel, bamboo, micro fleece, what? I simply started with baby washcloths. You know those small thin ones you can get cheap at walmart? Those are the ones! I bought two packs of 5 for $.98 a piece. I thought it was brilliant and while they did work they didn't absorb the solution like I felt they should. But they will do in a bind and I haven't gotten rid of all of them now that I've moved on to bigger and better things. Next I tried sewing squares of flannel together. I had heard that if you cut up receiving blankets and sewed the squares together they made great wipes. Having never sewed I went ahead and did it. It was super easy and they did work, but not as well as I liked. I had my eye on some cloth wipes that were part flannel and part terry cloth but I didn't want to splurge. Lucky me, Super Green Label started making those types of wipes and they were much more affordable than the ones I had been looking at. Everywhere else I was finding them for about $2 a wipe which seemed so unreasonable to me, but SGL had them for just $1 a piece! That was more reasonable and I was able to swing some. BEST. IDEA. EVER. I have never regretted my purchases from SGL, and the wipes were no exception! One side is flannel and the other terry. They work as wash cloths and baby wipes and we use them as both. They are very absorbent and where I was going through 3-5 wipes a change with the baby wash cloths and homemade wipes, I was using 1-2 for even the messiest diapers! Plus they are way cute!

These are my actual Super Green Label wipes! Very well constructed, cute, and affordable! They work great and are my absolute favorite wipes!
I have also come across GroVia wipes. I found them at Mama's Emporium. I heard they were good so I got some to try. These wipes are Organic Cotton Terry Cloth Wipes and let me tell you, they are soft! I especially love them for pee diapers but they are very absorbent! I thought they would be about the same as the infant wash cloths but I was very pleasantly surprised. So now I reach for SGL wipes first, Grovia wipes second, and the homemade/baby wash cloths last.

I Recommend

Super Green Label 2 sided wipes found here.
GroVia Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes found here.

Bottom Line

Bottom line is you have to play around and see what is right for you but I highly suggest Super Green Label  and Mama's Emporium for wipes. Try a few different wipes and solutions and see what works for you! I recommend storing wipes dry and wetting them with solution right before you use them, and I suggest Crow Mountain Craft's Booty Bits for the solution.