Monday, December 10, 2012

So "What Do You Do With All The Poo?"

One of the first questions people inquiring about cloth diapering ask me is, what do you do with all the poo? A lot of people give the reasons of not wanting poop in their washer or not wanting to have to touch the poop as main reasons they do not cloth diaper. It's an interesting question, but like so much that has to do with CDing, it has many answers and the answer will depend on you and what works best for your family!

Did you know: You are supposed to dump poop in the toilet from disposable diapers too?

I didn't know this until I started cloth diapering. I didn't believe it was true, so I went out and looked at the back of a disposable diaper package. Sure enough, it says clear as day that you should dump poop and/or rinse the diapers in the toilet before throwing them away!! How many of us REALLY do that? I know I didn't when I used disposable diapers with my oldest! But it does make sense! Think about it, all that poop is just sitting in landfills, polluting the air and land. And what happens if a garbage barge sinks in the ocean with tons and tons of trash on it, then what happens to the poop in all those diapers? I shudder to think of it! So now that I know better, I do better, and I dump poop from disposables into the toilet when we use them. I still much prefer using cloth tho!

Different Ways to Get Rid of the Poo

Like I said there are a few ways to get rid of the poo. The goal is to get it in the toilet without making a huge mess and getting it all over yourself obviously. It's super easy and there are multiple effective ways but one might be easier for you, so maybe try them all!

Dunk and Swish

The dunk and swish is what our grandma's most likely did. This is what I did during the newborn stage. It's fairly simple, hold the diaper by one end and dunk it repeatedly in the toilet water. Flush, and while it's flushing hold the diaper in the running water from the side of the toilet, and continue to dunk until satisfied. Then put it in your wet bag, pail, etc, and you're done! While this is effective for some poop and not other, it is generally great in a pinch or a bind, or when you are just getting started before you invest in anything else!

Spray or Peri Bottle

A lot of people use those little peri bottles that the hospital sends home with you or a spray or squeeze bottle of their own (recycle an old ketchup bottle or something!) filled with either warm water or wipe solution. You then hold the diaper by one end into the toilet and use the bottle to spray water directly on the poop, pushing it off into the toilet, flush and done!


Diaper Sprayers are a very popular option these days. They can be a little pricey, or you can make your own using simple and cheap items found at your local hardware store and YouTube tutorials. I'll be honest, you don't need one. They can be convenient, yes, but I bought one in a co-op and never used it. It hasn't even been hooked up. You just really don't need them and if money is tight, you can totally skip! But while they can be convenient they can also be messy. It is my understanding that a lot of people need to adjust the water pressure to a lower setting because with the recommended setting you get "spray back" meaning poopy water sprays all over you and the bathroom. But once you get that figured out it usually isn't a problem. It's usually just a matter of figuring out the right pressure, and angle to spray at. Sprayers hook into where the toilet water comes from in the wall. So it is using the clean water that would be fed into the bowl.

Detachable Shower Head

Now, for stubborn poops, I use my shower head, and my husband tends to use it for all poops. It has the convenience of a sprayer with the ease of it already being hooked up! Like most bathrooms, my toilet is right next to my bath tub. So all I do is grab the detachable shower head, turn it on low, and spray the diaper off into the toilet. The shower head never touches the diaper or poop and I have never had a problem with spray back. It's already there so it doesn't cost any extra, so if you are wanting the ease and convenience of a sprayer, this may be a great solution. It's also awesome if you don't want to mess with the plumbing and you don't want to worry about asking your landlord if it's ok to use a sprayer.


Some people like to keep a separate spatula that does not get used in the kitchen (I've also heard of people using bottle brushes) in the bathroom to scrape the poop off the diaper and into the toilet. This is completely feasible, cheap, and an easy way to quickly get everything off into the toilet without having to dunk and swish, dunk and swish, and without risking spray back from sprayers. I have never tried this method but I have heard it is very successful as long as you keep the brush or spatula clean. I am a very busy mom, I have two jobs, two kids, a dog, a husband, and a house to take care of and I don't like the idea of another thing to clean but that is just me. I've heard it's very little and very easy upkeep, I just don't want to bother when I already have a system that works fine and was free.

But what do I do when I'm out?

This is a very good question, and I honestly need to do a blog just about cloth diapering when away from the house and all the challenges that come with it! When I'm out and about I always just throw the diaper into my wet bag and save it for when I get home. Some people do this at home as well and only spray right before going in the wash, but I prefer to spray as they happen so they aren't stinking up the wet bag anymore than usual. So you could dunk and swish, or carry a spatula in a big zip lock bag, or you could bring a peri bottle full of wipe solution or water with you. It's really up to you. Like I said, you could also just toss it all in the wet bag and rinse when you get home!

I Don't Want Poop in My Washer!

I honestly don't understand this sentiment, especially with parents of newborns or very young babies. Has your child ever leaked out of a diaper or had an explosive episode? What did you do with the sheets from the bed? Chances are you took those crib sheets and tossed them in the washer, while gagging, choking, and reminding yourself how much you love your kids! And what about when your child is sick and spits up? Straight in the washer, right? The clothes that they wear when poop leaks out your diaper? Yep, straight in the washer. So poop and pee has already been in your washer. Your washer gets clean, and gets rid of the poop and pee, that's what it was made to do! So how is a load of diapers every few days any different than a load of nasty icky sheets and clothes? The only difference is you don't have a screaming baby to bathe while everything is in the wash!

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is, try them all, see what works for you. I started off with the dunk and swish, moved to a peri bottle, and now use the shower head as a sprayer sometimes. I'm very happy in the routine we have developed, and once you find the right routine you will be too! I hope this has answered questions about the process of getting the poop off of the diapers. Remember, you could just throw the diapers in without rinsing them and do a couple rinses in cold before you wash, but I don't recommend that. You can also just use flushable liners and pull them out and dump them in the toilet.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Off Topic: GREAT Melissa and Doug Toy Sale!

If you don't know about Melissa and Doug toys, let me tell you, they are quality, well made, entertaining toys. I have many M&D toys I bought when my firstborn was born that still look almost new today, and have continued to entertain him and are being passed on to my youngest. They are very engaging and there are always multiple ways to play and learn with each toy and they are so full of quality and value.
That being said, and while they are very much worth their full price, who doesn't love a sale, especailly in this economy and especailly right before Christmas? I know I have a lot of children to buy for and I do love a good deal! Well here it is:
Now through Monday use the coupon code COOKIESWAP to get 45% off all In Stock Melissa and Doug toys at Mama's Emporium! I would start buying now before they're all gone, because it is while supplies last! That is such a great deal and in perfect time for the holidays! Mama's Emporium has great customer service and a wide selection of items. Anyone with kids or are buying gifts for kids should use this deal, Melissa and Doug toys are such high quality! Happy Shopping!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Eco-Bottom Liners by EcoSprout: A Review

I've always said I wouldn't use liners. It seemed like an added step that would take more work. It also seemed like it would be easier to just use disposables if I needed rash cream that wasn't compatible with cloth or something. And then I used too much of a diaper rash cream that is CD safe. I'll admit in my zeal to heal my poor baby's bum after a rash from a disposable, I slathered the stuff on. It smelt good and it seemed to be helping but a little goes a long way and I probably hurt his bum more than I helped it. So I stripped my diapers and decided to try these liners.

What are liners?

You can read more about liners in my old post about rash creams and liners here. There are reusable, washable liners but I feel that kind of defeats the purpose. I do have some and use them occasionally but they repel and you have to wash them separately from your diaper laundry, making extra work. There are also disposable liners like these ones. You could also use them for the babysitter or dad who don't want to spray diapers. It's great if you're pregnant and you don't want to spray dirty diapers or rinse them by hand.

Why Did I Choose Eco-Bottom?

I chose these because they are made by EcoSprout. I trust EcoSprout. I use their detergent on my son's diapers and our clothes and I know that they would never put anything in their products that will hurt my baby. And they are a great value! You get 100 sheets in a roll! I liked that they were made of bamboo and I liked that they are flushable. I can dump them in the trash or toilet. They are biodegradble, non-toxic, fragrance free, dye free, chlorine free, flushable, and breathable. Now that I've used them I love them and would buy them again and again.

What Do You Use Them For?

Liners can be used for all sorts of things. Some people use them so they can use non cloth diaper safe creams and lotions down there without causing repelling. Some people use them when they think baby is going to poop or every change to protect the resale value of their diapers. It keeps diapers from being stained and keeps them in excellent condition.

Where Can You Buy Them?

You can buy them here at Mama's Emporium. They are very affordable and the roll lasts a long time!

Final Verdict?

I love them! I plan to use them often in the future. I also plan to keep them on hand for when the grandparents watch the boys. I would recommend them to anyone. I think they are great and they don't do anything to my baby's sensitive skin.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Over at Super Green Label the owner Dianna is giving away a FREE wet bag! All you have to do is like this facebook page!/SuperGreenLabel and comment on the giveaway status! I have one of her wetbags and LOVE it! Plus if you don't cloth diaper you can use it at the beach, pool, in the diaper bag for soiled clothes, or whatever! Just toss it in the wash and it's all clean! Super easy! They are waterproof and keep all the stink in! It would also make a great gift! Don't forget, Christmas is right around the corner!

Friday, November 16, 2012

OsoCozy AIO: A review!

I'll be honest, I was hesitant to start using AIOs. I've heard they are super absorbent and very convenient, but take FOREVER to dry and let's face it, if you are in this for saving money, as most are, and, infact, I am, the price can be very hard to swallow! When I found the OsoCozy diaper brand I fell in love with their products. Each time I have been skeptical because they are budget priced and I've heard time and time again you get what you pay for, but it's not true with this line! So far I haven't truly disliked anything I have tried from them! Their fitteds are our overnight solutions and I just adore the stay dry better fit prefolds! So I finally bit the bullet and tried the OsoCozy AIO!


The Pros
I really liked how absorbent these are. No, you can't leave them on for hours on end, but they are great for outings when you don't want to change them as much, and they are great for nap times. They really hold a lot of liquid.
These diapers are also really easy. They close with a hook and loop closure just like a disposable diaper and there is no stuffing, snapping, folding, fastening, or anything else involved! They are perfect for daycare, beginners, middle of the night changes, and daddies! My husband loves that he doesn't have to stuff them like our pockets or fold and secure them like our prefolds. Instead he just puts it on exactly like you would a disposable diaper! Easy peasy!
The Cons
Honestly the only con I could find is that they take a long time to dry. There really is no avoiding that since they are so absorbent, so of course they not only soak up pee, but water from the washer. These puppies went through once with the rest of the diaper laundry and THREE more times by themselves, that's right, by themselves! For a total of FOUR runs through the dryer! Do I have time to wait and not wash clothes because the dryer is taken by one diaper? No. I'm a working mom with two jobs, a blog, two wonderful boys, a husband, a dog, and a house that all need my attention! I do not have time to let diapers dry for hours, I generally have at least a load of regular laundry and a load of diaper laundry each day, sometimes two or more loads of laundry and one of diaper laundry! I just don't have the time or dryer space.
Bottom Line
These are great for daycare, babysitters, when mama is sick, or nap times. Would I use them all day every day? No. Am I totally in love with this diaper? Eh. I'd rather just use OsoCozy fitteds. They are a little cheaper, really absorbent, and don't take nearly as long to dry! If one took me so long to dry, how long would a huge load of nothing but AIOs take me to dry? Do I hate them? No. Will I never use them again? No. I will keep them on hand for sure, and probably use at least a couple times a week for naps and such but I do not foresee myself reaching for them first. I do plan on buying more OsoCozy fitteds to add to my stash over time and I may buy a couple more AIOs and just keep them aside for when my husband feels sick or I'm sick or whatever. (My husband works nights so he is the one who watches the boys while I'm at said two jobs, bless his soul.)
Would I recommend them?
Yes, yes, and YES! If you already like AIOs, I would recommend them. If you want to try an AIO, I would recommend them. Honestly, they are great diapers, they just aren't right for our entire stash!
Where can you buy them?
You can find OsoCozy AIOs and other OsoCozy products at Mama's Emporium!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Post All About Wipe Solution!

So have you decided to cloth diaper yet? Have you decided to cloth wipe? The reasons to use cloth wipes are much the same as the reasons to use cloth diapers, saving money, convenience of not having to do both, saving the environment, they're cute, and sensitive skin. This may sound like a review from my cloth wipes post but bear with me! Or skip to the recipes, either way is fine with me! 
If you've decided to use cloth wipes, you may be wondering...
You may be wondering what solution to use for your cloth wipes! So I figured I'd post some recipes and recommendations! Enjoy and please leave comments with what you use, have tried that didn't work, have tried that did work, what you want to try, etc.
Water, water, water
A lot of people who cloth diaper and use cloth wipes use...ready for the big magical solution? WATER! That's right, plain old water. Some people use warm water from the tap. Some put filtered water or bottled water into a peri bottle. Some people boil water then cool it and use that. Whatever. The point is you can just wet your cloth wipes or baby's butt and wipe. Do I do it? No. I prefer a bit of soap of some sort in my solution.
Booty Bits
Soap bits, booty bits, and wipe boots are all names for these cool little cubes of premade wipe solution in a glycerin base that you dissolve into warm water, making solution! They are great because it's premade, you don't have to collect supplies, measure, and make the solution, all you have to do is drop a cube into some hot water and stir! This is what I use almost exclusively. 
Recipes for clean tushes!
Most cloth wipe solutions have a few things in common. Of course they all have water in them. They also usually have some sort of soap and some sort of oil. Some may even have essential oils in it as well. The essential oils are usually for the smell but some have antibacterial/germ fighting properties. The soap is obviously to clean, and the oil is to help keep the baby soft and moisturized. It also helps to "carry" the solution, meaning give it a smoother delivery. Here are some recipes I have found online that sound like they would work well. I have no experiences with these so you will have to try them for yourself!
The great part about all of this is you can experiment and find something that works great for you! You can design your own, adjust amounts of ingredients, use different essential oils, play with combinations, use scented baby oil or different scents of
soap and/or shampoo, different teas, etc. Try a few and play around, see what you come up with and leave a comment telling me about it! You might try adding aloe, witch hazel, or other soothing ingredients. Tea Tree oil and vinegar are both renowned for their antibacterial properties but vinegar should not be used if baby has a rash or is raw, because it will burn and cause discomfort. I honestly don't feel comfortable using vinegar on my baby's bum so I have tried not to include any of the recipes I found online that have vinegar in the ingredients, but vinegar can be a powerful ally in defeating and preventing thrush/yeast so it may be worth adding just a tiny bit to your solution occasionally. 
The Most Basic Solution
 1/4 cup baby oil
1/4 cup baby wash (any kind!)
1 cup warm water
A Soothing Solution 
1 chamomile tea bag
1 Tsp honey
1 cup water
Boil the water, brew the tea in it, add honey, use as solution. Should sooth a raw read bottom.
Soothing Lavender 
1 chamomile tea bag
1 Tsp oil
1 Tsp baby bath or shampoo
1 drop lavender oil
1 cup hot water
Brew tea bag in boiling water, add ingredients. If it were me I would put in a couple more drops of lavender but it can be adjusted depending on how strongly you want it to smell.
Lavender Tea Tree Solution 
 1/4 cup olive oil
2 Tbs baby shampoo
8 drops tea tree oil
16  drops lavender oil
3 cups water
Don't forget you can adjust how much of each essential oil you put in depending on how strong you want them. For instance if you aren't fond of tea tree oil try cutting that in half. If you want it not to smell as much, cut both in half, etc. Play with it and find what you like best!
Dry Skin Solution
1 Tbs Baby Oil (try scented baby oil!)
1 Tbs baby soap of your choosing
1 Tbs baby lotion
1 cup water
Good luck! Let me know what you find that works!

Monday, November 5, 2012

A Post All About Covers

It recently came to my attention that, while I've posted all about all sorts of diapers that aren't waterproof and require covers, I haven't actually posted about covers. I get A LOT of questions about what covers I would recommend, which are the cheapest, the sturdiest, etc, so I figured I'd do a post.
What are Covers?
Covers are water proof covers you put over diapers that are not waterproof such as fitteds, prefolds, and flats. Covers are not absorbent whatsoever, they just act as a waterproof barrier between the diaper that absorbs and the rest of the world! The diaper (absorbent part) goes against baby and the cover goes on after the diaper. Some diapers such as pocket diapers and AIOs don't need covers as they have the waterproof layer built right in already. Covers do not need to be fastened with fasteners such as a snappi or boingo, they usually fasten with snaps or velcro/hook and loop/aplix. They can come in sizes or one sized. They are usually made with PUL.
I Recommend
Super Green Label Covers found here
Rumparooz Covers found here
Econobum Covers found exclusively at
Covers May Be Right For You:
If you are planning on using a diaper that is not water proof such as fitteds, prefolds, or flats.
Bottom Line
You need covers if you are going to be using any sort of diaper that is not water proof such as flats and prefolds. You do not need a fastener for a cover but you may need one for your flats/prefolds, although you shouldn't need one for fitteds.

GroVia Diapers: A Review!

I started out cloth diapering with simple prefolds, one snappi, and econobum covers. Since the beginning of my cloth diapering journey I have constantly been trying new things out. I know when I first started I had no clue what to get or where to start, what was good, etc. I will say what is good for one person is not what is good for everyone, you have to find your own groove and what works for you. The same goes for different babies. What works for one of your children may or may not work for the next, so I am a firm believer in experimenting and trying a little of everything, then when you have your next baby (if you have another baby) you will already have one or two of everything you tried before to try on them. For instance I didn't think that what worked for others may not work well for us. I got a BUNCH of sunbaby diapers (china cheapy) They worked alright, but as I tried more (Alva, JCTrade, OsoCozy, etc) I realized that while they worked OK, they were not what was best for my son. So I sold all except a few that I keep on hand for laundry day and my future children, then I invested in other things that work better for him.

GroVia is a cloth diapering company that makes a wide range of products. I love their wipes and the mighty bubbles laundry aid for stripping so I thought, why not try their diapes? I recently got a GroVia diaper and snap in insert (AI2) from Mama's Emporium. When I first tried it out, I will admit, I HATED it. It has a mesh inner and is water proof, then there are snaps you snap the insert into. The insert is kind of small and funny shaped, and because I have a boy who is a heavy wetter, I wasn't loving it! I tried it a few more times and hated it more and more with each turn! Then I won a GroVia Organic Cotton Booster from a Mama's Emporium raffle. I thought "Great, something for the stupid Grovia that doesn't work!" My husband urged me to prep them and try just in case, since I got it for free from the raffle, it might make me love my GroVia or it may make no difference and then there was no harm done! Well I tried it and LOVED it! My son had a massive poopy right after I put it on him and the booster contained the poop and he wasn't soaked like previous times! There wasn't even a slight leak. I was over the moon! I tried it another time and, like I've mentioned before, he is a heavy wetter, we still had no problems. We won a two pack and have only used the one.
Final Verdict/Bottom Line?
Final verdict is I love GroVia, but only with the organic cotton booster. I have heard they work better for girls but I have no complaints once I used the booster. You can buy them online at Mama's Emporium. Try them with the Organic Cotton Booster or not, but if they don't work for you alone, try them with, it may just work better than you thought it would! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

GroVia Mighty Bubbles: A Review!

So I have been trying different things for a while, and I honestly have been meaning to review a bunch of the things I have tried but I've got so caught up with trying awesome stuff, work, family, and much more, that I haven't gotten a chance. I wanted to review BacOut next but I recently tried these and love them so much I just HAVE to gush about them!
I'll start off by saying we have hard water so we strip frequently anyway, usually about twice a month. We have also been struggling with ammonia lately so we have been stripping more often. The methods of stripping vary, as discussed in a previous post of mine. I have used a few different methods to strip and for the longest time my go to was RLR. RLR powder is $1.74 a packet making it affordable, but a little pricey if you are doing it often. You use one packet per strip unless you have an HE washer, then you only use half a packet. However, at Mama's Emporium you can buy GroVia Mighty Bubbles for $8 for a pack of 10 packs or $14 for 20. That makes them $.80 a pack for 10 or $.70 a pack for 20. This is a super great deal because one pack does it all. It is HE safe, neutral, has no alcohol or ethers, no ammonia, and is phosphate free. Unlike RLR, the ingredients aren't top secret, they are printed right there on the back of the package. All you have to do is pop it in your washer with your diapers, wash on hot with no detergent, and do an extra rinse. No other detergent is needed, although I prefer to wash my diapers with detergent before I do it.
If you are using an enzyme free detergent like most cloth diaper safe detergents, Rockin Green and EcoSprout (my favorite!) come to mind, you will need to use them regularly, because of the enzymes, and it's a good idea to use them every 6-8 weeks anyway just to make sure your diapers are at their freshest and most absorbent.



Here I took a picture of it next to the bag and the cup holder of the high chair to show it's size.

Where can I buy GroVia Mighty Bubbles?

You can buy GroVia Mighty Bubbles at Mama's Emporium A delightful store in Aurora, CO ran by a fellow mom who is dedicated to bringing you the best products at the best price. She even has an online store that I frequent! She offers layaway, wish lists (with 10% back on all completed wish lists!), and registries.

Bottom Line

Love them! They are more affordable than RLR and strip better. So far it's really helped with our ammonia issues, as well as our hard water build up. I plan on using them occasionally to keep my diapers at their freshest and most absorbent. They can be purchased at Mama's Emporium online or in Aurora, CO. I give it a 5/5 for functionality, affordability, and ease of use.

This review has been done in partnership with Mama's Emporium. If you are interested in helping me bring a review or giveaway to my blog, please email me at!  

Something You Should Know: Stripping

Something you should know about with cloth diapers, you may need to strip. Stripping is a process to get rid of buildup caused by hard water, detergent buildup, using non safe rash creams, ammonia, stink issues, and just to make sure your diapers are at their freshest and most absorbent.
Why Strip?
Stripping can solve multiple problems. One such problem is repelling, when your diaper is having leaks because the fabric is not at it's most absorbent. This is usually caused by hard water mineral buildup or detergent buildup from using too much detergent and/or not rinsing enough. Another reason to strip is if you are having stink issues. Stink issues can be caused by not using enough detergent, detergent buildup, hard water buildup, ammonia, and other causes. Usually if your diapers smell like a barn, you aren't using enough detergent and you should play with how much you use. If they smell like pee or burn your eyes and nose after they are dirty, then it's ammonia buildup. Another culprit of stink is not using the right detergent. Some people have problems with some detergents that others find amazing. You have to find the right detergent for your diapers, water, and washing machine. Also, make sure you aren't using dryer sheets or fabric softener, as well as detergents that contain dyes or optical brighteners. It may also help to switch from a liquid detergent to a powder detergent. Liquid detergent has been known to cause buildup.
So you think you have to strip, now what?
Now you decide what kind of strip you want to do! There are multiple ways to strip your diapers and each has their benefits. I suggest you play with it and decide what way is best for you. I also think stripping can fix the symptoms, but you have to also find the cause of the problem and cure the disease so to speak. If you find yourself stripping often, you should tinker with your wash routine and try to adjust it so you can find the perfect routine and products for you! You may simply need to switch to a new detergent, you may also need to adjust how much detergent you are using, or you may need to add an extra rinse or adjust the temperatures of your washes. Whatever it is finding it is key and may take some Patience, trial, and error. Eventually though you will get it and you will be one happy cloth diaperer! I however live in an area that has VERY hard water and because I'm renting I'm not allowed to have a water softener. Plus on top of that our pipes are very old and my washer isn't the greatest. So I have settled for stripping every couple of weeks, especially now that we are fighting ammonia. One day I'll get a better machine and live somewhere with a water softener and all will be well, but stripping isn't hard to do so for now it's a good system we have worked out.
Different ways to strip
1. RLR - RLR is my go to stripping method. It's ingredients list is super secret so we don't know exactly what is in it but we know it is safe for cloth diapers and we know there is washing soda. I have heard people swear by adding washing soda to their wash and it stripping just like RLR but I have also heard of people's diapers being ruined because plain washing soda makes them rough and nothing gets the diapers soft after that has happened. So if you want to try that use caution and do so at your own risk, I won't risk it. Anyway back to RLR. It's very simple to use, you just put your clean diapers, weather dry or wet, into the washer with a packet of it (half a packet if you are using a HE washer) and wash on hot with a couple extra rinses and then voila, you're done! You should notice a difference right away.
2. GroVia Mighty Bubbles - GroVia Mighty Bubbles comes to us from the makers of GroVia diapers. It's a newer laundry treatment and is super convenient. It comes in a little packet that you just toss into the wash, kind of like a tide pod.The ingredients are Sodium Carbonate (washing soda), Sodium percarbonate, Sodium Polyitaconate, surfactants, Enzymes, Oxygen bleach activator, and Sodia sillicate. To use you place in the washer with diapers (clean or dirty, doesn't matter, but I always put them in clean), No other detergent is needed. You wash on hot and do a hot rinse and voila, you should notice the difference as soon as they are dry.
3. Bleach - Bleach is controversial. Some people say don't use bleach because it can damage your diapers. Some diaper companies recommend you use bleach. I personally use bleach on all my diapers that I buy used or am given, and occasionally to do a really deep strip. You KNOW they are clean and nothing is going to be wrong with them once you strip with bleach. It's kind of like starting over! I use 1/4 cup of bleach. How I do it without bleaching the color from my diapers is I fill my washer up [maximum water level] with hot water and 1/4 cup of bleach. It will bubble a little. Then I let the washer run a minute or two so the agitator mixes the bleach in, then put my diapers, inserts, wipes, etc in. The general consensus is this should be done no more than once a month. I recommend doing this to all your diapers after thrush, yeast, sickness, or if you get used diapers.
4. Blue Dawn - Blue dawn! This should be used with caution. I have heard you can also use Dapple Baby Bottle and Dish Liquid sold here. The Key to stripping with dish soap is to only use a little as it's very hard to rinse out. Some people just put a few drops in a bath tub and soak overnight then do a bunch of rinses until there are NO bubbles. Or you can do the same thing in your washer. Fill your washer with hot water and about 5 drops of the soap. Then put the diapers in and wash on hot, and keep rinsing until it's all out and there are no bubbles. I've heard this is better for oil buildup, not mineral buildup, such as if you use the wrong diaper rash cream with your cloth diapers. I have never used it, so I can only tell you what I've heard, such as it is very difficult to get them completely rinsed when using this method.
Bottom Line
The bottom line is, if you need to strip, I suggest RLR or GroVia Mighty Bubbles which are sold here. We are battling Amonia and the only thing that has worked is the bleach strip and the Grovia Mighty Bubbles, not RLR.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

All About Accessories: Cloth Wipes

Well the time has come for us to discuss cloth wipes! Cloth wipes are very versatile, they can be used with cloth diapers or disposable diapers. They can be used as wash cloths, cleaning rags, whatever. I have tried many many types of wipes since we started using cloth wipes.

Why Cloth Wipes?

I use cloth wipes because when my son was only a few weeks old we ran out of the sensitive wipes the hospital sent us home with. I had bought the same wipes I've used since birth for my oldest son, Huggies cucumber scented  ones. Love them for my son, they smell great and do the job well, but my little baby got a horrible rash! I switched back to sensitive and all was well. We were cloth diapering and I was having to put the wipes in a separate bag and take them outside no matter what time of day or night, no matter what weather, because it was that or stick them in the kitchen trash can! (no thanks!) So I switched to cloth wipes for two reasons. 1. Because it was better for my son's skin. This is the big one. I had to find something that would keep my son clean and not hurt his skin. Could I have bought sensitive wipes? Yes I could've. That brings us to my second reason. 2. It was easier. Seriously, it was way more convenient than buying regular disposable sensitive wipes. I would much rather wipe with a cloth wipe, toss it in the diaper and spray it off with the diaper then put it in the wet bag with the diaper and wash it with the diaper than separate the stuff into disposable and reusable, bag up the disposable wipes, spray the diaper and put it in the wet bag, then go back and put the bag of dirty wipes in the outside trash. No thanks, too much work, too many steps! I like to keep things simple. I also have one other big reason. 3. It saves money. Sure it cost me money to buy the wipes but you know what? Totally worth it! I was spending $22 a month on wipes. I now don't buy wipes, if I do it's the occasional $2 package. That's $22 more a month in my pocket. Sure it doesn't seem like too much but when you are struggling, it's a lot! That is $11 more towards Christmas presents, towards groceries, towards clothes and shoes for your children, towards eating lunch out or whatever you want it to go towards! That is your money, why are you wiping poop with it and throwing it away?

How's it work?

Well it can work any way you want it to! Like most things cloth diaper related it's all about what works for you and your family! It's all about experimenting and finding what works best for you. A lot of people keep pre moistened cloth wipes in a wipe warmer. Some keep premoistened cloth wipes in an old plastic disposable wipe container or a huge zip lock bag. Some people keep them dry and just get them wet with water. Some premake solution from scratch and keep it in a spray bottle or peri bottle and squeeze it on the bum or wipe then use the wipe. Some people use booty bits, soapy bits of wipe solution you dissolve in water and moisten the wipes that way, either ahead of time or when it comes time to clean the mess!

What Solution to use?

It is all about what you prefer! There are tons of different recipes for homemade solution. It seems they mostly contain a little bit of soap, a little bit of oil (olive, baby, coconut, etc) warm water, and/or essential oils (tea tree, peppermint, lavender, etc) Some people just use plain water, and others yet use booty bits. I can't speak to the other two because I've never experimented with either way of doing things, but I use booty bits. Booty Bits can be called soap bits, wipe bits, etc. Basically they are tiny tiny cubes of soap that you dissolve in warm water. I prefer Crow Mountain Craft's booty bits and it has worked so well it's all I use. A little goes a long way. Suggested use is to dissolve 2 cubes into 2 cups of hot water or 1 cube into 1 cup water. I have cut the cubes in half before (but I don't anymore because it's very time consuming and difficult as they are already small to begin with!) and dissolved 1/2 a cube in 1 cup water and it's worked just fine! I love them because the smells are better than anything I'd ever be able to get when making my own, a little goes a long way, and honestly it's easier. See I'm not a stay at home mom, I work. I also have two kids, a dog, a husband, and a house to care for. I teach my son's preschool co-op once a month and have other various church, social, family, and friend responsibilities, plus I have to sleep sometime! So I go for what is easy and works. These booty bits are easy and work! My favorites are Pink Sugar and Leather and Lace. I keep mine in a peri bottle or other squeeze bottle and squeeze some onto the wipe then wipe the tuchas. Super easy!

What wipes to use?

Cloth wipes can be a little overwhelming. Do you want terry, flannel, bamboo, micro fleece, what? I simply started with baby washcloths. You know those small thin ones you can get cheap at walmart? Those are the ones! I bought two packs of 5 for $.98 a piece. I thought it was brilliant and while they did work they didn't absorb the solution like I felt they should. But they will do in a bind and I haven't gotten rid of all of them now that I've moved on to bigger and better things. Next I tried sewing squares of flannel together. I had heard that if you cut up receiving blankets and sewed the squares together they made great wipes. Having never sewed I went ahead and did it. It was super easy and they did work, but not as well as I liked. I had my eye on some cloth wipes that were part flannel and part terry cloth but I didn't want to splurge. Lucky me, Super Green Label started making those types of wipes and they were much more affordable than the ones I had been looking at. Everywhere else I was finding them for about $2 a wipe which seemed so unreasonable to me, but SGL had them for just $1 a piece! That was more reasonable and I was able to swing some. BEST. IDEA. EVER. I have never regretted my purchases from SGL, and the wipes were no exception! One side is flannel and the other terry. They work as wash cloths and baby wipes and we use them as both. They are very absorbent and where I was going through 3-5 wipes a change with the baby wash cloths and homemade wipes, I was using 1-2 for even the messiest diapers! Plus they are way cute!

These are my actual Super Green Label wipes! Very well constructed, cute, and affordable! They work great and are my absolute favorite wipes!
I have also come across GroVia wipes. I found them at Mama's Emporium. I heard they were good so I got some to try. These wipes are Organic Cotton Terry Cloth Wipes and let me tell you, they are soft! I especially love them for pee diapers but they are very absorbent! I thought they would be about the same as the infant wash cloths but I was very pleasantly surprised. So now I reach for SGL wipes first, Grovia wipes second, and the homemade/baby wash cloths last.

I Recommend

Super Green Label 2 sided wipes found here.
GroVia Organic Cotton Cloth Wipes found here.

Bottom Line

Bottom line is you have to play around and see what is right for you but I highly suggest Super Green Label  and Mama's Emporium for wipes. Try a few different wipes and solutions and see what works for you! I recommend storing wipes dry and wetting them with solution right before you use them, and I suggest Crow Mountain Craft's Booty Bits for the solution.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

OsoCozy Fitted Diapers: A Review!

I don't know about you, but one of my favorite things to read on a blog is a review! I love hearing how real people, especially real moms, like or dislike products. I love when they are able to share their experiences and I think those kinds of posts more than anything help me make decisions on what I would or would not like to try. One problem I run into though is that some bloggers get all excited about being offered something to test and they give it a positive review, or spin the review in such a positive way, even if they really don't like whatever it is or won't use it ever again after the trial period. Not all bloggers are like this, some won't even review something if they don't like it, as mama always said, if you don't have something nice...but there are some awesome bloggers who will be honest with you about a product or service's flaws, it's cons as well as it's pros! This is the kind of blogger I want to be, and plan to be. If you would like to partner with me for a review please email me at or get a hold of me through my blog.
This blog is brought to you by the letter M...Just kidding, it's done with the cooperation and support of Mama's Emporium!
Mama's Emporium is a delightful store run by an awesome mama. The owner, Amanda has a brick and mortar store in Aurora, CO, but she also has an online store which I frequent all the time! I love her site because she uses customer input to decide what she will and will not carry, and she uses almost everything she carries so she stands behind her products 100%. I also love that you earn rewards points for each purchase, which can really add up! I have used my points to get a FREE baltic amber teething necklace and am currently saving up for a shark teething toy/baby toothbrush! Or maybe just a gift certificate! Mama's Emporium also has AWESOME customer service and is very knowledgeable about cloth diapering and parenting in general. She doesn't just carry cloth diapers and accessories either! She also carries teething remedies, toys, books, essential oils, cloth diaper detergents, lotions, CD safe diaper rash creams, natural cleaning products, baby wraps and carriers, and so much more! PLUS she does registries and layaway! I have never had a negative experience with her, and I swear I'm not just saying that because she's sponsoring this review. I would tell you if I'd had a bad experience because this blog is all about learning and growing in my cloth diaper journey and helping others to learn and have a positive experience in theirs!
So...on to the good stuff, the diapers!
I was originally looking into fitteds because we are still searching for a good nighttime solution. The problem is fitteds are generally more expensive. I started cloth diapering because, well, we needed to save the money! So I am very budget minded when it comes to cloth diapering. I prefer prefolds and covers just because it's cheaper. I prefer china cheapies, again, because they are cheaper. But neither of those have been working for nighttime, no matter what I stuff pockets with or how well I use the prefolds. When I got the chance to do a review, I of course jumped on it!
OsoCozy is supposed to be a more budget minded brand of cloth diapers. They are less expensive than other brands for sure. I've always assumed you kind of get what you pay for with fitteds. I've heard of a lot of mamas having problems with cheaper fitteds and I will be honest, I was skeptical that these were going to work. We put it on my son one night with a simple Econobum cover. Cheap but works. I'll say this, my son is a heavy wetter and he's also a tummy sleeper which makes finding a good diaper to last the night even more difficult. Even disposables don't work very well overnight and it seems no matter what we put on him he ends up waking up to wet sheets. We literally have been waking him up twice a night to change him. So back to the night we tried them. Well when he woke up the next morning he was happy and his sheets were dry! He seemed like he was in a much better mood and I was happy because I didn't have to change his sheet, and I didn't have to wake him up twice to change his diaper! The fitted and cover held it all in and were easy to take off! I thought maybe I was just lucky, so I washed a load of diaper laundry and tried again. Same results! I've now tried it four different nights with three different covers and I can say for sure that OsoCozy fitted diapers are awesome!
I already loved OsoCozy better fit prefolds, but now I am very happy to say I think OsoCozy is a great brand. It's the best of both worlds because they obviously make quality diapers that work well but they also will not break the bank! I honestly think we have found our night time solution! I seriously cannot think of anything I didn't like about the diaper's use. I will say the laundry tabs don't keep the velcro hooked and the velcro ends up sticking to things in the laundry, but it is such a minor annoyance in a big long list of pros, it won't keep me from buying more at all!


You can buy OsoCozy fitteds or add them to your registry at Mama's Emporium
Don't forget, if you'd like to partner with me for a review and/or giveaway, let me know!

UPDATE: OsoCozy will no longer be making velcro closure for their fitted diapers. This is really saddening to me because I love that feature, it makes it easy to take off and put on. Mama's Emporium still has some velcro, I would get in on that while you could.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

All About Accessories - Rash Creams and Liners!

By now in your CD journey, you've probably read or heard that most traditional rash creams that you use with disposables like Desitin and Butt Paste don't work with CD. Or you may not. If you haven't, here it is: Traditional rash creams are NOT safe to use with cloth diapers. Why? From what I understand it's the zinc which is a big main ingredient in most that harms the diapers. Those creams can cause diapers to repel. Repelling means instead of absorbing liquid (aka Pee) like they should, the diapers will begin to repel. You have a few options on what to do if your baby gets a rash while cloth diapering or if you just want to prevent a rash. I'll explore a few of the more common options in this post.
One option to consider is using the traditional creams and use a liner for your diapers. A liner is a barrier that protects your cloth diaper. You can use disposable liners which you can just throw away after using, a fleece, flannel, or other fabric liner that you can make or buy, a paper towel, baby wash cloth, or even cut up a shirt or something. I have never done that because I've found CD safe rash creams that work well so that I've never felt the need to try liners.
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is supposed to work on getting rid of rashes and be great for preventing them. They make solid pressed coconut oil so you just swipe some and put it on babies bum. I, again, have never tried it because I've found other creams that work well but I've heard it works great. You can get it at walmart or at Mama's Emporium! (Remember you get reward points from Mama's Emporium that you can use towards free stuff!)
CJ's BUTTer is probably the most well known diaper rash cream for cloth diapering mamas! I've used it on eczema and it has helped, diaper rash, and as a diaper rash preventative. I thought it was amazing and really don't have a complaint but when I tried LuSa Organics Booty Balm I preferred that. But I would still use CJ's and still do sometimes. I love all the different scents they come in, my favorite is Green Irish Tweed, Sweet Orange, Pink Sugar, and Love Spell. Monkey Farts is also very popular.A little goes a long way!
LuSa Organics Booty Balm
I got a sample size of this in my Stash Surprise from Mama's Emporium. At first I was like "I don't need this, I've got CJ's!" But one day CJ's just wasn't doing it for my little baby. Something had to be done and I was willing to try anything to ease his agony. So I broke this out and tried it. We haven't looked back since. I will say it is kind of pricey, and I am VERY cheap, but I will still buy this! In fact I just ordered some from Mama's Emporium last week! It's also good for cuts, scrapes, mild burns, drool rash, and much more. It definitely helped my son's rash, and I've used it on my toddler's eczema with great success! Plus it smells amazing! I recommend you buy a sample and try it, you'll never go back to anything else. I will say I do still use CJ's if  I can't find the LuSa or out and about because I keep a CJ's sample in the diaper bag and CJ's is still good, I just really would prefer to spend my money on this!

Diaper Rash Cream Samplers
So are you still not sure which rash remedy/preventative to choose? Try a Rash Cream Sampler from Mama's Emporium! It contains: 1 GroVia Mini Magic Stick
1 Punkin Butt Bottom Balm Pocket Size
1 Lusa Organics Booty Balm Travel Size
5 Grandma El's Samples (1-2 uses each)
And you have the option of trying out liners for an additional cost (reusable AND disposable!) so it's the perfect chance to see what method is best for you!

UPDATE: Mama's Emporium now sells CJ's BUTTer! You can find it here.

I Recommend

LuSa Organics Booty Balm
Both can be found here.

Bottom Line

I use mostly CJ's BUTTer. I like the sample sizes and buy mostly those because a little goes a long way and they are the perfect way to try out different scents, plus they are great for the car, diaper bag, first aid kit, babysitter's house, or anywhere!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

All About Accessories - Wet Bags/Pail Liners!

I bet, if you are new to Cloth Diapering, you're wondering "what do I do with the dirty diapers until I do laundry?!" When I first started I thought you washed diapers after each change. I thought for sure I was missing something because of how much water and detergent I was going to waste! Come to find out you don't! You wait until you have a full load to do! I do diaper laundry every other day. So if I do it Monday, I don't do it again until Tuesday. Sometimes I do it more often if my son goes through a lot of diapers, like if he has diarrhea, or when he was a newborn.
So where do the dirty/wet diapers go when you are done changing a soiled diaper, until laundry day? Well there are options. You can do an open pail, a closed pail, or a wet bag! In this post I'll explore the pail/pail liners vs using a wet bag. I will admit I am not to familiar with pails or pail liners because I have never done anything but a wet bag!
Wet bag 
I personally like wet bags. I don't like to look at or smell dirty diapers. Wet bags are simple, they are waterproof bags that you stick your diapers in and zip them closed. Then when it's time for laundry I open the bag, take out the diapers, separate the inserts from the diapers (you can do this as you put diapers in the bag if you would like, but I just do it as I'm tossing diapers in the laundry), pull the bag inside out, and toss it in the was with the diapers.
You can get by with one wet bag, but I have three. I have two large Planet Wise wet bags, and one small Super Green Label wet bag for when we are out and about. I use one wet bag and when it is in the was I use my second one. All my wet bags have little handles you can hang them from and I love that. Super Green Label's bag is the perfect size for the diaper bag and fits 3-5 diapers depending on type. The large PW wet bags hold an entire day to two day's worth of diapers, once again depending on the type and how often you change.
If you are trying to be more economical you can use large zip lock bags or plastic grocery bags or even trash bags!
Open Pail  
An open pail is just that, an open pail for diapers to go in. You can use a pail liner (like a wet bag that doesn't close), a plastic trash bag you dispose of every laundry day, or you can just put the diapers straight in the pail. A lot of people use kitchen trash cans with a pail liner or plastic trash bag. It holds plenty. You're probably thinking "Well isn't it gross? Doesn't it stink?" I personally don't want to see my dirty diapers. But I have been told by people who do it that the open air helps it not to stink. You can always try it for a bit, and get some Scentsy to make sure that you have some good smells going just in case. You can also use a pillow case as a pail liner. Planet Wise and many other companies make pail liners that are washable as well.
Closed Pail
A closed pail is the same as an open pail just with a lid on it. That way you get less smell and don't have to see your diapers. Plus it can help keep kids out of your dirty diapers! I've been told a closed pail makes them smell worse when you take them out and open the pail. I've also heard the same about wet bags and yes, when I do diaper laundry it smells, not so pleasant, but it's never bothered me too much and the smell comes out, it's only a moment. I don't smell things unless the bag is open. 

I Recommend

Super Green Label Large wet bags for at home and small/medium wetbags for on the go/in the diaper bag. You can find them here.
Bottom Line
I do recommend the Wet bag system, but as with most things in cloth diapering, it's whatever works best for you and your family! You may want to try all of them and see which works best for you!

All About Accessories - Fasteners!

So now that you know all about the different types of cloth diapers, you may want to know more about cloth diaper accessories. There are many accessories and many options you may want to consider before deciding for sure, just like you want to consider each type of cloth diapers before deciding which one is right for your family! Hopefully this post will give you a good idea of what you would like to try. Just like with each type of diaper, diaper detergent, etc, I recommend you try a variety to decide what you want to use. Just because something works for me doesn't mean it will work for you, and just because something works for your friend, your mother, your first child, doesn't mean it will work this time around! Each baby is different and you kind of have to find the right groove for you! For this post I would like to stick to fasteners!
Diaper fasteners are very important if you are using or planning on using flats and prefolds! While you can fold them in such a way that you won't need a fastener I highly recommend having one on hand, or two, or three. I like to have one upstairs and one downstairs, as well as one spare. There are a few different options for fastening but I'm going to stick to the more popular three options.
Diaper Pins
Diaper pins are what our grandmothers, and in some case mothers used! They are simply safety pins that pin the diaper. Pins aren't used as much anymore because you can poke the baby or yourself very easily. They can be a little difficult because you have to un pin them, pin them back, and close them all on a wormy baby. I have not ever used pins because I don't like the idea of a sharp needle anywhere near my sweet baby or my clumsy fingers! Pins may enable you to get a tighter fit and are harder for older babies/toddlers to remove. I honestly do not know anyone who uses pins anymore but I know they are still available!
I use snappi fasteners on my kiddo. Snappis are very user friendly and easy to learn, although it can be difficult to get a snug fit with some folds. It is possible to scratch yourself or the baby with the underside of the snappi but I have never had this happen and I think it might be difficult to do so.
A snappi fastener:
A Snappi fastener's underneath
Boingos are two part fasteners. I have not tried them but I have heard good and bad things about them. Hopefully I will be trying them soon and can do a review for everyone! Some things that may be more difficult is you have to keep track of two separate pieces, you also have to fasten and unfasten two fasteners. I have heard some say they are easier than snappies and let's face it, they are way cuter than snappis. I'll know more when I try them! 
A set of boingos. One goes on each side so it's like the snappi without a bottom part that hooks to the crotch area.
So as you see there are a few different options to use as fasteners. You could try each and every one of them, or you can just try one and see how you like it and go from there. Whatever you do I hope you find what you need and that you have fun doing it!

I got my fasteners at Mama's Emporium! You can find them on her website: 

Click here to visit Mama's Emporium

UPDATE: I have since tried boingo fasteners. I like them but I prefer the snappi. They are very functional and quick to use, I just prefer the snappi because even if my little one is squirming and rolls around, it stays hooked and I just pull and snap. With boingos you kind of have to start over again. Honestly though I use both now.

Bottom Line

I use a mix of Boingos and Snappis. I prefer the snappis but I prefer either to pins.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mama's Emporuim, Twitter Party, and Phantom Fluff!

There's a mystery afoot! A cloth diaper mystery! Check out the video to learn more!

Tune in the the #phantomfluff twitter party to find out the type of diaper, brand of diaper, and win prizes while socializing with other cloth diapering mommies!
Mama's Emporium will have the fluff in stock and for sale after the twitter party ends on Oct. 4th. Mama's Emporium will be offering FREE SHIPPING on the phantom fluff and all phantom fluff purchases will come with a FREE raffle ticket! (Find out more about that here
Get more info and RSVP to the twitter party here:
Find Mama's Emporium here
It's where I buy cloth diapers, snappis, teething items, cloth diaper safe creams for rash, and much much more! Check it out!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Why Cloth Diaper?

While everyone's reasoning for Cloth Diapering varies, there are a lot of things to consider. You can cloth diaper for one reason, or any combination of multiple reasons. Some people do it only for the cute factor. Some because their little ones are allergic to disposible diapers, some to be eco friendly, and some for the cost effectiveness. There is no right or wrong reason to cloth diaper, and there is no wrong or right reason not to cloth diaper. You don't have to cloth diaper all the time, many people only use cloth at home. Some don't use it overnight or when they are out and about. Some daycares won't allow the use of cloth so parents decide to only cloth at home and when they are out and about with their little ones, not while at daycare during the day. Whatever works for your family is the best thing to do! There is no right or wrong in cloth diapering. Here are just some of the reasons you may want ton consider cloth diapering:

Cost Effectiveness

This is one of the most common reasons for mamas deciding on cloth diapering these days. I know I save about $122 a month just cloth diapering 1 baby. The savings are even better if you plan on cloth diapering more than one child either at a time or after each other. is a website you can use to calculate the cost of disposables versus the cost of cloth! I was using a box of diapers every week at $25 for my newborn. I was also using 1 box of wipes at $11 every two weeks between my two children. That comes out to $122 a month that I no longer have to buy! What could you do with an extra $100 dollars a month? What could you do with an extra $1200 a year? Pay off some debt, put some money in savings, buy more cute things for your babies, take a trip, or spend it on cute diapers! Whatever you want!
The cheapest way to cloth diaper is by using prefolds or flats and covers. Econbum are some cheap, good covers that I use. They are available exclusively at You can also find them used at, the diaper swap board on BabyCenter, your local Craigslist, etc. You can also use prefolds in pocket diapers!
Another cheap option is "China Cheapy" diapers. I have some Sunbaby Cloth Diapers that I love! I also love love love my Alvas even more than Sunbabies! You can get them even cheaper by buying them without inserts and using prefolds with covers and stuffing the pockets of the Sunbaby diapers with the prefolds. Alva is another brand of China Cheapy and so is Coolababy. You can even join a co-op and buy diapers, especially China Cheapies at a much better price because you are going in on a big wholesale order with other people and paying wholesale prices! There are also many other cheap and/or free ways to cloth diaper! Plus who wants to run to the store in the middle of the night because you run out of diapers? With cloth you won't ever have to!

Environmentally Friendly

Cloth diapers are much more environmentally friendly! There aren't any extra materials or chemicals going into landfills. Even when your cloth diapers aren't good enough to be used as cloth diapers or you are done having children, you can still use them for other things! Prefolds make amazing burp rags and cleaning cloths just to name a couple! Plus it will save you gas because you will make less trips to the store which will help the environment and your pocketbook! 

Cuteness Factor

Another main reason a lot of people get into cloth diapering is because they are adorable! Have you ever been buying diapers, trying to decide between Winne The Pooh and Sesame Street characters and thought "I wish they made rainbow/blue/pink/red/camo/ diapers." or "I wish you could choose the colors and prints of my diapers!" Well with cloth you can! If you find a fabric you like, there are WAHMs who will let you send in your own fabric and make the diaper of your choosing from it! My personal favorites so far are my galaxy diapers! I got one from The Diaper Addict (a WAHM you can find on facebook) and one from A Sparkly Baby (another WAHM you can find on facebook) I got covers made from the Galaxy PUL from both of them and I am still, months and months later, beyond in love with them!


Let's face it, cloth is more comfortable, especially for babies with sensitive skin! Have you felt a diaper? Not only are they scratchy but they are full of chemicals. Who would want to sit in wet paper like that? I know I wouldn't. I also know I wouldn't like the gel they have in them absorbing not only all my pee but all the moister from my bottom! Some babies get really bad rashes, some are just plain allergic to disposables, and some just get super dry down there or have other complications because the absorbent gel does it's job too well by soaking up all the moister in your sweet babies bottom as well.

Potty Training

Potty Training, or Potty learning (PT and PL respectively) can be easier and happen earlier because of using cloth diapers! Because the baby can feel the wetness better than they could in a disposable that has the gel to soak up wetness, children are apt to learn quicker the sensation of being wet and start noticing the feelings that come right before being wet, therefor leading them to learn how to use the potty earlier and easier than their peers in the disposables.

Like I said, you could be trying cloth for one reason, multiple reasons, or maybe your own reasons and none of these at all. That's fine! Whatever reasons a mommy has for cloth diapering or not cloth diapering, they are right. <3

Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Post All About AIOs!

What is an AIO diaper?

AIO stands for All In One. An AIO diaper is a diaper in which the insert, or absorbent material, is sewn or otherwise fastened inside a pocket and cannot be removed. The insert doesn't touch the baby. This kind of diaper is most like a disposable in that it goes on with snaps or Velcro and the entire thing comes off. It is waterproof so you don't need a cover, you don't have to take out the insert or change the inserts, etc. You cannot customize the absorbency unless you add a doubler, which can add bulk. AIOs take longer to wash and dry but are more daddy/daycare/babysitter/grandparent friendly and easier when making the transition from disposables to cloth. They are easier to change when you have a squirmy baby and are especially easy for toddlers. There are more layers to get clean and you can have complications with them not drying all the way. Because it takes loner to wash and dry them they spend more time in the dryer which can hurt them and make them not last as long.

I Recommend

I am currently in the testing phase of OsoCozy AIOs. I'm not sure about them yet but they seem absorbant, although drying time is VERY long. (More than twice the time of my prefolds, pockets, inserts, and doublers!) So I will come back to you when I know more how it works.
AIO May be Right For You:
You need something quick and convenient
You are making the switch from disposables to cloth, especially late in the game
You have a very squirmy toddler or baby
Your child is in daycare and you plan to cloth diaper at daycare
Your children's other caregivers are hesitant about cloth
You only plan on CDing one child
Some Problems You May Encounter With AIOs:
They take longer to wash and dry
They may wear out faster
They may not get washed or dried all the way which can cause problems

A Post All About AI2s!

What is an AI2 diaper?

AI2 stands for All In Two. AI2s consist of two parts: the waterproof outer or "shell" and the insert. Inserts can snap, Velcro, or be placed in the shell and can be removed. It's like a pocket diaper where the insert is against baby instead of inside a pocket. When your baby needs changed you just change the insert unless the cover is soiled. AI2s dry quickly and are waterproof so they don't need a waterproof cover. Some AI2s can be used with disposable inserts which are less cost effective but can be convenient. AI2s can be more affordable, especially when compared to AIOs. The idea is that they are easier to use than prefolds and flats and more affordable than AIOs or more expensive pockets. They may or may not be more expensive than pockets depending on if you are using a co-op, buying china cheapies, etc. One thing that is nice about AI2s is that there are a variety of "soakers" or absorbent inserts such as bamboo and hemp. AI2s are typically one sized to fit until potty training. They are also supposed to be trimmer than more bulky options such as prefolds and pockets, especially pockets stuffed with prefolds.

I Recommend

GroVia onesize AI2 which can be found here!
AI2s May be Right For You:
If you are looking for a trimmer diaper
If you are looking for diapers that are easier than prefolds and flats
If you are looking for more affordable diaper options
Some Problems You May Encounter With AI2s:
Inserts can shift when baby moves, especially if little one is mobile, this can cause a leak, irritation, and/or the need to use more covers because the covers get soiled easier
You will have to touch wet/dirty inserts to change them, if you're squeamish or wary of germs this may not work for you!
It can be slightly more time consuming to change the diaper than just removing the whole diaper, which can be a problem when you have a fussy baby/baby trying to roll and wiggle away

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Post All About Pockets!

What are Pocket Diapers?

Pocket diapers are the most common diaper. They are sort of in between prefolds/flats and AIOs. They are more convenient than Prefolds and covers because you just stuff them and put them on. They will fasten with snaps or velcro/aplix/hook and loop and are waterproof. You can stuff them with inserts, receiving blankets, flour sack towels, prefolds, flats, whatever you have on hand that is absorbent. I stuff most all of mine with Indian unbleached prefolds in infant size. My son has outgrown this size for prefolds but they are the perfect size and very absorbent for stuffing pockets. I fold them in a pad fold (the two thinner sides folded under the middle, thicker panel to make one really thick pad with the thick panel and two thin panels all layered on top of each other.) and stuff them in the pockets. I also like Alva bamboo inserts, I use two for maximum absorbency in my Alva diapers and one day plan on getting more to stuff all my pockets with them. You can also use inserts (natural fibers, NOT microfiber) against the skin as doublers. So for instance I could stuff the pocket with a prefold and put two bamboo inserts inside the diaper by my son's  butt for even more absorbency. There are many types of pockets from high end Bum Genius to China Cheapies, which is a name for any brand of diapers made in china that are cheaper in price and usually good quality. My favorite China cheapies so far are Alva, JCTrade, and Sunbaby. Alva and JCTrade run about the same and are bigger than sunbaby. Sunbaby has 2 sizes, although they are one sized pockets, size 1 just means it's cut for skinnier babies whereas size 2 is for chunkier babies. Most China cheapies are one sized and fit from about 10lbs up. Most pockets are one sized pockets and are supposed to fit from birth to potty training but honestly you need separate newborn diapers. My son didn't fit his one sized pocket diapers until he was about two months old! Pockets are great for babysitters, people transitioning to cloth from disposables, daycare, daddies who are reluctant, etc. Pocket diapers are awesome because you can customize your absorbency and it will wash and dry easier and quicker because you take the insert out and wash separately.

I Recommend

Rumparooz one size pocket diaper which can be found here
Super Green Label pocket diaper, found here
and Alva Baby Diapers found on ebay, through co-ops, or on
Pocket Diapers May be Right For You:
If you are looking for an economic route without the difficulty of prefolds and flats
If you are transitioning from Disposables to Cloth
If your child's father, babysitter, daycare, or other care taker is reluctant to cloth diaper
For trips out and about
If you have a heavy wetter

Problems You May Encounter With Pockets:

Pocket diapers can be time consuming to stuff

Pocket diapers can be frustrating to stuff

Pocket diapers may take some experimenting with to find the right absorbency

Pocket diapers need to be completely changed each change so you will need more diapers and do more laundry (although not that much more) than with a prefold/flat and cover system

A Post All Abouth Fitteds!

What is a fitted diaper?

A fitted diaper is the next step up from prefolds. It's a diaper that is literally fitted to a diaper shape so there is no folding and pinning like with flats and prefolds. The cloth diaper will fit closer to baby and close with either aplix/Velcro/hook and loop or snaps. Fitteds are not waterproof and will need a waterproof cover. They are very easy to use, more like an AIO yet not as expensive. They are very absorbent, a lot of them have inserts that snap in and you can use a doubler or extra inserts to make them more absorbent. Fitteds are the diapers most often recommended for overnight usage and heavy wetters. They take longer to dry than prefolds, but not as long as AIOs. They can be made from many fabrics, bamboo, velour, cotton, hemp, etc. The insert can also be made of many different fabrics such as bamboo, zorb2, hemp, etc.

I Recommend

OsoCozy Fitted Diapers
You can buy them here!
Fitteds May be For You:
You want the convenience of not having to fold and pin diapers
You want to go a cheaper route than AIOs while keeping it more convenient than prefolds or flats
You are looking for a nighttime solution
You have a heavy wetter

Some Problems You May Encounter With Fitteds:

It can be more time consuming to change a fitted because you have to undo a cover then undo a fitted, put on a fitted and fasten it then put on a cover and fasten the cover, so it's like putting on a diaper twice, which can be made more difficult with an upset/squirmy baby

It's not as easy for reluctant husbands/caregivers, mommies who are new to cloth, or when first transitioning from disposables

They can be slow to dry

They are generally more expensive than say a pocket diaper or especailly a diaper cover and prefolds/flats

Not all covers will fit over a fitted so if you have covers you are using with prefolds you may have to get additional covers for use with fitteds

A Post All About Prefolds!

What are Prefolds?

Prefolds are kind of the next evolution in diapers after the flat. With flats you would have to fold and maneuver to create a diaper. These you just lay down and wrap around your baby, pad fold instead of an insert, etc. Prefolds have three panels, the two on the outside are thinner (have less layers of fabric) than the middle one. The middle one is the one that catches the bulk of the pee and poop. Prefolds can be made out of cotton, hemp, bamboo, whatever. When shopping for prefolds you should see a number such as 3x5x3. This simply means that the left panel has 3 layers of whatever fabric they used, the middle has 5, and the right panel has 3 layers. Prefolds are NOT water proof and you will need a fastener and water proof cover for these diapers. Prefolds are also commonly used for lap pads/burp rags and sometimes when they outlive their usefulness as diapers, they are repurpoused into cleaning cloths. There are many options for prefold diapers. My favorite prefolds are OsoCozy Better Fit Prefolds. They are wider than most other ones which will be ablessing when your baby is past the newborn stage if you are doing a wrap around fold/angel wing fold, etc. I also use indian unbleached prefolds from cottonbabies as inserts in my pocket diapers! Do you want Chinese, Indian, bleached, unbleached etc?
Bleached vs. Unbleached

The only difference is really the color, and unbleached is said to last longer because the fabrics haven't been altered like bleached prefolds. Bleached prefolds will obviously be white while unbleached will have a more natural tan color. I personally use unbleached ones.
Chinese vs. Indian

 CPFs (Chinese prefolds) and IPF (Indian prefolds) are the two most common types of prefolds. Indian prefolds may wear out faster than Chinese, while Chinese may pill more than Indian. Indian prefolds usually don't have as heavy duty stitching as Chinese prefolds so the stitching may wear out sooner on them. So why do I use Indian prefolds rather than Chinese, you may be asking. Because simply, they are softer. I want my baby to be comfortable and Indian prefolds are softer and less harsh against baby's sensitive skin! Plus they wash up quicker, meaning you don't have to prep them as much. I was mine 3 times back to back on hot when I get them and boom, they're at maximum absorbency, if not, very close to it. It takes up to 10 washes to get Chinese prefolds ready to absorb the maximum amount of liquid, but who has that kind of time? And the biggest reason I use Indian prefolds rather than Chinese: They are more absorbent. I have a super peer little boy so I have got to have the more absorbent option, especially because I do use prefolds and covers but I also use pad folded prefolds as inserts in my pocket diapers.

I Recommend

OsoCozy unbleached better fit prefolds
OsoCozy staydry better fit prefolds
You can find both here!
Prefolds may be a good fit for you if:
You want to cloth diaper on a budget
You want versatility and variety in your stash
You plan to cloth diaper more than one child

Some Problems You May Encounter With Prefolds:

Can take extra time to fold them even though it they are already "prfolded"

Can be harder to get on a squirming baby

Can be difficult to fasten them tight enough with a snappi, pin, etc

Can take extra time to fasten them