Monday, September 17, 2012

A Post All About Pockets!

What are Pocket Diapers?

Pocket diapers are the most common diaper. They are sort of in between prefolds/flats and AIOs. They are more convenient than Prefolds and covers because you just stuff them and put them on. They will fasten with snaps or velcro/aplix/hook and loop and are waterproof. You can stuff them with inserts, receiving blankets, flour sack towels, prefolds, flats, whatever you have on hand that is absorbent. I stuff most all of mine with Indian unbleached prefolds in infant size. My son has outgrown this size for prefolds but they are the perfect size and very absorbent for stuffing pockets. I fold them in a pad fold (the two thinner sides folded under the middle, thicker panel to make one really thick pad with the thick panel and two thin panels all layered on top of each other.) and stuff them in the pockets. I also like Alva bamboo inserts, I use two for maximum absorbency in my Alva diapers and one day plan on getting more to stuff all my pockets with them. You can also use inserts (natural fibers, NOT microfiber) against the skin as doublers. So for instance I could stuff the pocket with a prefold and put two bamboo inserts inside the diaper by my son's  butt for even more absorbency. There are many types of pockets from high end Bum Genius to China Cheapies, which is a name for any brand of diapers made in china that are cheaper in price and usually good quality. My favorite China cheapies so far are Alva, JCTrade, and Sunbaby. Alva and JCTrade run about the same and are bigger than sunbaby. Sunbaby has 2 sizes, although they are one sized pockets, size 1 just means it's cut for skinnier babies whereas size 2 is for chunkier babies. Most China cheapies are one sized and fit from about 10lbs up. Most pockets are one sized pockets and are supposed to fit from birth to potty training but honestly you need separate newborn diapers. My son didn't fit his one sized pocket diapers until he was about two months old! Pockets are great for babysitters, people transitioning to cloth from disposables, daycare, daddies who are reluctant, etc. Pocket diapers are awesome because you can customize your absorbency and it will wash and dry easier and quicker because you take the insert out and wash separately.

I Recommend

Rumparooz one size pocket diaper which can be found here
Super Green Label pocket diaper, found here
and Alva Baby Diapers found on ebay, through co-ops, or on
Pocket Diapers May be Right For You:
If you are looking for an economic route without the difficulty of prefolds and flats
If you are transitioning from Disposables to Cloth
If your child's father, babysitter, daycare, or other care taker is reluctant to cloth diaper
For trips out and about
If you have a heavy wetter

Problems You May Encounter With Pockets:

Pocket diapers can be time consuming to stuff

Pocket diapers can be frustrating to stuff

Pocket diapers may take some experimenting with to find the right absorbency

Pocket diapers need to be completely changed each change so you will need more diapers and do more laundry (although not that much more) than with a prefold/flat and cover system

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