Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Post All About AI2s!

What is an AI2 diaper?

AI2 stands for All In Two. AI2s consist of two parts: the waterproof outer or "shell" and the insert. Inserts can snap, Velcro, or be placed in the shell and can be removed. It's like a pocket diaper where the insert is against baby instead of inside a pocket. When your baby needs changed you just change the insert unless the cover is soiled. AI2s dry quickly and are waterproof so they don't need a waterproof cover. Some AI2s can be used with disposable inserts which are less cost effective but can be convenient. AI2s can be more affordable, especially when compared to AIOs. The idea is that they are easier to use than prefolds and flats and more affordable than AIOs or more expensive pockets. They may or may not be more expensive than pockets depending on if you are using a co-op, buying china cheapies, etc. One thing that is nice about AI2s is that there are a variety of "soakers" or absorbent inserts such as bamboo and hemp. AI2s are typically one sized to fit until potty training. They are also supposed to be trimmer than more bulky options such as prefolds and pockets, especially pockets stuffed with prefolds.

I Recommend

GroVia onesize AI2 which can be found here!
AI2s May be Right For You:
If you are looking for a trimmer diaper
If you are looking for diapers that are easier than prefolds and flats
If you are looking for more affordable diaper options
Some Problems You May Encounter With AI2s:
Inserts can shift when baby moves, especially if little one is mobile, this can cause a leak, irritation, and/or the need to use more covers because the covers get soiled easier
You will have to touch wet/dirty inserts to change them, if you're squeamish or wary of germs this may not work for you!
It can be slightly more time consuming to change the diaper than just removing the whole diaper, which can be a problem when you have a fussy baby/baby trying to roll and wiggle away

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