Monday, September 17, 2012

A Post All Abouth Fitteds!

What is a fitted diaper?

A fitted diaper is the next step up from prefolds. It's a diaper that is literally fitted to a diaper shape so there is no folding and pinning like with flats and prefolds. The cloth diaper will fit closer to baby and close with either aplix/Velcro/hook and loop or snaps. Fitteds are not waterproof and will need a waterproof cover. They are very easy to use, more like an AIO yet not as expensive. They are very absorbent, a lot of them have inserts that snap in and you can use a doubler or extra inserts to make them more absorbent. Fitteds are the diapers most often recommended for overnight usage and heavy wetters. They take longer to dry than prefolds, but not as long as AIOs. They can be made from many fabrics, bamboo, velour, cotton, hemp, etc. The insert can also be made of many different fabrics such as bamboo, zorb2, hemp, etc.

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Fitteds May be For You:
You want the convenience of not having to fold and pin diapers
You want to go a cheaper route than AIOs while keeping it more convenient than prefolds or flats
You are looking for a nighttime solution
You have a heavy wetter

Some Problems You May Encounter With Fitteds:

It can be more time consuming to change a fitted because you have to undo a cover then undo a fitted, put on a fitted and fasten it then put on a cover and fasten the cover, so it's like putting on a diaper twice, which can be made more difficult with an upset/squirmy baby

It's not as easy for reluctant husbands/caregivers, mommies who are new to cloth, or when first transitioning from disposables

They can be slow to dry

They are generally more expensive than say a pocket diaper or especailly a diaper cover and prefolds/flats

Not all covers will fit over a fitted so if you have covers you are using with prefolds you may have to get additional covers for use with fitteds

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