Monday, November 5, 2012

A Post All About Covers

It recently came to my attention that, while I've posted all about all sorts of diapers that aren't waterproof and require covers, I haven't actually posted about covers. I get A LOT of questions about what covers I would recommend, which are the cheapest, the sturdiest, etc, so I figured I'd do a post.
What are Covers?
Covers are water proof covers you put over diapers that are not waterproof such as fitteds, prefolds, and flats. Covers are not absorbent whatsoever, they just act as a waterproof barrier between the diaper that absorbs and the rest of the world! The diaper (absorbent part) goes against baby and the cover goes on after the diaper. Some diapers such as pocket diapers and AIOs don't need covers as they have the waterproof layer built right in already. Covers do not need to be fastened with fasteners such as a snappi or boingo, they usually fasten with snaps or velcro/hook and loop/aplix. They can come in sizes or one sized. They are usually made with PUL.
I Recommend
Super Green Label Covers found here
Rumparooz Covers found here
Econobum Covers found exclusively at
Covers May Be Right For You:
If you are planning on using a diaper that is not water proof such as fitteds, prefolds, or flats.
Bottom Line
You need covers if you are going to be using any sort of diaper that is not water proof such as flats and prefolds. You do not need a fastener for a cover but you may need one for your flats/prefolds, although you shouldn't need one for fitteds.

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