Thursday, October 4, 2012

All About Accessories - Rash Creams and Liners!

By now in your CD journey, you've probably read or heard that most traditional rash creams that you use with disposables like Desitin and Butt Paste don't work with CD. Or you may not. If you haven't, here it is: Traditional rash creams are NOT safe to use with cloth diapers. Why? From what I understand it's the zinc which is a big main ingredient in most that harms the diapers. Those creams can cause diapers to repel. Repelling means instead of absorbing liquid (aka Pee) like they should, the diapers will begin to repel. You have a few options on what to do if your baby gets a rash while cloth diapering or if you just want to prevent a rash. I'll explore a few of the more common options in this post.
One option to consider is using the traditional creams and use a liner for your diapers. A liner is a barrier that protects your cloth diaper. You can use disposable liners which you can just throw away after using, a fleece, flannel, or other fabric liner that you can make or buy, a paper towel, baby wash cloth, or even cut up a shirt or something. I have never done that because I've found CD safe rash creams that work well so that I've never felt the need to try liners.
Coconut Oil
Coconut oil is supposed to work on getting rid of rashes and be great for preventing them. They make solid pressed coconut oil so you just swipe some and put it on babies bum. I, again, have never tried it because I've found other creams that work well but I've heard it works great. You can get it at walmart or at Mama's Emporium! (Remember you get reward points from Mama's Emporium that you can use towards free stuff!)
CJ's BUTTer is probably the most well known diaper rash cream for cloth diapering mamas! I've used it on eczema and it has helped, diaper rash, and as a diaper rash preventative. I thought it was amazing and really don't have a complaint but when I tried LuSa Organics Booty Balm I preferred that. But I would still use CJ's and still do sometimes. I love all the different scents they come in, my favorite is Green Irish Tweed, Sweet Orange, Pink Sugar, and Love Spell. Monkey Farts is also very popular.A little goes a long way!
LuSa Organics Booty Balm
I got a sample size of this in my Stash Surprise from Mama's Emporium. At first I was like "I don't need this, I've got CJ's!" But one day CJ's just wasn't doing it for my little baby. Something had to be done and I was willing to try anything to ease his agony. So I broke this out and tried it. We haven't looked back since. I will say it is kind of pricey, and I am VERY cheap, but I will still buy this! In fact I just ordered some from Mama's Emporium last week! It's also good for cuts, scrapes, mild burns, drool rash, and much more. It definitely helped my son's rash, and I've used it on my toddler's eczema with great success! Plus it smells amazing! I recommend you buy a sample and try it, you'll never go back to anything else. I will say I do still use CJ's if  I can't find the LuSa or out and about because I keep a CJ's sample in the diaper bag and CJ's is still good, I just really would prefer to spend my money on this!

Diaper Rash Cream Samplers
So are you still not sure which rash remedy/preventative to choose? Try a Rash Cream Sampler from Mama's Emporium! It contains: 1 GroVia Mini Magic Stick
1 Punkin Butt Bottom Balm Pocket Size
1 Lusa Organics Booty Balm Travel Size
5 Grandma El's Samples (1-2 uses each)
And you have the option of trying out liners for an additional cost (reusable AND disposable!) so it's the perfect chance to see what method is best for you!

UPDATE: Mama's Emporium now sells CJ's BUTTer! You can find it here.

I Recommend

LuSa Organics Booty Balm
Both can be found here.

Bottom Line

I use mostly CJ's BUTTer. I like the sample sizes and buy mostly those because a little goes a long way and they are the perfect way to try out different scents, plus they are great for the car, diaper bag, first aid kit, babysitter's house, or anywhere!

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