Wednesday, October 3, 2012

All About Accessories - Fasteners!

So now that you know all about the different types of cloth diapers, you may want to know more about cloth diaper accessories. There are many accessories and many options you may want to consider before deciding for sure, just like you want to consider each type of cloth diapers before deciding which one is right for your family! Hopefully this post will give you a good idea of what you would like to try. Just like with each type of diaper, diaper detergent, etc, I recommend you try a variety to decide what you want to use. Just because something works for me doesn't mean it will work for you, and just because something works for your friend, your mother, your first child, doesn't mean it will work this time around! Each baby is different and you kind of have to find the right groove for you! For this post I would like to stick to fasteners!
Diaper fasteners are very important if you are using or planning on using flats and prefolds! While you can fold them in such a way that you won't need a fastener I highly recommend having one on hand, or two, or three. I like to have one upstairs and one downstairs, as well as one spare. There are a few different options for fastening but I'm going to stick to the more popular three options.
Diaper Pins
Diaper pins are what our grandmothers, and in some case mothers used! They are simply safety pins that pin the diaper. Pins aren't used as much anymore because you can poke the baby or yourself very easily. They can be a little difficult because you have to un pin them, pin them back, and close them all on a wormy baby. I have not ever used pins because I don't like the idea of a sharp needle anywhere near my sweet baby or my clumsy fingers! Pins may enable you to get a tighter fit and are harder for older babies/toddlers to remove. I honestly do not know anyone who uses pins anymore but I know they are still available!
I use snappi fasteners on my kiddo. Snappis are very user friendly and easy to learn, although it can be difficult to get a snug fit with some folds. It is possible to scratch yourself or the baby with the underside of the snappi but I have never had this happen and I think it might be difficult to do so.
A snappi fastener:
A Snappi fastener's underneath
Boingos are two part fasteners. I have not tried them but I have heard good and bad things about them. Hopefully I will be trying them soon and can do a review for everyone! Some things that may be more difficult is you have to keep track of two separate pieces, you also have to fasten and unfasten two fasteners. I have heard some say they are easier than snappies and let's face it, they are way cuter than snappis. I'll know more when I try them! 
A set of boingos. One goes on each side so it's like the snappi without a bottom part that hooks to the crotch area.
So as you see there are a few different options to use as fasteners. You could try each and every one of them, or you can just try one and see how you like it and go from there. Whatever you do I hope you find what you need and that you have fun doing it!

I got my fasteners at Mama's Emporium! You can find them on her website: 

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UPDATE: I have since tried boingo fasteners. I like them but I prefer the snappi. They are very functional and quick to use, I just prefer the snappi because even if my little one is squirming and rolls around, it stays hooked and I just pull and snap. With boingos you kind of have to start over again. Honestly though I use both now.

Bottom Line

I use a mix of Boingos and Snappis. I prefer the snappis but I prefer either to pins.

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