Wednesday, October 3, 2012

All About Accessories - Wet Bags/Pail Liners!

I bet, if you are new to Cloth Diapering, you're wondering "what do I do with the dirty diapers until I do laundry?!" When I first started I thought you washed diapers after each change. I thought for sure I was missing something because of how much water and detergent I was going to waste! Come to find out you don't! You wait until you have a full load to do! I do diaper laundry every other day. So if I do it Monday, I don't do it again until Tuesday. Sometimes I do it more often if my son goes through a lot of diapers, like if he has diarrhea, or when he was a newborn.
So where do the dirty/wet diapers go when you are done changing a soiled diaper, until laundry day? Well there are options. You can do an open pail, a closed pail, or a wet bag! In this post I'll explore the pail/pail liners vs using a wet bag. I will admit I am not to familiar with pails or pail liners because I have never done anything but a wet bag!
Wet bag 
I personally like wet bags. I don't like to look at or smell dirty diapers. Wet bags are simple, they are waterproof bags that you stick your diapers in and zip them closed. Then when it's time for laundry I open the bag, take out the diapers, separate the inserts from the diapers (you can do this as you put diapers in the bag if you would like, but I just do it as I'm tossing diapers in the laundry), pull the bag inside out, and toss it in the was with the diapers.
You can get by with one wet bag, but I have three. I have two large Planet Wise wet bags, and one small Super Green Label wet bag for when we are out and about. I use one wet bag and when it is in the was I use my second one. All my wet bags have little handles you can hang them from and I love that. Super Green Label's bag is the perfect size for the diaper bag and fits 3-5 diapers depending on type. The large PW wet bags hold an entire day to two day's worth of diapers, once again depending on the type and how often you change.
If you are trying to be more economical you can use large zip lock bags or plastic grocery bags or even trash bags!
Open Pail  
An open pail is just that, an open pail for diapers to go in. You can use a pail liner (like a wet bag that doesn't close), a plastic trash bag you dispose of every laundry day, or you can just put the diapers straight in the pail. A lot of people use kitchen trash cans with a pail liner or plastic trash bag. It holds plenty. You're probably thinking "Well isn't it gross? Doesn't it stink?" I personally don't want to see my dirty diapers. But I have been told by people who do it that the open air helps it not to stink. You can always try it for a bit, and get some Scentsy to make sure that you have some good smells going just in case. You can also use a pillow case as a pail liner. Planet Wise and many other companies make pail liners that are washable as well.
Closed Pail
A closed pail is the same as an open pail just with a lid on it. That way you get less smell and don't have to see your diapers. Plus it can help keep kids out of your dirty diapers! I've been told a closed pail makes them smell worse when you take them out and open the pail. I've also heard the same about wet bags and yes, when I do diaper laundry it smells, not so pleasant, but it's never bothered me too much and the smell comes out, it's only a moment. I don't smell things unless the bag is open. 

I Recommend

Super Green Label Large wet bags for at home and small/medium wetbags for on the go/in the diaper bag. You can find them here.
Bottom Line
I do recommend the Wet bag system, but as with most things in cloth diapering, it's whatever works best for you and your family! You may want to try all of them and see which works best for you!

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