Saturday, April 13, 2013

Thirsties AIO: A Review!

As you all know, I am constantly posting cloth diaper related giveaways to my facebook page and tweeting about them on my Twitter. Well I don't just post about these giveaways, I actually enter them too! I usually am not a lucky person, but somehow I won! I won 2 Thirsties AIOs from Diaper Junction! I was so pleased to win this as I'd never tried Thirsties AIOs. Now that we have used them a few times I decided to write a review. Diaper Junction didn't ask me to write a review but I figured you can always use others experience on what works and what doesn't.

Thirsties AIOs

Let me just say I love these diapers! They are so soft and so absorbent. I like that the insert is only partially sewn in so it makes sort of a tunnel pocket so you can easily stuff a doubler in it. Since then I have bought the Thirsties brand doublers and love them as well, but that's another post all together. I love that if you want to use these for nights you can just very easily stuff some extra inserts into the tunnel and voila! It's also super easy to shake the inserts out into the wash so you don't have to touch the nasty inserts. Yet they don't seem to move around much at all when your child is wearing the diaper.


This is big. If I buy an AIO I expect it to be pretty absorbent. Some AIOs are and some really aren't. Well these ones were very absorbent. I haven't had any leaks or anything. We like to use AIOs when we are out and about and boy have we loved these for out and about! I don't even need a doubler unless we plan on using them overnight and that's probably just because my son is a heavy wetter, especially at night time. I just put them on him as is and have never had issues, he loves them too! But I also like that it is very easy to add extra absorbency if it is needed, which makes it a great easily customizable diaper with the ease and convenience of an AIO.

Dry Time

One con about most AIOs is the long dry time. This comes with absorbency, if it holds a lot of pee, it's going to hold a lot of water from the washer, and therefore will take longer to dry. These diapers are really nice in that the soaker is sewn in but not completely so while it is still very absorbent it is quicker to dry. Most of my AIOs take 2 or more runs through the dryer to completely dry, but these are just fine drying with the other diapers in one run. You can even turn them inside out for easier drying!


We were able to get an excellent fit with these diapers. I like that they come in two sizes. Size one fits 6-18lbs and are perfect for younger infants, while size two fits 18-40lbs. I got size two because my little one is a year old and about 20lbs. We were able to get a great fit with no trouble at all. We got the aplix version so I'm not sure about snap placement but they do have adjustable rise with snaps that we enjoy because it is easier to get a more customizable fit.

Bottom Line

These are fantastic diapers and I will be buying them again! They are great for out and about, daddy, or lazy days when you don't want to mess with stuffing pockets, folding diapers, pinning diapers, etc. They are great because you do not need a cover with them, you just put them on and go. They are also awesome because you can very easily add more absorbency and the dry time is great without sacrificing absorbency.

Where You Can Buy Them

Thirsties AIOs can be found at Diaper Junction or Mama's Emporium! Thirsties doublers, which fit perfectly in the pocket beneath the insert can be found both places as well.

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