Monday, April 15, 2013

Thirsties Fab Doublers: A Review!

I'm so excited to share this review with you! I love it when I buy something and when I try it out it exceeds my expectations. This is one of those products. I bought these thinking they would work, but I didn't expect them to be so awesome! Whenever I find something I love I want to share it with everyone because you never know when someone is looking for the same sort of thing.
Thirsties Fab Doublers
These doublers are so cute. I know it doesn't really matter as they are going inside your diapers, but I just love the bright colors! I also love the fabric they are made of, They are made of 4 layers of cotton velor. This is great for two reasons, it's so very soft, and it can touch baby's booty. There are some fabrics, such as microfiber, that shouldn't be put against baby's skin, but these can go right up against the bum. They are also the perfect size for any Thirsties diaper, but still such a great universal size so that you can use them in any diaper! I've used them in Thirsties Fitteds, Thirsties AIOs, OsoCozy Fitteds, Alva Pocket diapers, and more. They are 4 layers thick which means they have a lot of absorbency and can hold a lot of liquid! Perfect for that extra boost for nap time, overnight, out and about, or a heavy wetter.
Bottom Line
These are fantastic doublers. I've already bought two sets and plan on buying more because they work so well, especially at night. You can even use two at a time if you need to but I haven't had issues with just one and I have a super heavy wetter. These are so soft I love how they feel so I know they are comfortable on my baby. I like that they aren't too bulky yet they still soak up a lot. These are perfect for anyone looking for some extra absorbency, especially out and about or overnight. You don't have to use them with Thirsties diapers but I do suggest you try some Thirsties because they have awesome diapers. Their AIOs are my favorite.
Where They Can be Purchased
You can find these awesome doublers at Mama's Emporium, Diaper Junction, or pretty much anywhere else that sells Thirsties products!


  1. I agree- thirsties are the best! And I have tried everything out there. Great post =)

  2. I could definitely use some of these for overnight! Our little man turned out to be quite the super-soaker.

  3. I love thirsties. I ended up buying extras of those for our g-diapers!