Monday, June 24, 2013

SUPER Sale at Super Green Label!

This is unrelated to cloth diapering but I just wanted to share this AWESOME deal with you! Super Green Label is doing a SUPER Sale on her reusable cloth nursing pads! These nursing pads are awesome. I haven't used them much yet as I am still pregnant but I have had some leaking issues so I've used them a few times and I can say they are awesome! They hold a lot but still feel soft and dry. They are so comfortable that I never even noticed they were on during the day! Last time I had a baby I was nursing and working and didn't have good nursing pads. Using the disposable pads that kept my skin feeling wet sometimes was not only gross, but lead to a nasty case of thrush that hurt me, my supply, and my nursing relationship for about a month and a half while I got it under control. I ended up buying reusable ones from Gerber and while they work I just wasn't in love with them and they leak through because they aren't backed with anything waterproof. So I've decided to use Super Green Label's reusable nursing pads this time around and I'm SO excited about this sale because, as you probably know, we are on a budget! We use cloth to save money and not only do reusable nursing pads save you money, they are more comfortable! Once my little one gets here I promise I'll do a proper review. So onto the good stuff!
Super Green Label
Super Green Label is an awesome WAHM company. The owner is an Army Wife and stay at home mom to two adorable children. She makes all sorts of wonderful products and I have been buying from her a long time because of her exceptional workmanship and wonderful customer service. Her turn around times are awesome and if she is having issues she keeps in contact with you. She also ships very fast! She has something for everyone, all sorts of cloth diapers, double sided wipes with one side flannel and one side terry, inserts for cloth diapers, reusable nursing pads, mama cloth,  custom crib sets, slings, wetbags, and much more! Check her facebook page out here
So the SUPER Sale is on reusable nursing pads. She makes daytime and nighttime nursing pads. The Daytime Nursing pads are only $4 a pair (regularly $7) and the Nighttime Nursing Pads are only $5 a pair (Regularly $9)! These are Co-op prices available to everyone for a limited time only! This sale ends July 1st and there are no minimum orders! To order simply message her with your order. After July 1st the prices return to normal and she will make everyone's nursing pads at the same time and ship them. All nursing pads will be print PUL unless you request plain. You can request a print from what is in stock (she'll be posting in stock PUL pictures later today!) or request she randomly pick for you. If you don't make a request she will just give you random prints. Either way you're sure to love your new nursing pads!

What They Are Made Of

Both the Daytime and Nighttime nursing pads have Minky on the front so they are soft and wick the moister away, hemp fleece in the middle for great absorption, and PUL on the back so that they are waterproof, to avoid embarrassing leaks! The Daytime nursing pads only have 1 layer of hemp, and the Nighttime have 2 layers of hemp for more absorption. They are heart shaped so they don't slip and slide and they don't bunch up and poke out, making them much more discrete. Here is a picture of some of the pairs I have already!

Where/How to Order

Go to Super Green Label's Facebook page HERE and message her your order! Don't forget to like her page and check back for updates, new sales, giveaways, etc. While you're on facebook make sure to like my page: Cloth Diapering, A Hobby.

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