Wednesday, June 5, 2013

AppleCheeks Diapers: A Review

If you've been reading my blog for a while, or have recently read through it, you probably know by now I love to try different things out! I also love sharing my experiences with others so maybe I can help them! So when Mama's Emporium started carrying AppleCheeks I was intrigued. I had never heard of AppleCheeks diapers and I wanted to try them out! So I got a size 2 diaper and a 2 pack of stay dry microterry inserts and tried them out!
AppleCheeks diapers have a lot of cool features that I like. First off, the inner is REALLY soft. I love thinking about how soft that has got to be on my little one's bum! I like putting softer fabrics on him because his comfort is important to me. He sure seems to enjoy it! I also love the vertical snaps. I like them because it makes it easy to get a good fit and the wings don't curl/droop like some diapers that have horizontal snaps. I also like that they are a sized system without having ten different sizes. There are only two sizes to buy. I like that about other diapers too such as OsoCozy workhorse fitteds and Thirsties AIOs. Size 1 AppleCheeks fits from 7 – 20lbs, and size 2 fits from 18-40lbs. That is a pretty impressive range, two different diapers take you from newborn size to toddlerhood! It's the best of in between, not quite one sized but also not 5 or so different sizes to stock up on! AppleCheeks are pocket diapers. Their envelope style shell is supposed to mean you don't have to unstuff it to wash it, but I always do anyway out of habit so I'm not sure if they really slide out the way the company says they do. I did like how large the pocket is so it is easy to stuff! I've tried it with a trifolded prefold and liked that a lot. I have also tried it with the two microterry inserts and just one. The last thing I really liked about the diaper was the gussets. They are perfect for keeping the entire mess inside which in the long run means less laundry and hassle for me! The elastic on the waist and legs seems really tight and wonderful. Not so tight as to hurt baby, but just tight enough to keep the messes contained!
The most important part of pretty much any diaper is how well it holds what goes inside! I have tried this cover/pocket with a trifolded prefold and liked it. It was absorbent enough for playtime and short outings out and my son didn't feel wet when I changed him, so it did a good job soaking up everything. I also tried it with just one of the staydry inserts. You could lay these inside the diaper without stuffing it, but I didn't. I liked it with one insert and it certainly did hold a lot. One day I'll have to do a test to see how much one holds, because I know I was surprised at how well it soaked everything up. Then I got brave and tried it with both inserts. I did this for bedtime. I expected to have to clean up a mess but I was pleasantly surprised. My son is a heavy wetter and it worked just fine! I liked that the diaper kept him dry because of the soft stay dry material on the inside and because the inserts did their job and held their moister!
Let's face it, a lot of us buy diapers because they are ADORABLE. I like  the look of these. Even though I got a solid color the color was SO vibrant! Through many washes so far it has stayed just as bright as when it first came in the mail too! I took a picture or two when my son was in it right before diaper. I'll admit it wasn't that trim because there are two inserts in it, but it lasted through the night so I don't worry about bulk at night.
See, he likes it!
Bottom Line
I like these diapers a lot! I think AppleCheeks diapers and inserts are a great addition to any stash! I will probably buy more. I love that there are vertical snaps and that the elastic seems to be good quality. I also love that the color is so vibrant and that the inside is so soft. The inserts were very absorbent but not that trim, especially at night. You could put pretty much any insert in though to make it nice and trim.
Where to Buy
I usually buy pretty much everything from Mama's Emporium. That's because she is a WAHM and I love supporting mamas who stay at home! I also love supporting small USA based businesses. Also, I save up rewards points and spend them on FREE diapers, teething necklaces, rash creams, wipes, toys, and more!

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