Thursday, May 30, 2013

Newborn Stash In the Making! - UPDATED!

Well we are now knee deep in preparation for the new baby. We still have a while until the little one is here but we have been slowly but surly picking up good deals here and there to start our newborn stash. Every pregnancy around half way through I get super worried and anxious and feel like I have to have everything ready to go NOW. I logically know I have a long time before the baby will be there and most penetrations can wait until the last moment or closer to it, but I have the sudden urge to set up nursery, wash clothes and blankets, make whatever I'm making, and make a space for the baby. I'm at that point right now where even though I know we have time, I feel pressure and anxiety to get everything ready so I'm going over what we have and what we need before the little one comes. We plan on cloth diapering from birth, in the hospital. Unfortunately with our last child we didn't start cloth until he was able to fit in one sized diapers. This time I want to try many different things so I can review them all for you and hopefully help other moms to be because this is a little overwhelming! I've been so unsure about what to put in my stash because there are SO many different newborn options and you never really know what will work for your child till you try it. I also don't know if my baby will be big or small, grow quickly or be failure to thrive, you just never know ahead of time. I also don't want to spend a lot of money because we aren't sure how many children we will have after this one and babies are in newborn diapers such a short time. I've mostly been buying used and using gift certificates to Mama's Emporium that I have earned using my rewards points.
I'm totally new to the whole cloth diapering a newborn so if you have any suggestions please share! Also, if you would like to share your stash do! You can comment on this post or post on my facebook page.
So far my stash contains:
2 OsoCozy Flats
1 OsoCozy Fitted size 1
3 No Name NB WAHM fitteds
2 Lil Pooligan NB fitteds
1 EcoPosh Fitted
1 Bummis NB Super Whisper Wrap
1 Rearz Small Cover
1 Sweet Pea Newborn Cover
2 Rumparooz NB Covers
1 No Name NB WAHM Cover
1 Fuzzibuns XS
4 GroVia NB AIOs
6 Lil Joey NB AIOs
1 Super Green Label NB AIO
2 Sweet Pea NB AIOs
2 Thirsties Duo AIOs
1 Thirsties XS cover
3 Alva NB pockets
1 OsoCozy workhorse - smallest size
I plan on adding to my stash with:
3-5 GMD NB Worhorse snapless fitteds
1-2 more FB NB
1-2 more OsoCozy fitteds size 1
Why So Many Diapers?
You are probably asking yourself, why does she have SO many diapers? Why does she think she needs that many? I'll tell you. My youngest son went through 12-24 disposable diapers a DAY at the newborn stage. Yes, you read that right, sometimes a diaper an hour! Sometimes I'd change him and he'd go again. So I'd change him and he'd go again. That's three diapers right in a row, in a matter of minutes. I'm planning on breastfeeding so I figure I need AT LEAST a diaper for every feeding every 2-3 hours a day. So at least 12 diapers a day. I want to go at least every other day with washing because I also have to do diaper laundry for my 14 month old as well as regular laundry and everyone knows newborns make a ton of extra laundry, but our family of two adults and 2 kids (3 when this baby gets here!) and a dog already go through 1 load a day, sometimes more. So I'm planning on not wanting to completely consume my life with diaper laundry. I also want to have diapers for while the diapers are in the wash. So basically I want at least 3 days worth of 12 diapers a day. That leaves me at 36 diapers AT LEAST. I also want to be able to thoroughly review everything in the hopes that I can help others in my overwhelmed confused spot. I think having one of each diaper I want to review is fine but it will be easier to do quicker if I have more than one of each kind.
Why Not More WAHM diapers?
Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE LOVE LOVE Work At Home Mom diapers. They usually have superior construction and I love supporting moms who are working hard to stay at home with their kiddos. The truth is though, they can get expensive. At $10-$20 a newborn diaper I'm just not willing to invest that kind of money in something my child may only wear for 4 weeks, a total of 8-12 times maybe! I did splurge on some Lil Pooligans fitteds, and I hope to add a couple Super Green Label newborn diapers, but I just don't have the funds to go all out on NB WAHM diapers. I would rather invest that $10-$20 into a WAHM one sized diaper. Now I am not opposed to using (and reviewing!) newborn diapers made by WAHMs so if you or a WAHM you know would like their NB diapers reviewed I would be interested in speaking with them and hopefully making a deal that is sweet for both of us! Like I said, I really do support WAHMs and would love to get some of you some exposure and business!
Why So Many Fitteds and AIOs?
Simple: I want convenience. I'm in no way anti pockets but I've heard newborn pockets are hard to stuff because they are so tiny and honestly, I will have better things to do with my time, especially because I already have to stuff most of my older child's diapers. Fitteds are easy because you toss one on and toss a cover on over it. Voila and super absorbent. AIOs are the most convenient because it's a one piece system with the waterproof outer built in. Toss it on just like a disposable and you're all done. I know I want ease of use because things are very hectic those first few weeks and I'll be busy nursing my newborn, trying to give individual attention to my older two, taking care of my dog, taking care of the house, etc. So the simpler the better!
What Accessories?
Like I said, I've never cloth diapered a newborn before but I have been cloth diapering my baby (who will soon be a middle child! Crazy!) for over a year so I have an ok handle on accessories I think.
This is what I have so far:
1 Snappi
1 set of boingo fasteners
1 roll of EcoSprout EcoBottom disposable liners (for the meconium so as not to stain the diapers!)
20 or so homemade newborn boosters (I hear baby will out pee before they outgrow the NB sized diapers)
20 extra wipes some double sided wipes from Super Green Label and some homemade
1 CJ's BUTTer Stick
1 tin of LuSa Organics Booty Balm
1 CJ's Body Wash and Wipe Solution
1 large Super Green Label wetbag
1 Buncha Farmers stain stick (just in case!)
1 large bag of EcoSprout Detergent (I always washed baby clothes in dreft but I plan on doing all the baby clothes and diapers in EcoSprout this time! I like it MUCH better!)
I don't really plan on getting any other accessories but maybe there is something I haven't thought of yet?
So what about you? What do you have in your newborn stash? Do you plan on cloth diapering home from the hospital or using disposables until later? Have you already cloth diapered a newborn? Do you have any suggestions/ideas for me?
Where Can You Buy It?
Pretty much everything I have has been bought at Mama's Emporium or from Super Green Label. I did also get a loved newborn mystery fluff from Kissed By The Moon. That's where I got the FB XS, BG NB AIO, a GroVia NB AIO, and Whisper Wrap in NB. I'm excited to try the things I got in there and can't wait to review it! Both Mama's Emporium and Kissed By The Moon have mystery fluff boxes so if you aren't sure what to try you can try those! They are very good at listening to past purchases and what your preferences are. I've never been disappointed by either one and I always get more than my money's worth.
Bottom Line
I am very excited! I think we are nearly ready! I can't wait to try everything on my little one and review it all for you. I'm looking for any suggestions/input/ideas/etc from others on cloth diapering a newborn and building a newborn stash.

My stash so far! There are more in the back and I've added even more since then! 


  1. Maybe we just got lucky with our newborn but he had one diaper that looked like black tar and the rest were normal EBF diapers. Since that one diaper happened in the hospital when we were using disposables (no way to wash cloth in the hospital and I didn't have enough of a stash) there has been no staining.

  2. Aren't newborn diapers the cutest! They make me want to have a second, and my first isn't even a year.

    My baby went through at least 12 diapers a day as a EBF newborn too, so I can completely justify how much you want in your stash. I think you can't go wrong adding a few more newborn workhorses or prefolds.

    Did you know that Sweet Pea Diapers just put out a newborn AIO ($12.95)? Just mentioning since you have one of their covers. Or have you thought about any Thirsties Duo AIOs in Size 1? Diaper Junction has them 15% off now.

    Best of luck with the new baby!

    1. I didn't know Sweet Pea has a NB AIO now!!! Thank you!