Friday, May 17, 2013

CJ's BUTTer Stick: A Review

I am forever trying new things. That's one of the things I like about cloth diapering, there are so many options to try. We all know I like LuSa Organics Booty Balm, like I've written about before. You also should know by now that I love CJ's BUTTer and their other products! I had not yet tried CJ's BUTTer Stick so I decided to try it. It seems simple and it did seem like it would be convenient and a little less messy. Now that I've tried it for a few weeks I'm ready to review it for everyone!
CJ's Products
First let's talk about CJ's. I know we've talked about them before but I love them so much, I just want to touch on them again. One of the things that I love most about this company and their products is that it's MADE IN THE USA! I love supporting American business people in their American dream. Not that I don't ever buy foreign, but I would prefer to buy USA, especially when it's good products and when I can afford it. They are based out of Colorado. There are a ton of delish scents and I love trying new scents! It's easy to do by getting samples and I love experiencing every new scents. Sometimes I love them, sometimes I don't like them, and sometimes they're just ok, but it's nice to be able to have such a huge variety. Some of my favorites are Monkey Farts, Green Irish Tweed, Love Spell, Pink Sugar, and Sweet Orange. They also have unscented, vegan, and even Essential Oil blends to try! I also love that it's all natural. My kids have sensitive skin and I have a newborn on the way. Of course you want what is best for your baby and with all natural products we know exactly what is going on our little one's sensitive skin, which I adore. I love that it is cloth diaper safe and won't cause issues with my diapers like repelling or staining. I have tried lots of CJ's products, their peppermint cream, BUTTer rash cream, lip balm, and now the BUTTer Stick and I have never felt like I wasted my money or been disappointed. Instead I am always happy with my purchase and put their products on my children and myself (the BUTTer is GREAT for eczema and dry skin!) with confidence.
CJ's BUTTer Stick
The biggest thing that drew me to the stick version of one of my favorite diaper rash creams is that it would be less messy. I hate dipping my fingers into the rash cream because sometimes it gets all over, it can also leak if it gets too hot in the diaper bag and melts, and it can just be kind of a goopy mess. Not really BAD things about it, just things I don't like dealing with. I also got interested in it because it seemed quicker and easier to toss in the diaper bag. I got the small size so it would be easier to go everywhere. I was also told by more than a couple of people that these last forever because a little goes a long way, as with every CJ's product, and the stick helps you make sure you aren't putting on too much which is better for the baby, better for your diapers, and better for your wallet! The glide-on version contains the same ingredients as the original BUTTer except there is no lanolin, so it's also good for people with lanolin allergy or sensitivity!
So how do you use the stick? 
So you are probably wondering how you use the stick. Super simple! It's kind of like lip balm, you take the cover off and twist it up. When you're done applying it directly to the freshly clean booty (or your eczema, cuts and scratches, etc!) just twist it down and put the cap back on. Super easy and quick, which is great because we all know that babies can be very squirmy and like to be done with changes as fast as possible.
The Bottom Line
I am loving this stuff! I think I will still buy the samples to try different scents and then when I find one I really love I'll order a stick! This is also great for people who aren't sure how much to put on or usually put too much on, my husband for instance, loves to goop it on, and with this I am able to limit how much he uses to reasonable amount. We both love it!
Where You Can Buy It
Mama's Emporium sells these sticks. You can also buy it directly from CJ's here.
Have you used CJ's BUTTer Stick? If so did you like it or not?
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