Sunday, December 15, 2013

Newborn Diaper Reviews: Rumparooz Lil Joeys AIOs

Rumparooz Newborn diapers, called Lil Joeys, are AIO diapers and are very popular. They are AIO diapers meaning there are no inserts to stuff like with pockets because the insert is sewn inside. They have awesome gussets to keep messes contained and are very soft on the bum. They have snap downs for the umbilical cord so the diaper doesn't rub up against it.
Some of the pros to these diapers are:
The umbilical cord snap down
The fun prints and beautiful colors
AIOs in general are easy for those sleep deprived middle of the night changing
Soft inner
Double gussets to keep the mess in!
4 layer soaker is sewn in, no stuffing and no cover required
Some of the cons to these diapers are:
Baby outpees them before they outgrow them
You can generally only buy them in two packs
If you have a larger newborn they may not fit very long
They only come in snaps not hook and loop which would make the middle of the night changes easier
Lil Joeys are supposed to fit from birth until roughly 12lbs and 2 months old. My son is 4 months old and just hit 12lbs and is still on the smallest setting. He has outpeed them since about three or four weeks as he is a heavy wetter. I sewed some homemade boosters out of four layers of flannel (I used old receiving blankets stripped with RLR) and they worked great! Now we use one of those in there and he is still in these. The only things I can think that would make them better are if you could buy them in singles, if they came in hook and loop also, and if they were more absorbent or if Rumparoz sold boosters that fit inside of them.
The Bottom Line
I love these diapers. I would suggest them to anyone. They are perfect for when you are tired and need a quick and easy change to keep your little one's butt warm and cozy. They are beyond adorable and very functional with the built in snap down for the cord and sturdy snaps. The gussets are what make it though, no getting icky newborn poop everywhere! You can buy them at Jack Be Natural or Sweet Bottoms Baby.
Pictures of Lil Joey NB AIOs in action
Declan at 9.5lbs about one month old
The day Declan was born. 8lbs 6oz

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