Monday, July 23, 2012

An introduction

Welcome to my cloth diapering blog! I am a mom to two amazing little boys and I am so excited to share our cloth diapering journey with you all! I adore cloth diapering and I'm no expert but I'm learning more with each passing day and would love to pass on everything I learn and all my experiences to whoever wants it!

Why Blog About Cloth Diapering? 

You might be wondering why I started a blog. I get asked by family and friends about cloth diapering a lot. Ever since people found out I cloth diaper they react anywhere from "eww that's gross, I could never do it!" to "Awesome! What kind of diapers do you use? How often do you do laundry? Where do you buy all your diapers?" etc! So I figured I would make a blog to kind of organize my thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. I know cloth diapering can be overwhelming at first, I sure was overwhelmed! But rather than give up I jumped right in and started experimenting. I am still experimenting, learning, and growing, trying to figure out what is absolutely best for us. What's best for us may not work for you, or it may just not be the best, but I hope to use this blog to help others explore options and have a starting point. I know it was rough to comb through thousands of pages, charts, pictures, formulas, testimonials, etc until I finally just started to buy stuff little by little and try it out! I just want to help people who may be interested in CDing and at the same time help myself keep track of the many resources and things that I have learned and am learning. I hope you find this blog useful and enjoy it!

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